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  1. AnthillMob

    38. Rolf Harris

    rolf will never die. someone must slap a preservation order on him now so that he wont. ive got one of his albums. rolf is a god!
  2. AnthillMob

    Alex Ferguson

    dont confuse me when i have a hangover! i talk shite when drunk as you can see
  3. AnthillMob

    Vera Lynn

    if i was posh and a bloke i'd tip my top hat at you sir
  4. AnthillMob

    Alex Ferguson

    it is a serious post. with a rant included. seriously he looks like he is due a heart attack any day, the guy needs to calm it kermit otherwise the red face will be a blue one.
  5. AnthillMob

    Alex Ferguson

    with a bit of luck he will keel over and die, the red faced grumpy bastard. possibly in 2005 though when the mighty arsenal win the league again. i never understood his "retirement" only for him to come back because he didnt win jack sh*t, poor loose thats what he is.
  6. AnthillMob

    Vera Lynn

    when she does pop her clogs it would be nice for waters and gilmore et al to gather together in bands to sing "Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn Remember how she said, That we would meet again, Some sunny day. Vera! Vera! What has become of you Does anybody else in here feel the way I do"
  7. AnthillMob

    Sir Patrick Moore

    has someone slapped a preservation order on this guy? surely he should be dead by now. death by suffocation of his trousers that constrict his chest. they are higher than simon cowels ffs! (Post merged with previous thread - Teddy)
  8. AnthillMob

    Tragic Irony

    as churchill the dog once said "oh no no no no"
  9. AnthillMob

    Tragic Irony

    Excellent. Well done that man. ahem...woman! anyway let's leave that to cool as im new here and just breaking the ice....
  10. AnthillMob

    Jimmy Savile

    i spend all day at work making sure me grammar is correct, when talking about lowlife such as sir james of saville i really cant be arsed!
  11. AnthillMob

    Tragic Irony

    to show our respects i believe we should sing "freezer jolly good fellow"
  12. AnthillMob

    Jimmy Savile

    thankyou yeti. i never say the full words incase theres a lawyer about.
  13. AnthillMob

    Jimmy Savile

    may i just say i find sir james of saville to be a creepy kf if ever there was one. anyone catch the documentry he did with lious theroux? what a self centered arse. he said, not hsi words but my interpretation that he didnt like the kids and always insited that the cameras were always on him on jim'll fix it. I bet he did like the kids. absolutely vile person and yep ive heard them rumours too about the mortuary and stuff. vile man.

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