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  1. jskefet


    Organ failure shouldn't be a problem. He's rich enough to afford a piano. LOL!!!!
  2. jskefet

    Damn, won't anyone die?

    The Spanish Inquisition? No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition LOL!!!
  3. jskefet

    Gerald Ford

    December 26th that is.
  4. jskefet

    Lou Rawls

  5. jskefet

    William Rehnquist

    He's finally meeting the supreme judge up in heaven.
  6. jskefet

    Who's Next?

    Mrs Mrs Taylor
  7. jskefet

    General Pinochet

    I believe that a bucket of water and some electrodes connected to a tender part of the anatomy are his preferred method for reviving semi-conscious people LOL!!
  8. jskefet

    Pope John Paul

    LOL!!! Death-forecast: tonight, 8.00 PM local (vatican-) time! (Not to be confused with vatican era, which is 1200 AD or so at the moment).
  9. jskefet

    Pope John Paul

    The last sentence is a BBC quote too?
  10. jskefet

    4. Vera Lynn

    Hope so... When she dies, the air will be filled with: " we'll meet again" Not a pretty perspective now, is it?

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