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  1. hoggie

    Clive Dunn

    must be the nice weather in Portugal keeping him going
  2. hoggie

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Well I had a f*****g awful time on this godforsaken sh*t of a site. I hated all of the deaths, every motherf*****g one of them. Hated that fat f**k's thread, Patrick f*****g gaylord Moore and as for the so-called f*****g jokes, the whole site is a f*****g joke. You sad f**ks should be alienated and hung-drawn and quartered. I'd like to thank Deathlist for completely f*****g everything up, including Iraq, and making the internet the filth-riddled cesspit it has become. I definitely won't be waiting a year to come back. Is that better, you bunch of mother f*****g f**ks? Touch a nerve did we F**K off then.
  3. hoggie

    Russell Watson

    what's with all this getting better Bo**ox
  4. hoggie

    The Sixth 2008 Success Poll

    Clive Dunn just a feeling, but still think he's immortal
  5. hoggie

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Top Rant Please join
  6. hoggie

    The Fifth 2008 Success Poll

    Patrick Moore. going with the space theme and hoping he follows in A.C Clark's footsteps
  7. hoggie

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    well i knew at one point in my life i would meet strange wonderful people. and i landed up here
  8. hoggie

    Fidel Castro

    Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro becomes the country's youngest ever premier. on the 16 Feb he has been the longest ruler of Cuba. maybe he will pick tomoz to peck-out just to make it a good record
  9. hoggie

    Russell Watson

    from his Blog Hello, I'm writing to you this week from inside a cloud of post-radiotherapy positivity. I know it sounds corny but I try to take something from the everything that's happened to me, and over the last few years, a lot has gone on. First my throat operation, then two operations on my tumour and now – fingers crossed – successful radiotherapy treatment. Now that the treatment is over and it's been confirmed there's no damage to my optic nerve and my voice has been unaffected, I've decided it's time to look forward. I've got this book to finish first, of course, and as well as all the mad and funny stuff you might expect, I'll be using it to set the record straight and say my piece on a couple of things. I might put one or two noses out of joint, but so be it. Then, once that's done, it'll be time to move on with my life. I've already restarted my Italian courses. Plus, after a long break, I'm going to start playing the piano again. I'm also planning to do some more songwriting. Co-writing Someone Like You was a great experience for me and it's long been something I've wanted to try again. We shall see! Right, that's it from me, so until next week... the fecker is hanging on.
  10. hoggie

    Russell Watson

    http://www.russell-watson.com/ says here he is feeling ok. could be his second wind and then, PUFF its all over
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bristol/7234810.stm all the other bloke said was "he was of his food"
  12. hoggie

    Famous Last Words

    F*cking Romans- jessus
  13. hoggie

    Suicidal Celebs

    what happens if one of our deathlist 2008 decides to bite the bullet and pop him/herself off.
  14. hoggie

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    First of all I\'m not posting as a guest and second \'how much of a life\' can you seriously have if it only concludes of participating in subjects that you are against? I mean there isn\'t much logic in spending your time on something that you would generally consider as \'wasting time\' I think Einstein would even agree that\'s insane. If anyone accuses people of being other people again I\'ll f*****g kill them. And then they will be dead in a bad way, not the great way that we love on the deathlist, so back the f**k up! My parents got killed in a car crash - good? No, because they weren\'t famous. No point. That goes for all of our folks. Even Lord Fellatio\'s big huge fat American momma and chubby poppa from the nation of the most obese retards. Flab it up fatsos but one day your fat asses will die, not like a great death that we love because they aren\'t famous, but just a fat one! Anyhoo, note to mods, don;t have a thread for irate visitors unless you put in the rules you will remove all messages from irate visitors beause they make you look bad. well then Lord_Blowjob don't post. its that easy and why would you care about rules....one strange fecker man
  15. hoggie

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    yep. but what fun hang on....whats a sick f**k ! do you do that in a bed or outside the chines takaway on a sunday morning after a good beer-up ?

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