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  1. Tuber Mirum

    Fort William Football Club

    Fort 0 Rothes 0 That's a point for them if I'm very much mistaken.
  2. Tuber Mirum


    Me three, but I've 'unfriended' him. It's all he deserves after what he wrote about Josie Long.
  3. Tuber Mirum


    I noticed that too.
  4. Tuber Mirum

    Quiz Time

    Match the Death to the minor American Poet
  5. Tuber Mirum

    Fort William Football Club

    Have you considered offering to play? I don't think you'd have to be very good.
  6. Tuber Mirum

    The Dead Of 2012

    Had him on my DDP last year. The bugger. I tell a lie, it was 2010. He's still a bugger.
  7. Tuber Mirum

    The Dead Of 2012

    Had him on my DDP last year. The bugger.
  8. Tuber Mirum

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    I understand it now. Each vertical column is the potential score after each consecutive death. I wish I'd done it that way instead of just changing the numbers in one column every time.
  9. Tuber Mirum

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    That seems to be very much in the Spirit of the Hartlepool Deadlypool, in that it is completely incomprehensible. Don't forget to be belligerently arbitrary as well. Help me please: in what order did those four die?
  10. Tuber Mirum

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Are you sure you're calculating the scores correctly? Remember: when a candidate dies, the remaining ones have their score shifted up or down accordingly. So that if they all die in the right order, they all get 50 points.
  11. Tuber Mirum

    Predict The Paper 2012

    Since when can Fox be considered an acceptable news source?
  12. Tuber Mirum

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Apparently there were no rules in 2011. Here are the 2010 ones. And here is the scoring system.
  13. Tuber Mirum

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Well this is jolly isn't it? Do people want the Deadlyboard back online? Doesn't really seem necessary. It can all be done here. I'll post the rules and the scoring system for you to argue about as soon as I can find them. It'll be the 2011 ones.
  14. Tuber Mirum

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Do we really need a new thread for this every year? Seems a bit senseless to me.
  15. Tuber Mirum

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Did I mention that there won't be a Hartlepool Deadlypool in 2012? I'm sorry but Bellender has far too many other more important things to do.
  16. Tuber Mirum

    Possible Deathlist Outage

    I thought it said "outrage". I've turned the Deadlyboard back on just in case.
  17. Tuber Mirum

    The Dead Of 2011

    Cesaria Evora has died. I remember bringing her name up at a DeathCon a couple of years back when Rotten Ali came up with a list of countries he didn't have candidates from. Cape Verde was one of them.
  18. Tuber Mirum

    Johannes Heesters

    Isn't that a bit like saying "Lock up Charlie Manson"?
  19. Tuber Mirum

    Johannes Heesters

    By the grace of God, Heesters makes it to 108. The concert he had planned for his birthday has been postponed but is due to be rescheduled for some time within the next 10 years.
  20. Tuber Mirum

    Johannes Heesters

    Except that he isn't German. The Bild "newspaper" (Your first stop for inaccurate sensationalist bullshit) is running with this headline today: Sick Heesters (107) promises he'll make it to 108.
  21. Tuber Mirum

    Room 101

    Well rock cake doesn't contain rocks in very much the same way that Battenberg cake doesn't contain Prince Phillip.
  22. Tuber Mirum

    Fort William Football Club

    Onwards and Upwards!
  23. Tuber Mirum

    Forum Software Upgrade

    I miss the thread subtitles. A lot of creative thought went into them and now they seem to be gone.
  24. You've spelt "roll call" wrong.

    Or I'm missing some joke.

  25. Tuber Mirum

    Room 101

    The dialect of the North East of Scotland is a product of millennia of culture and inbreeding tradition. American "English" isn't.

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