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  1. Jimh

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Shameless cut and paste from the Popbitch mailout this morning: Don't believe a word of it myself.
  2. Jimh

    Bill Clinton

    More heart surgery... BBC report just here
  3. Jimh

    Jack Chick

    With JP2 unlikely to require an inclusion on next year's list perhaps it is time to consider a possible replacement for his holiness in the "Nearly Dead Religious Types" category. I would like to nominate Mr Jack Chick for this award. For those not aware of this gentleman's works (some claim him to be the world's most published author) you can check out his website >just here<. If you aren't keen on wading through that nonsense you can cut to the chase on his tract list page >just here<. Some of his best works revolve around some splendidly nonsensical decontruction of evolution and an almost beautifully simplistic solution to the whole Arab/Israeli conflict (convert the Arabs to Christianity). Whilst failing to turn me onto the word of God he has kept me laughing for a few years now. Mr Chick is now 81 and must be getting close to "going home to the Lord". Whilst rather reclusive (even finding his age is tricky) I believe he passes the fame test because of the sheer volume of works he has produced in his lifetime and the number of people who (perhaps without realising it) have read his ghastly little booklets.
  4. Jimh

    Keith Floyd

    There have been better weeks. First Mr Borlaug and now Mr Floyd. Keith may not have fed the starving but at least he tried to inspire those who had something to eat to do something good with it. One last long, lingering close up, eh?
  5. Jimh

    Jenni Murray

    I'm guessing that you haven't listened to Woman's Hour much because your suggested topics have two factual failings. 1. They are too short. A genuine WH topic introduction would go on for some time and involve several sub clauses. In the most extreme examples they twist and turn in an attempt to throw you off the scent that what they are going to be discussing just before the book reading is going to be torpor inducing. The more Pythonesque the better. 2. They are far too direct. Marmalade yes/no, the many uses of Vaseline and how to make a meal for your family out of only bracken and the scrapings from their feet are all reasonably valid to at least nine people in the country. The very best WH article is relevant only to one person and they are usually a mate of the producer.
  6. Jimh

    Princess Diana

    Now that would have been good telly.
  7. Jimh

    Heather Mills

    Full judgement You can see why she tried to stop it being published. See how many times you can count the phrases: Simply do not believe There was absolutely no evidence to support this assertion Make belief It's worth reading. Edit: An extract taken at random. Don't fret too much about the context. This is typical of the language used throughtout the whole document. Expect a tearful "what would you expect from a male judge.? All men are bastards" appearance on GMTV in the very near furure.
  8. Jimh

    Jeremy Beadle

    BBC are reporting he's gone. Mr Stagg might allow himself a brief smile.
  9. Jimh

    Jeremy Beadle

    Currently being described on holymoly.co.uk as being gravely ill and close to death. No better source than that, I'm afraid.
  10. Alright, it has been a few years since his telly appearances but quietly after a long illness must have been worthy of inclusion. Probably helping St Pete improve his productivity by now
  11. Jimh

    Judy Finnegan

    Yes there is a middle ground. It is called growing old gracefully. Plenty of people do it and I don't see too many complaints about it. Not having a telly I haven't seen poor Judy for many years and after seeing that picture I think you are confusing growing old gracefully with alcoholic bag lady chic.
  12. Jimh

    Alan Coren

  13. Jimh

    Jack Chick

    I thought you were going to say Catholic. He reeeeally hates them.
  14. Jimh

    Chris Langham

    Call yourself taxi drivers? You missed out, "I'd pull the lever myself." Lightweights.
  15. Jimh

    Marcel Marceau

    I heard the news on the radio last night and immediately felt pig ignorant. For my entire life I had thought that Marcel was victorian and had died over a century ago. What a cretin. As an aside the BBC is having a Have You Say page about Marcel asking for the great unwashed to submit their memories of Marcel and the effect he had on their lives. As you can imagine a page asking the sort of people who submit thoughts to HYS about their memories of a French mime artist is very, very busy at the moment.
  16. Jimh

    Chris Langham

    Trivialise? Defend? Don't think anyone is doing that. I think the general feeling was that comparing the offence with that of murder was a little on the hysterical side, to say bone headed things like "the victims of a serial killer are beyond pain" was, well, bone headed and ignorant and arrogant opinions regarding the victims of sexual abuse are not very helpful. One thought for those so fond of playing the parent card. Would it be churlish to point out that if a child is to be murdered, abused (sexually or otherwise) or used in the creation of images "enjoyed" by Mr Langham then the most likely people to do it are the parents?
  17. Jimh

    Chris Langham

    Yeah, incapable of rational argument.
  18. Jimh

    Chris Langham

  19. Jimh

    Chris Langham

    Go on, since I'm a parent now I'll bite. The victims of serial killers are beyond pain. Ah yes, because the victims of serial killers were all childless orphans with not a friend in the world. Did you read that line after you wrote it? You seem to love playing the parent card when it comes to child abuse but not when someone has been raped, strangled and thrown in a ditch. I suppose their parents are glad to have the slag off their hands. Or something. Defending Langham? No. Suggesting that people regain a sense of perspective? Go on, I'll have a nickel's worth of that.
  20. Jimh

    Chris Langham

    Something about butterflies and wheels springs to mind.
  21. Jimh

    Jack Chick

    Oh lordy, that one is a classic. They were on the Ark were they? I can't help feeling that if they'd had a few dozen dragons on board it might have merited at least one mention. And Noah said, my God those things are bloody huge. And the dragons did feast on the tigers and the lions and the anchovies and the...
  22. Jimh

    Ronnie Biggs

    According the the Beeb Perhaps the end is nigh.
  23. Jimh

    Bit Of A Gareth

    I wonder how many different types of coffee bean there are in heaven. BBC are reporting that Gareth Hunt has just breathed his last at 65.
  24. Jimh

    Near Misses for 2005

    LJK Setright has just bought the farm. Presumably one with sufficient space to park the Bristols. I doubt he would have passed the DL famousness test but he was in my view the greatest motoring journalist of all time.
  25. Jimh

    Kir5Ty Howard

    Complete and utter bollocks. Free speech is an absolute. I'm also amused by someone else's claim that the kid would not be famous if she did not have some terminal disease so is unworthy of inclusion. Surely that is like saying if we found out that we couldn't add Derek to the list because he is only famous because he can kick a ball straight on the odd occasion. In fact now I come to think about it DL's long term inclusion of HM the QM was unjustified because the reason for her fame was an accident of birth. If I were to make any complaint about her inclusion it would be that it were like shooting fish in a barrel.

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