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  1. baz

    Natasha Richardson

  2. Can I nominate "everyone who works in marketing"? As Bill Hicks quoth: My, what a lot of profanity.
  3. baz

    Unpredictability of death

    When it comes to Tories, there no such thing as a premature death.
  4. baz

    Pope John Paul

    Nice cock.
  5. baz

    Pope John Paul

    And I was hoping he'd go after contracting AIDS from buggering a choirboy without a condom. Oh well, good riddance to the poisonous piece of sh*t, eh?
  6. baz

    Andy Bell

    I'd also question the line.
  7. baz

    Rosa Parks

    Sorry, who are we talking about again?
  8. baz

    One We Can Be Sure Of

    Murdered by a German taxi driver?
  9. baz

    Mary Travers

    That's a goatse-face if ever I've seen one.
  10. baz

    Marianne Faithfull

    snicker snicker. Isn't this getting slightly Off-Topic?
  11. Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott of heavy metal band Damageplan, and formerly of Pantera, was gunned down last night at a show in Columbus, Ohio. The gig was part of the band's perhaps unfortunately titled "Devastation Across The Nation" tour. At least four other less famous people were also killed. http://www.antimusic.com/news/04/dec/item07.shtml
  12. baz

    Carlos the Jackal

    Suicide n.: The act or an instance of intentionally killing oneself. I'd say it does. Any information on why his last attempt at hunger strike didn't work? Were his demands met, or did he simply get a bit peckish?
  13. baz

    Carlos the Jackal

    As I recall, Carlos is a rather portly figure, so as long as he's taking in fluids he could easily carry on for a while yet. He'll probably undergo a fair bit of muscle wastage and suffer illnesses related to lack of vitamins, but he should easily make it into 2005.
  14. baz

    Molly Weir

    BBC News online is reporting Molly Weir as dead (More Soon). http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0918620/ The BBC says she was 94, IMDB have her down as born in 1920, so someone's not right.
  15. Apart from The Beastie Boys[1] who are famous for being ill, or so I'm told. [1] Feel free to replace with a more relevant cultural figure.

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