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  1. Existence is Futile

    Lord Lucan - The Big Question

    Not now it's a nanny state I think . Futile [Topics merged -- MH]
  2. Existence is Futile

    Patrick McGoohan

    Did someone mention that classic Cell Block ? I loved it and it would round off the decade wonderfully if that old ginger hag who used to play Bee were to croak if she hasn't planted her fat Aussie arse on a funnewb already . If dear Patrick is up for the Reaper then I would be surprised . Futile
  3. Existence is Futile

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Margaret Thatcher - might trip over Nancy Reagan next time . Futile
  4. Existence is Futile

    Kylie Die-ly ? Minogue Morgue-Go ?

    You never know , the 5 year survival rate still isn't good ; and remember that chest infection . [Topics merged- NAP]
  5. Existence is Futile

    Diddy Men

    How has no-one thought of this dead cert ? He is ancient and an absolute banker . Dear old Ken Dodd , I'm sure the taxman will miss him and his tickling stick . Futile you should also take my submission on Hezza a little more seriously , not that I disrespect the man ( he's more of a Marxist than Blair ) but he does look a bit peeky .
  6. Existence is Futile

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    Huw about Harry Redknapp ? He's got a face like a slapped arse and isn't the premiership about stress ? I still fancy Sir Alex for the big whisky in the sky though . Futile
  7. Existence is Futile

    Alphonsin's Broadsheet 13

    Who cares about the money : here's my top 10 1. Shamir 2 . Hussein ( Saddam ) - does January count ? 3 . Mubbarrak 4 . Pavarotti 5 . Keith ( indestructable ) Richards . 6 . Prince Philip - a dead cert . 7 . Fabier Alonso - ( those things ain't safe ) . 8 . Ian Paisley . 9 . Helmut Schmidt . 10 . The Ven Ronald Scruby . Futile
  8. Existence is Futile

    Michael Heseltine

    Didn't look too healthy on the preview to his new TV show , possibbly end up with Dutch Elm disease and Yew is a Graveyard tree to boot . Trying to tell us something . Futile
  9. Existence is Futile

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries Etc...2006

    My birthday is June 4 ; do I get a prize ?
  10. Existence is Futile

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Mmmmmm. Just a coincidence you have the exact same IP address as prophet of doom then? (written in lower case) It's a bit trivial to specialise on grammer and spelling . Futile
  11. Existence is Futile

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    I hope reasonable is the opposite . Futile
  12. Existence is Futile

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    This isn't South Park ; Kenny always dies , as we know . What I wonder about is how muppets who find this site need to make comment if they're not so keen on its contents . This isn't morbid , stupid , personnal or anything like that ; it's much more like gambling . People's lives aren't trivial and I view this as moribund humour as much as any existentialist . Life can be pretty bad sometimes ; it's transient , unfaiar , downright cruel at times and I don't want to be called sick for using this site . If you have real concerns then visit sites on AIDS in sub-Safaran Africa ' and learn how you could contribute instead of slagging off sites like this . Futile
  13. Existence is Futile

    Alex Ferguson

    I suggest Sir Alex Ferguson . If they win the league , he can do the double . 70 something , possibly high blood pressure . He's also Scottish ( high mortality rate and may eat Battered Pizzas ) . I am part Scottish myself so it's just an observation . Team hasn't historically enjoyed the smallest check-out rate either . Basically doomed . Futile
  14. Existence is Futile

    2007 DL Nominations Please

    Cilla Black - The name forebodes .
  15. Existence is Futile

    Pete Doherty

    Hi , My nomination for 2007 is Pete Docherty . I've known people who've taken enough to re - stock a Boots store and survive ( with one noable exception ) but this guy just can't hack the abuse he gives himself . The signs are ther . Best wishes Futile [Topics merged -- MH]

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