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  1. Razor Boy

    Donald J Trump

    Looks like California wants out ! Don't blame them :+)
  2. Razor Boy

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    So to SUM up the DDP is totally DIVIDED about the PROBABILITY of success, I'm trying not to be too NEGATIVE here. I'm SO sorry, I couldn't stop myself... I feel like a fly by troll. I still have bad puns relating to convolution, obtuse opinions, Callus + calculated = calculus.
  3. Razor Boy

    Dalai Lama

    Sorry but he'll be back as they say in Tibet.
  4. Razor Boy

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    Growing weed now that is shocking !
  5. Razor Boy

    Death By Selfie

    I love technology. It gives us so many new ways to cleanse the gene pool.
  6. Razor Boy

    Last Of The Mohicans

    Oops Just found it. Sorry
  7. Razor Boy

    Last Of The Mohicans

    Got a link for a vid of DK-50-80 by them bad boys ? Razor
  8. Razor Boy

    Gudrun Ure

    Arf !
  9. Razor Boy

    Ronnie Corbett

    Oh My God ! Have you not seen Zardoz ? Oh sorry you said "decent role"
  10. Razor Boy

    Paul Gascoigne

    Wouldn't the sight of the vultures circling over his head all looking for a cut of the pay off drive him to drink ? No hang on a mo'...
  11. Razor Boy

    Robbie Coltrane

    OK now I'm upset. Sympathy for Robbie and his loved ones ... Save me from this simpering shite ! Not all of us here on the deathlist make prayers. I do not wish to be associated with your chats to your imaginary friend. Keep your generalisations under control. BTW get well soon Big Guy !
  12. Razor Boy

    Ched Evans

    BTW what's wrong with Morrissey ? </troll>
  13. Razor Boy

    Kim Jong-Un

    Osteosarcoma a cheerful diagnosis but that MoFo does not deserve a nice prognosis ! OTOH its cancer or the heart that mostly does for us.
  14. Razor Boy

    Joan Rivers, Please Lord

    oo oo sweepstake ! I'll have the 8th of Sept (this year) please. This woman both make me laugh and hate her, lets focus on the positive.
  15. Razor Boy

    Who Will Be The 7th Hit Of 2014?

    woodhead because he's a ****

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