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  1. Redmega

    The Dead Of 2014

    Paul Goggins MP http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25652620
  2. Redmega

    Fat And Fearless

    Mike Hebranko died last July, didn't get reported. The Daily Mail were all over him when they had a "one more slice of pizza will kill him" strory, but sadly no follow up after The Grim Dominoes delivered. http://mikehebranko.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. Redmega

    Fat And Fearless

    Mighty Mike Hebranko, pet weightloss project of Richard Simmons and current world record holder for most weight lost, seems to be in acutely poor shape of late. He mentioned on twitter that he was going back into hospital for a spell, but then things went quiet. With no updates on his blogspot, and then his twitter accounted being taken over by a bot since April, I feared the worst. Thankfully, his friends have posted a message on his blog to say that he's still alive (as of last week), although the doctor has stated he didn't expect him to 'bounce back' this time.
  4. Redmega

    The Welsh

    One of my more speculative picks, but as usual I'm a bit gutted about it. I heard they postponed filming of the Spartacus sequel when he became ill, hoping that he'd recover - then went on to write and film a prequel instead to give him even more time. Guess they'll have to recast after all. Having seen how good Xena looked in that series (for her age) I presumed they'd found the elixir of youth, but were only using it to treat hollywood (c-list) celebs.
  5. Redmega


  6. Redmega

    Aretha Franklin

    Now it's Pancreatic Cancer. Not a great source mind you.
  7. Redmega

    Norman Wisdom

    I never kept the same numbers if I did the lottery - in case I forgot one week and had no choice other than to top myself. I'm going to have to start a new policy of completely throwing out my picks each year, because missing Norman off this ONE time feels like a sharp thwack to the knackers. He was always going to have the last laugh, I suppose. Good on him.
  8. Redmega

    From Cleric To Relic

    Cardinal Daly didn't make it. That's going to bring a few subs into play, I'll wager.
  9. Redmega

    Estelle Getty

    Some very tasteful memorabilia available on ebay. Bid now and forever hold her piece...
  10. In my experience, the finest things in life come in brick form...
  11. Redmega

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    Bam Margera of Jackass fame, has reportedly suffered a suspected drugs overdose. 1:30pm sunday afternoon seems like an odd time to be getting bang on it.
  12. Redmega

    Deathrace 2009

    Sounds like fun. Redmega's MegaDead Malingerers: 1: Wendy Richards 2: Millvina Dean 3: Seve Balesteros 4: Patrick Swayze (JOKER) 5: Betty Ford 6: Ted Kennedy 7: Sir Bobby Robson 8: Jerry Herman 9: Merle Haggard 10: Tony Hart 11: Michael Hebranko 12: Cyril Smith 13: Patrick Moore 14: Ronnie Biggs 15: Margaret Thatcher 16: Stephen Hawking 17: Jade Goody 18: Gloria Stuart 19: Bhumibol Adulyadej 20: Farrah Fawcett
  13. Redmega

    Peter Falk Is Suffering From Alzheimer's Disease

    I've grown into quite a cynic when it comes to Falk tales. Since the last media onslaught accusing him of mentalism turned out to be a plain nasty stitch up, with bored paprazzi picking on the 80 year old to generate a saleable reaction. Scum. Besides, even if it is true, Alzheimer's not going to kill him - and he can afford that round-the-clock care.
  14. Posing as a new character in Hollyoaks - I was introduced to Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh after their "performance" at a Blondes V Brunettes wet t-shirt show in Guildford. A pleasant evening ensued, wedged between them on the sofa drinking free champagne. The Nuts photographers took plenty of pictures but alas, when my Hollyoaks story didn't check out, I wasn't featured in the publication

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