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  1. 22 minutes ago, gcreptile said:

    Johnny Solinger, ex-singer of Skid Row, and apparently only the second-biggest frontman in the history of the band, has been diagnosed with liver failure, possibly because of Hepatitis:



    Prognosis is "not that good" but he wants to get a fundraiser going etc...



    Good spot, I'll nab him for my semi-final line up in the DL Cup ^_^

  2. 42 minutes ago, gcreptile said:

    Grey's Anatomy, 17 seasons? How? And why?



    So oddly enough I was swapping messages with someone who has binged the lot and claims to love it. The thing being she's notably intelligent, highly creative in her working life and I'd never have guessed she was a fan, or - indeed - had the time to watch all the episodes. Also, she's fairly alternative in other tastes up to and including actually enjoying slim volumes of hard to fathom modern poetry. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Joey Russ said:

    Well that does count as a QO. Er, deadsox, you might want to look away from the scoreboard now...


    1. maryportfuncity vs Spade_Cooley 0 - 12

    2. Banana vs deadsox 16 - 0

    3. CaptainChorizo vs Gcreptile 6 - 10

    4. CalebH vs msc 0 - 6



    I've had a ring round my team - everyone answered but I heard several mumbles and a lot of unmistakable sounds of underwear being involuntarily filled


    I predict a scoring end to the month though catching Spade appears beyond the tactical master plan at present.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Joey Russ said:

    What’s that? Another classic cup pick of Indian politicians? Well what do I know. Spade and Banana score a few points, and I’m slowly starting to think I might have to give maryport my condolences for this round:


    1. maryportfuncity vs Spade_Cooley 0 - 9

    2. Banana vs deadsox 6 - 0

    3. CaptainChorizo vs Gcreptile 6 - 6

    4. CalebH vs msc 0 - 3



    Aye, my decent HPDP performances tend not to translate here. Amazed to be in the last eight, frankly - the dead pooling equivalent of a test match specialist dropped into the Big Bash. 


    That said, will Bouteflika (joker and unique pick for me) see June?

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  5. 4 minutes ago, gcreptile said:

    MPFC will catch up very soon, once all of Spade's picks are dead :).


    Interesting to think about, though, is that Spade only has 3 uniques. MPFC has 8 uniques, including the joker.

    One of Spade's uniques might not score. And I wonder, what's wrong with Horacio Verbinsky?



    Verbinsky makes enemies because of what he chooses to do for a living, bit like anyone standing up to Putin. If he's ill too then that's definitely at death's many doors. I did have Navalny on my long-list but decided it'd be a bad pick - but he could starve/get poisoned/get ill because his immune system is fucked etc. Re the eight uniques. DL Cup really isn't my strongest game in dead pooling but it struck me as ironic that my team is something of an outlier for having perennial talent like Bouteflika on the list. Made the last eight - thereby equaling Carlisle United's best FA Cup performance!

  6. 4 hours ago, Toast said:

    He looks really well.  I'm inclined to agree with his opinion  of Ulysses:

    "This is rubbish, it means bugger all, it just sounds good."


    He can't breathe that deeply, they might well have filmed him at his very best that day and you can't see the state of his internal organs. 


    Still think the announcement of his sudden death would surprise nobody!

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  7. Oh aye and...


    This mob carry Maryport's hopes into May




    1.       Abdulaziz Bouteflika - jkr

    2.       Kat Bjelland

    3.       Walter Smith

    4.       John Hemingway

    5.       Jason Becker

    6.       Jack Arends

    7.       David Gulpilil

    8.       Kane Tanaka

    9.       Jyrki Kasvi

    10.   Vic Elford

    11.   Tom Smith


                    Eileen Ash

                    Sarah Lilian Priest


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  8. 10 hours ago, Bibliogryphon said:

    I will tentatively offer you my congratulations and wish you well in the next round. Well played sir.



    Aye cheers, prior to this year if memory serves me correctly I'd only ever won one round of this competition properly (i.e.: other progress was by byes). I'll keep giving it a go but Spade is class on current form.

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  9. 2 hours ago, arghton said:


    Found this on the internet, a new gallery of the 9 oldest people alive. The pictures of Tanaka, Juniewicz, Ligny, dos Santos and Randon are new, pictures of Sutcliffe and Bot are from 2019.



    Fuck sake, Tinder's offers are truly toxic tonight - I'll down a couple of whiskies instead!



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  10. 2 hours ago, time said:

    A reminder via Twitter that Freddie (seems to be the preferred spelling) is still going





    Aye, and a website that includes evidence he still retains the services of an agent and is available for video greetings - maybe he should be employed in the latter capacity to promote the next DLCon 


    Site: http://www.freddiedavies.com/


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  11. 4 minutes ago, time said:

    Boris is liable to be thrown under one.



    Indeed, a conversation I was having a couple of days back after one commentator suggested he'd be there after winning the next election and I suggested he wouldn't be there at Christmas. Johnson rose on the certainty that pragmatic Conservatives would appoint someone they considered capable of winning an election regardless of misgivings about his character. The moment they think he's incapable of getting them elected next time he might discover his "friends" are too busy trying to back, or be, the next winner to support him. 


    Anyone seen Michael Gove come out to back Boris yet?


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