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  1. dave

    Joey Bishop, 89

  2. dave

    Deborah Kerr

    she's dead
  3. dave

    The Dead - 2007

    British actress Deborah Kerr has died at 86 (Dave, stop being a pratt, you only have to post once. [HCW])
  4. dave

    The Dead - 2007

    well menzies campbells career is well and truly dead thats for sure.. anyway , actress Carol Bruce is dead too
  5. dave

    The Dead - 2007

    is Gordon Browns political career dead?
  6. dave

    Kirk Douglas

    Kirk is looking good for his age and considering he had a stroke etc.I think he'll be around for a few years yet.
  7. dave

    Thatcher's First Ministry

    If a car crash is symptomatic for losing ones marbles then the asylums must be stuffed to the guwales! He's getting on isn't he? I know there are all sorts of reasons for crashing cars (he may have had a tipple, but then we would know about that) so I'm plumping for early Senile Dementia. Either that or he was distracted by a cat or was fumbling for a CD... or he thought he saw Maggie Thatcher walking by and pressed on the accelerator...
  8. dave

    Damn, won't anyone die?

    Dogs arse, READ THE POST THAT WAS MADE 3 ABOVE YOURS. I get the distinct impression you don't like me very much...
  9. dave

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Soe Win is still suffering from leukemia, but his twin brother and fellow junta bigwig General Tin Htun has just died. I mention this because Soe Win is reported to have been relying on bone marrow transplants from "family members" over the last few months. It could be concluded that his twin brother would have had the best bone marrow match, so his death might spell bad news for the surviving sibling. He's on his way back to Burma Soe little time.... some sources say he died tuesday but it could be wishful thinking..
  10. dave

    The Dead - 2007

    Notorious pedofile David Atcheson has committed suicide
  11. dave

    Ned Sherrin

    I was looking around the bottom of the forum looking at all the threads i ahve missed ove rthe last few months when I came across this thread. Saw NS in a butchers shop at the World's End,Chelsea a few weeks ago.He was buying pork ges (possible effect on the heart?) and lokkede quite spry for a man in his, I guess, late 70's. i guess the pork must have been off..
  12. dave

    Thatcher's First Ministry

    JOhn Nott was on tv at the time of the Falklands 25th anniversdary in the sppring and looked in good nick.My bet is on Francis Pym to go soon as hes been 'on leave' from tje HOuse of Lords for a while now which probably means hes suffering from alzheimers or dementia or something.Incidentally 2 other former members of Thatchers cabinet have died this year-Paul Channon and Lord Cockfield,though they werent in h er original cabinet of course.
  13. dave

    Peter Sallis

    you were wrong
  14. dave

    The Dead - 2007

    thats one small crumb of comfort for the monks who are stil alive I suppose...

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