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  1. The For Whores Man

    Nick Du Toit / Simon Mann / Mark Thatcher

    Standing on the roof of your house and dropping a quarter into the plastic cup on the ground. Maybe drop your quarter into the collection for Simon Mann's legal costs?
  2. The For Whores Man

    Room 101

    When I first read this, I thought you had written I was thinking maybe you are some kind of CIA scientist I would like to deposit torture into Room 101.
  3. The For Whores Man

    The Dead Of 2008

    This guy is (was) a big hero of mine. His real name is Pedro Antonio Marin. I'm very sad and angry that he is dead. If you have the chance, go and find something about him. You can achieve inspiration of him too for sure. But at least it's my first hit on the Handrejka Pool of Death! As we say in Macedonia (translated), "There's always something living under every stone.". It means like "ok, every bad thing has at minimum *something* good happening in the same time of it". Not a unique pick, shamedly. DDT and Swoed of Damocles also have him on Handpoolofdeath. If I had used his real named, I would have unique pick status and bonus points, for sh*t is sake.
  4. The For Whores Man

    Holiday Thread

    Busman's holiday?
  5. The For Whores Man

    Animal Antics

    The many species of animals of the world are dying faster than at the time of the extinction to the dinosaurs! It's our fault. Humans are killing everyone else at a record spped.
  6. The For Whores Man

    Sir Bobby Robson

    Is the article in a secret location, DDT?
  7. The For Whores Man

    Deathlist Dreaming

    Being chased by Mr. Cheney and his friends through a woods? I think you have small chances to come out with no shotgun injuries.
  8. The For Whores Man


    I have never really experimented with dynamite, but I know who Alfred Nobel was.
  9. The For Whores Man


    I have joined the Hajndreka poolofdeath. I have many intersting selections and I hope a few are unique. I like people who is involved in politics or revolution or crime (or both). I really look forward to seeing some exciting death this year. Look out for Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, co-leader of the Islamic Courts of Somalia. The USA don't like him too much, and have assassinated many of his colleaques and firends so far. He lives in extreme dangerous situation. Good luck everybody! TFWM
  10. The For Whores Man

    Ariel Sharon

    They also have most of Palestine. They should be satisfied with that, and let this sadistic old f****r rot in hell his grave.
  11. The For Whores Man

    Josef Fritzl

    "I deserve credit, I'm not a monster." This is exactly what I telled to the guy behind the shelf at my bank (HSBC), but he still refused to give me an interest-free overdraft during the summer holidays. Maybe if I do a big crime, then people will listen to me?
  12. The For Whores Man

    Ask A Deathlister

    Because your question snot easy to answer. Perhaps it's this thread's bogey question.
  13. The For Whores Man

    Missing In Action

    Doubt it personally ... He's just trying to break the world record for the longest time presumed death . I think the coelacanth has him beat there. Hanrdejka I think even Noel Edmonds has him beat; my flatmate says he thought he had died years ago, beofre stupid f*****g Deal or no Dael came over our television waves.
  14. The For Whores Man

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries ,etc ...for 2008

    Happyiest of happy Birthdays to The Four Horsemen, who has a real nice username! I had tought maybe TFH was older than 33, but ok appreantly I am wrong! Happy Birthday :
  15. The For Whores Man

    Oscar Niemeyer

    I know waht you maen.

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