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  1. Handrejka

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Redmond was one of my subs, so I am relieved she has not obitted yet. I don't know who else chose her. I am still not over relegating Heather Couper to the subs bench.
  2. Handrejka

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I love Twin Peaks but I would hesitate to recommend it to anyone as both people I have recommended it to didn't like it. I'd also say if it hasn't grabbed you by the first 5 episodes then it won't. It gets worse before it gets better. This is rather accurate. Have you seen Vienna Blood? I didn't care for it but it might be worth a try.
  3. Handrejka

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Armin Meier, German actor, killed himself on ex lover Rainer Werner Fassbinder's birthday because he didn't get an invite to the birthday bash. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armin_Meier_(actor)
  4. Handrejka

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Michael Angelis is one for the List of the Missed. He was in my Carla Lane theme two years ago.
  5. Handrejka

    Films with entirely dead casts

    With Irm Hermann's death, Fox and His Friends is down to only two living cast members, Ingrid Caven and Harry Baer
  6. Handrejka

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    A rather belated one from Sunday, Gary Burghoff of MASH fame was Seventy Seven.
  7. Handrejka

    Liz Dawn Memorial Deadpool 2019

    You have Elaine Lordan crossed off but she isn't dead.
  8. Handrejka

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    I liked her too, always thought she had a good range as an actress.
  9. Handrejka

    British Science Fiction Series

    Yes it was. Even weirder that she had her new husband with her, so the two of them were watching it.
  10. Handrejka

    British Science Fiction Series

    I saw Sandra Dickinson at a Doctor Who Exhibition. She asked to get in for free because she was once married to Dr Who, spent ages staring at her ex husbands regeneration scene then whizzed round the rest very quickly. She was actually quite nice when we spoke to her though. Clive Mantle looked old and rather gaunt I thought. I used to really fancy him years ago.
  11. Handrejka

    Onan the Barbarian

    I take it nobody is going to be doing Jerkless June then?
  12. Handrejka

    What are you doing to kill the boredom.

    Did mine last week, also first time since March.
  13. There is a hysteria of mumsnetters who think a child's badge with a bird on it has predicted the pandemic. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/coronavirus/3849587-Anyone-else-think-Birdie-Friend-really-did-see-this-coming
  14. Handrejka

    Lynch Mob

    With news that a third series of Twin Peaks is in the pipeline, I thought I'd start a thread for all things Lynch related, but especially those might be possible dead pool picks. Twin Peaks Warren Frost is 90 next year so may be worth a look, Piper Laurie and Russ Tamblyn are also getting up there in years, Michael. J. Anderson had some sort of breakdown last year and I don't think Lara Flynn Boyle is human any more. From Lost Highway Robert Loggia and Robert Blake have been mentioned elsewhere as possibilities. Any more we can think of?
  15. I have probably taught distant relatives of yours, there were a couple of Goldies at the school I taught at. This is my only relative of note, again not a direct decedent, think his grandfather and my great great-grandfather were brothers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Plant
  16. Handrejka

    Death In The Family

    Sorry for your loss, Clorox.
  17. Handrejka

    The Hoff Is Off

    Wax David Hasselhof http://www.waxhoff.com/
  18. Handrejka

    Quiz Time

  19. Handrejka


    Goldberg too I think.
  20. Handrejka

    Quiz Time

  21. Handrejka

    Death In The Family

    Thanks everyone, after feeling ok for the first few days, today has been hard.
  22. Handrejka

    Death In The Family

    Thank you everyone. You have all been more empathetic than some of my family, though that is to be expected I guess.
  23. Handrejka

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Hmm. I was sure Tony Scoggo had died some time ago, hence not being on my Scouse theme team.
  24. Handrejka

    Death In The Family

    Thanks Toast and everyone. That last bit is true. To be honest I always thought my mum would go first even though she is a decade younger as she always had more health problems
  25. Handrejka

    Death In The Family

    My dad died in the early hours of this morning. It was expected, he'd been ill a long time and he reached a good age. He would have turned 91 in June. I know I have been incredibly lucky to have had my dad around for as long as I have especially as he is another older dad, he was 47 when I was born, but this doesn't diminish the sense of loss and sadness although it hasn't fully hit me yet. Condolences to all of those going through the same thing.

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