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  1. Handrejka

    Peter Kay

    It's almost certainly the hair and my fondness for retro fashions. David Cassidy is another one I get told I look like, but I can see where they are coming from with that one.
  2. Handrejka

    Peter Kay

    I've been told I look like Richard Beckinsale which makes me think I would have made a better looking man than I do woman.
  3. Handrejka

    Bands at The Great Gig in the Sky

    Yes, that's it. Thank you.
  4. Handrejka

    Bands at The Great Gig in the Sky

    That same year all of Brazilian satirical rock band Mamonas Assassinas were killed in an aeroplane crash. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mamonas_Assassinas Wasn't there a French disco band who were all killed in a house fire or did I dream that?
  5. Handrejka

    I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Radio 4

    Me too. I also thought he would outlive Richard O'Sullivan, his co-star in Me and My Girl.
  6. Handrejka

    I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Radio 4

    So sad. He was one of those I thought would go on forever.
  7. Handrejka


    The Seekers are all still around aren't they?
  8. Handrejka

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Frank Burns no longer eating worms, twenty years today since the underrated Larry Linville left us. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Linville
  9. Handrejka

    Tom Lehrer

    You frightened me when I saw this until I remember it's his birthday. Always liked this quote of his .'' It is sobering to consider that when Mozart was my age he had already been dead for a year.”
  10. Handrejka

    The Nothing Lasts Forever Sweepstake

    26th September 2020.
  11. Handrejka

    The 8th Death of 2020

    Valery Giscard d'Estaing no reason.
  12. Handrejka

    Boris Johnson

    Well he'd be another dead blond for Elton to sing about.
  13. 56. I also think we will lose a few players too
  14. Handrejka

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Whoever wrote this listverse list has an interesting take on notable. Terrence McNally is the only one I had heard of. https://listverse.com/2020/04/01/top-10-notable-people-who-have-died-of-coronavirus/
  15. The bank I work for is being quite shitty too, nothing new there really, but we have had a case of the virus on our floor, also another colleague has just lost his granddad to it, we were told initially to go to the contingency site bit problematic for me as I don't drive and colleagues are not allowed to provide lifts due to social distancing, I don't want to get a taxi for same reason and busses are full of germs at the best of times, but at least the building is not contaminated. We then get told that we should go to our usual site so we are working in a contaminated building. No option to work at home. We are not being provided with hand sanitiser. We don't know who the colleague is so no idea how much social interaction we might have had with them already. They think they can keep moral going by buying us the odd smoothie or bacon barm. Well that likely didn't make much sense but I always waffle when I'm angry.
  16. Handrejka

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Maybe I've missed it but I don't think Andree Melly has had a write up yet has she?
  17. Handrejka

    What are you doing to kill the boredom.

    I still have to go into work as I'm a key worker, not one of the worthy NHS sort but front line financial workers are considered key. I have to carry a letter round with me at all times in case I'm questioned by the police. So it's all more or less business as usual for me, expect I have to think about sorting my own lunch out now and not relying on coffee shops.
  18. Handrejka

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Great minds think alike, posted that in the playlist thread.
  19. Handrejka

    Coronavirus Playlist

    Don't think this one has been posted yet.
  20. Handrejka

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Also he was inspired to write Alma after reading her- Alma Mahler's- obituary. He would fit in here, I'm sure.
  21. Handrejka

    British Character Actors

    The third cast member of Scrooge to die in just over a month, after Frances Cuka and Michael Medwin.
  22. Handrejka

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Still no confirmed cases on The Isle Of Man but it's only a matter of time. It has not prevented all the panic buying though.
  23. Handrejka


    And Geoffrey Hayes and Bill Maynard.
  24. Ok, let's try. Not as formal as the previous photos but I think it looks quite fun. Back row from left unknown, Great Great Aunt Clara, unknown front row Great Aunt Evelyn {there is a small possibility she is still alive}, Great Uncle James. Evelyn was born in 1923 and emigrated to Canada in the 50s. I have never met her. We do know she was still with us a decade ago as she was in touch with another family member but after that we don't know. That side of the family tend to be quite long living so maybe. Got mixed u with who was who. It's the lady in the middle who is my great-great aunt Clara. She died in 1932 we can probably date the photograph to around 1930. I'm not sure who the ladies flanking her are probably her daughters.
  25. Handrejka

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    Another of my subs, typical.

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