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  1. Welcome back.

  2. What did I sound like?

    1. Lord Fellatio Nelson

      Lord Fellatio Nelson

      Without an accent, a bit like the voice over for Master Chef.

      I suspect, however, you have a slight Scouse twang to your voice!! :D

    2. Handrejka


      Well Scousers wouldn't think so, but it's definitely there when I recite the days of the week. It's not possible for me to say Tuesday without giving away my origins. Most of the time it's just generic northern. 

  3. I was in Cologne too. I wonder if we've met. 

    1. Book


      Really? When did you live there? I lived in Cologne up to 1997, afterwards in Düsseldorf. Do you speak German?

    2. Handrejka


      I was in Cologne from 2000 - 2002. It's a lovely city, I'd move there again if I had the choice. I actually have an MA in German Translation though my everyday spoken German is a little rusty now.  

  4. I think Peter Hudson of Hudson and Halls fame may have been the posthumous gotcha recipient you were thinking of.  

  5. You're not my brother are you?

  6. It was Aloe Vera.

  7. certainly not cake

  8. Aichinger and Nutley will never get an obit now.

  9. Waiting for obits on Nutley, Tovar and Aichinger


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