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  1. On 15/06/2020 at 21:48, Bibliogryphon said:


    All the filming for Ghosts Series 2 is complete so it depends whether the post production has been delayed. It is actually a grower. The first few episodes are a bit slow but there are some great performances and it is very witty and sweet.

     Series 2 of Ghosts is starting Monday 21st September.


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  2. 39 minutes ago, Toast said:

    The ever-increasing use of baby talk by adults.  Now pervading former bastions of grammar like the BBC.


    "Poo" instead of saying excrement, faeces, stools, droppings, crap, shit etc

    "Veggies".  FFS.  The traditional conversational abbreviation of vegetables is "veg".  As in "meat and two veg".



    Are you a member of this forum, Toast?


    Both of those examples are mentioned here.



  3. 1 hour ago, Spade_Cooley said:


    Not so much a quiz as my faceblindness absolutely pissing me off. How many celebs from this ITV Telethon 1992 ending can you recognise? I've got:

    Gary Wilmott

    Sheila Ferguson

    Lesley Joseph

    Tosh Lines

    Lord Sutch

    Cynthia Payne

    Gorden Kaye

    Nick Cotton
    Cheryl Baker

    Michael Aspel

    Gloria Hunniford


    I also think it's the classic Chippendales lineup and forgotten TV magician Andrew O'Connor on stage as well? Who else? I'm missing some really obvious ones.


    Craig Charles is taking off the helmet

    Vince Earl and Irene Marot of Brookside fame 

    Trudie Goodwin and Graham Cole.



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  4. 7 hours ago, gcreptile said:

    It does beg the question... has there been cheating in deadpooling?


    I think someone managed to steal some of TMIB's uniques one year due to some sort of admin error or something were the details were released. Not sure if that counts as cheating but is unsporting.  

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  5. I've just been to the launderette to collect my wash and I'm not entirely convinced that one of the pairs of jeans are mine, the thing is I have so many clothes they could very well be mine and I  just don't remember them. They are my size which adds to the confusion and from a shop I do but clothes from, but they don't look or feel familiar. It's happened before but with tea towels. I'm not sure what to do, other than buy fewer clothes and get my washing machine fixed.     


    Edit- Sorry @Bibliogryphon I didn't see your bad news. Wishing you well. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Steve said:

    Harvey Weinstein, Leonard Fenton and Rolf Harris might also be worth considering for next years list. After a rotten few days with this virus I hope you will be all pleased to know I am starting to turn a positive corner. 


    Interesting threesome there. Is there something about Mr Fenton we should know? 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, msc said:

    There's bit in the DDP archives where Big Iain apologizes for needing to add extra points to teams from the previous year. This is because everyone involved in the game missed the death of Hollywood actor Roy Rogers and found out sometime the next year. Young ones don't realise how revolutionary the Deaths in (insert current year here) Wikipedia page was for deadpoolers. :D


    I remember one of Roy Roger's obituaries was written by someone who  predeceased him. I know that isn't that unusual, but it was the first time I had seen that.  

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