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  1. Sheesh, there's a turn up for the books.

    I was only thinking about him a couple of days ago.



    Me too, how weird. Always liked his work. He was quite sexy in a funny sort of way.

  2. Japanese Siblings Live With Dead Parent


    1 hour, 8 minutes ago



    TOKYO - Police on Tuesday questioned three siblings after it was

    discovered they had been living with the decomposed corpse of their father

    for nearly a decade, an official said.


    Police found the body of Kyujiro Kanaoka lying on a futon bed at the

    family's home in Itami city in Hyogo prefecture in western Japan, said a

    prefectural police spokesman, who declined to be identified.


    Kanaoka's three elderly children, all in their 70s or older, told

    police they thought their father was still alive but that one of them

    recently had consulted a relative about the possibility that he might be

    dead, the spokesman said.


    Police were investigating the cause of Kanaoka's death. Judging from

    the condition of his decomposed body, Kanaoka may have died as long as 10

    years ago, the spokesman said.


    Had he been alive, the man would be 107 years old. Hyogo prefecture had

    registered Kanaoka as its oldest living resident, public broadcaster

    NHK said.

  3. Yes, I realised my mistake about Tom. I'm not the only one though, somewhere else actually reported his age this year as 76 and that got the fans into a panic, especially as the new series is starting soon. Apparently there is always a Doctor Who death just before a new series starts. I don't mean the regeneration scenes either.

  4. Well, it looks like the old guy may actually pull through this current health problem. Rumors have it that he is slowly able to speak a few words at a time and that he is still hoping to go to Germany this year for World Youth Day. What I wanna know is if he is making this "recovery," when he is going to get out of hospital?



    I bet Catholic Priests love World Youth day.

  5. There are some people I have in other dead pools that I've not included in DDP

    Svetlana Stalin (should have choosen her would have been a unique pick), Deborah Kerr, Sandra Dee, Diego Marradona and other I just forgot, Mike Yarwood, Gunther Grass, John Mortimer, Ted Heath , Ian Paisley, Gerald Ford, Nany Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Ian Brady


    Still there's always next year.



    Not for Sandra Dee though. Oops

  6. There are a few Rocky Horror actors who could be contenders for death list next year


    Jonathan Admas - Has had Parkinson's disease for years

    Patricia Quinn - alcoholic

    Barry Bostwick - Has had prostate cancer

    Meatloaf is mentioned elsewhere


    Less famously we have

    Sadie Corrie - the midget Transylvanain , in her late 80s now not in the best of health

    Kimi Wong - Richard O'Brien's ex-wife and Transylvanian and recovering drug addict


    From the stage show there's good old Nicholas Parsons who must be about 80 by now.

  7. Friday, February 18, 2005 Posted: 10:08 AM EST (1508 GMT)


    MARINA DEL REY, California (AP) -- Samuel W. Alderson, the inventor of

    crash test dummies that are used to make cars, parachutes and other

    devices safer, has died. He was 90.


    Alderson died February 11 at home of complications from myelofibrosis,

    a bone marrow disorder, his son Jeremy said.


    He grew up tinkering in his father's custom sheet-metal shop, worked

    on various military technology and by 1952 had formed Alderson

    Research Labs.


    The company made anthropomorphic dummies for use by the military and

    NASA in testing ejection seats and parachutes. The dummies were built

    to approximate the weight and density of humans and hold

    data-gathering instruments.


    One type of dummy he developed measured radiation doses.


    There was little interest in his first automobile test dummy, he once

    said, until publication of Ralph Nader's consumer protection book

    "Unsafe at Any Speed" in 1965. The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle

    Safety Act was passed a year later.


    Before creating dummies, he worked on missile guidance systems and

    helped develop a coating to enhance vision on submarine periscopes

    during World War II.


    He left his original company in 1973 to form a competing crash test

    dummy maker, and the two companies were dominant in the market until

    eventually merging in 1990 to form First Technology Safety Systems.


    In addition to son Jeremy, he is survived by another son, a sister and

    four grandchildren.

  8. Anyway.... tell me someone how I can get some cash - approx. £2000 immediately. All avenues e.g. credit cards, loans etc are exhausted and I need about £2000 to get self back on the straight on narrow.

    Moving to Wales has managed to get me into a situation that I could never have predicted (& I feel I've been set up) & I need to get away from here & fast.

    Tried the lottery, can't increase my credit card limits, cannot extend my loan until 2nd April, family and friends cannot come up with that kind of wedge and I'd also have to explain to them what was going on ... so ideas please.

    And fast if you wouldn't mind. Thank you.


    P.s. I am being rational re: previous message.... just things have got bad.





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