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  1. 14 hours ago, msc said:


    Ruth Madoc is on Pointless Celebrities tonight and one for the "folk needing a seat" list previously inhabited by Paul Darrow and Heather Couper. She doesn't look near death, but just saying, just in case...


    And Geoffrey Hayes and Bill Maynard.

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  2. Ok, let's try. Not as formal as the previous photos but I think it looks quite fun.

    Back row from left  unknown, Great Great Aunt Clara,  unknown 

    front row Great Aunt Evelyn {there is a small possibility she is still alive}, Great Uncle James. 

    Evelyn was born in 1923 and emigrated to Canada in the 50s. I have never met her. We do know she was still with us a decade ago as she was in touch with another family member but after that we don't know. That side of the family tend to be quite long living so maybe. 

    Got mixed u with who was who. It's the lady in the middle who is my great-great aunt Clara. She died in 1932 we can probably date the photograph to around 1930. I'm not sure  who the ladies flanking her are probably her daughters. 


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  3. 17 hours ago, Toast said:

    Just watched an Agatha Christie adaptation on BBC.  Rita Tushingham was in it. 

    Not saying she's at death's door since she's still working, but she's 77 and she looks more like 97.




    She's not a good advert for vegetarianism is she? She'll probably go this year as I forgot about her for my scouse theme. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Toast said:


    I couldn't say,  I'm not really aware of any resemblance to anyone well-known.  Can't recall anyone mentioning such.  Sorry to be so dull :lol:


    Not dull. It means you are a one off.

    I, on the other hand have been told I look like so many people I even considered making it a theme team a few years ago, until I realised that a lot of them are already dead and three of them are carton characters.

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  5. 21 hours ago, msc said:

    Ah, I see this has become the Guess Who Toast Reminds You Of thread now.




    I once had a dream that Toast and I met on holiday and went on a carriage ride together. In the dream she looked a little bit like Carol Drinkwater for the first bit of the ride then morphing into Gemma Jones later on. Is that accurate at all @Toast


    Just to clarify this was Carol and Gemma in their youngers days, not the age they are now.

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  6. This is probably more in the urban myth territory but seeing as I'd Rather Jack was on Top of the pops last night does anyone know the fate of The Reynolds Girls? There have been rumours for years that one of them died in childbirth. A few years ago a tv director was looking for them for a SAW documentary and didn't have any luck. 

    Does anyone know for sure? 

  7. 2 hours ago, Slackhurst Broadcasting said:

    The cynical might wonder if some tabloid wasn’t getting ready to out him.


    I am cynical then as my first thought was 'What have the tabloids got on him?' Count me as another who wasn't surprised at all to hear that he is gay, but I am surprised he has come out if that makes sense. 

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  8. Jill Melford, British actress with a fair number of credits in the type of cult show where fans usually note this things died without fanfare nearly two years ago. She was also the daughter of actor Jack Melford and the ex-wife of well renowned actor John Standing so it does seem surprising that there doesn't seem to have been an obituary as far as I can see. I am perfectly willing to accept that I may have missed it though I did search.  




    Stefan Gryff, a definite 'you'll know the face' actor died in 2017 with, I think, only one brief mention on here and no wider recognition.   





    Off topic but on the subject of Threads, Victoria O'Keefe was killed in a car accident a few miles away from where I grew up, so she's probably the celeb who died closest where I lived. 

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Grim Up North said:


    No sign of him on database or of any other Bio which refers to their daughter being fit. Anyway off to google Stan Boardman's daughter.


    Mystery solved.


    It's mentioned on the first  page of this topic. 


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  10. On 07/01/2020 at 16:25, msc said:

    Predicting uniques ahead of time is a fools game. Best to be pleasantly surprised if they arrive.


    So the thing about adding in celebs now is its the folk who aren't on the system already ie have never been picked before now in the DDP. As a teaser, here are some of the names which genuinely surprised me to see were only debuting in 2020:


    Eleanor Bron


    Gary Player


    Alexei Sayle


    Stan Boardman (83 this year!!!)


    Simon Groom


    Peter Frampton


    Bertie Auld


    David Lynch

    Cormac McCarthy


    The bolded are mine though on different teams. I  was certain Boardman had chosen before . I'm sure I remember reading a bio which trashed him as a comic but ended with ' his daughter's quite fit though' 

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  11. 19 hours ago, Gooseberry Crumble said:

    I too am interested to see how many of my picks are unique, either in terms of if unique picks from last year have stayed unique as some carried over from 2018 to 2019 did.Or if any of the new ones are unique. However I dont believe any of mine would be classed as obscure.  Last year the creator of the gaia theory James Lovelock was a surprise unique pick for me as was author of Mommie Dearest Christina Crawford. 

    In terms of this year  I dont think names such as Marti Webb, Dave Gahan, Vera Miles, Edgar Pearce or Carleton Carpenter are obscure although they may well turn out to be unique. 


    I can tell you that Vera Miles is not unique. She's on my Hitchcock theme team.  

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  12. 6 hours ago, Gooseberry Crumble said:

    Psychic Derek Acorah dies aged 69 .


    Very briefly considered for my Scousers theme team but didn't even make it as a sub. Still January wouldn't be January with my annual 'dammit' moment.  

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