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  1. HSR3

    48. Shane MacGowan

    What's truly amazing is that none of the three people was Shane MacGowan. Anyway, I checked and as Wikipedia doesn't mention the three deaths thing, then the rumours must be wrong You couldn't be more misguided about Wikipedia on that. Due to their BLP (biographies of living persons) policy, Wikipedia is really strict about keeping that kind of thing specifically out of its articles, especially if the rumours surface in things like tabloid newspapers.
  2. HSR3

    Deathlist 2011

    Gretna F.C. owner Brooks Mileson is apparently on his deathbed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooks_Mileson Would be worth considering, possibly, for 2009 if he even lasts for the rest of this year.
  3. HSR3

    Albert Hofmann

    Death List is doing really f*****g well this year. We should all take a hit of acid to celebrate.
  4. That seems a fairly good source, and if so it's a great shame. Edit: for what lyttel it's worth, wiki are also reporting it. Note to Vaagheid: this is and always will be in essence a Brit site, and people like Humph will always be of more interest than any Geerds, Piets or Johanns. Sorry, mate. 'Wiki' is not short for 'Wikipedia'.
  5. HSR3

    Amy Winehouse

    The weird thing is that if you look at pictures of her from like 2004, she's actually good looking. No tattoos, not a scrawny wreck, no obvious signs of major drugs issues or mental instability.
  6. HSR3

    Miep Gies

    Geert Wilders.
  7. I'm bumping this to see if anyone has any thoughts. There hasn't been any recent news, but if there is, she could possibly be worth adding.
  8. HSR3

    The Seventh 2008 Success Poll

    I voted for him as well. Dunno, just seems like he's lived long enough. Not J.D. Salinger, for he is a mythical creature and will thus never die.
  9. HSR3

    Charlton Heston

    Yeah, we have six times what we had at this point last year. If it keeps going at this rate, this year could be the new record-breaker.
  10. HSR3

    The Sixth 2008 Success Poll

    No vote, but we're making great progress this year so far...
  11. HSR3

    Amy Winehouse

    She's going to be 25 this year. Are you saying that that's not an adult? I do get your point though - she's not acting like a responsible adult.
  12. HSR3

    Kurt Westergaard

    Geert Wilders seems more likely to be a target at the moment.
  13. HSR3

    The Fourth 2008 Success Poll

    Sydney Pollack, given recent news of more health concerns.
  14. HSR3

    Francis Pym

    We're doing considerably better this year than we were this time last year. Last year was fairly unexciting on the whole, apart from the summer which had a load of hits.
  15. HSR3

    The Beatles Death Curse

    Look up George Starostin's reviews. You may find some decent opinions there.

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