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    Pope John Paul

    No I do not advocate the murder of innocent people. But I do advocate the freedom of choice that is the right of every human who walks the face of this Earth. Those freedoms of choice include: The right to choose contraception. The right to choose abortion. Now here's a thing. Quoting George W. Bush on the death of Pope John Paul II: "The world has lost a champion of human freedom." I think that really sums Mr Bush up quite well, don't you think? [For those struggling with the link: Bush cites PJP2 as advocating freedom, yet in reality PJP2 was a pretty hardline leader who demonstrably did not advocate freedom. Ergo, Bush is a twat.] And finally, to make this post a little spicier - I'll bet you £10 (that's about $18) that you are either American or a Conservative or, most likely, you are both. Do I win £10? Edit: Ahh, damn you, boohoo, you beat me to it... but if you advocate abortion on account of freedom of choice. Do you advocate murder, rape, theft and so on, on account of freedom of choice? Abortion is to kill, simple as.
  2. BluesDragon

    List Of Dead Commies

    In theory Communisim is a great idea but not when put into practise. As with any political movement there is a leading party and that party is going to like their power. And you can't justify condemming every communist.
  3. BluesDragon

    Pope John Paul

    I guess you all saw Bush's tribute then. i don't think he knew what he was saying at all.
  4. BluesDragon

    Pope John Paul

  5. BluesDragon

    Pope John Paul

    rest in peace though, of course
  6. BluesDragon

    Pope John Paul

    about time.
  7. BluesDragon

    Serious Contenders for Next Years List

    that's a bit harsh. To dismiss a whole genre just like that. Altough i'm no fan. Except for when it's the Beastie Boys, they rule.
  8. BluesDragon

    Japanese siblings live with dead parent

    Yeah, he still had another 13 years to do. Of course, it's possible that they couldn't bear to be parted from the old man, but my guess is that the pension brought in more than the life insurance would have done. It's good to have a cynical mind.
  9. BluesDragon

    Near Misses for 2005

    George Scott No idea who he was.
  10. BluesDragon

    Pope John Paul

    Pope Discharged He's got spirit
  11. BluesDragon

    Near Misses for 2005

    Wasn’t he in the Brass Eye paedo episode? That was great.
  12. BluesDragon

    Pope John Paul

    Pope gives blessing from hospital window No way is he lasting out the year.
  13. BluesDragon

    Pink Floyd

    I really like Pink Floyd, and especially the Syd years but he is so crazy. Although that's why he was so great.
  14. BluesDragon

    Sister Lucia

    I read somewhere that Hell was icey cold. Anyway the Christian religion is completely contradictory and mainly false.
  15. BluesDragon

    Michael Jackson

    He can hardly be held liable. It's all the hospitals fault. But it does seem she was pretty near death anyway.

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