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  1. Altroieri

    Nazi of SS

    It's quite convenient for some to say, well after the fact, "I didn't know" or "I had no choice." Hans Werk, the man labeled "Former Nazi" in the headline in question, does not claim he was forced to comply against his will. The Last of the Hitler Youth Face Their Final Account in Compelling, Disturbing Documentary
  2. Altroieri

    Daylight Savings Deadpool

  3. Altroieri

    Daylight Savings Deadpool

    Not to be too pedantic, but Daylight Saving Time ends on 3 November, and begins again on 8 March 2020. Standard time resumes on 3 November. Whether a timekeeping convention that is in effect for less than half of the year ought to be referred to as "standard" is another matter. Carry on.
  4. Altroieri

    James Garner

    Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. Garner's "appearance" in the 2013 sequel is archival footage, per "The Official James Garner Fan Page". That footage looks to be lifted directly from the original film (see the 2006 trailer). The website for the 2013 film doesn't even list Garner as being in the cast. In any event, I wouldn't make a decision to take Garner off a dead pool entry based on the release of the sequel.
  5. Altroieri

    James Garner

    Considering that the film was originally released in October 2006, and that Garner is "onscreen for less than a minute", it probably doesn't say that much about his current condition.
  6. Altroieri

    Nazi of SS

    Decidedly "biased" article there... Yes, completely one-sided. I can't believe they didn't have someone represent the opposing "he's not dead, he's just resting" point of view.
  7. Altroieri

    The Next Piper At The Gates Of Heaven

    Several obits for Farren have embraced the "he went out in a blaze of glory, dying doing what he loved" angle, including The Guardian ("he died a true performer's death: on the stage of a crowded club on a Saturday night with applause still ringing in his ears"), Los Angeles Times ("I'd say it was fitting that he should die on stage except that he should not have died so young."), Dangerous Minds ("He died with his boots on. Like a rockstar."), and The Great Wen ("It seems crude to say that is how Mick Farren would want to go, but it's certainly no great surprise that this vivacious ball of hair and action, the closest thing London ever came to producing an Abbie Hoffman, should die while giving it all to his great love rock and roll."). The Independent went so far as to say: "It will no doubt serve as a piece of modern cultural mythology that Mick Farren 'died as he would have wanted', collapsing onstage on Saturday night at London's Borderline, playing a gig with a reformed version of his 1960s group the Deviants, a concert that he had been advised not to go ahead with on medical advice." Farren himself, however, was far less sanguine about the prospects of ageing and death. In an interview earlier this year, speaking about Wilko Johnson, he said: "He's just one of the crew, one of my mates. And he hasn't played in Brighton, so I haven't actually hung out with him since I've been back, except to talk on the phone, and now the motherfucker's gonna die on us. Don't get old, man; it's like being in combat, people drop dead every fucking week. It's very, very depressing."
  8. Altroieri

    The 6th Death Of 2013

    It's not the head of steam so much as the body of tumours...
  9. Altroieri

    Toho Stars

    Some idle wikiiing turned up a few more: Kaoru Yachigusa (6 January 1931) - actress, played Fujichiyo Kasuga, Master of Japanese dance Nichibu in "The Human Vapor" [a/k/a "Gas Human No. 1"] (1960) Kenji Sahara a/k/a Masayoshi Kato (14 May 1932) - actor, played Shigeru Kawamura in "Rodan" (1956), numerous other Toho roles, most recently in "Godzilla: Final Wars" (2004) Yû Sekida (17 November 1932) - actor, several Toho monster roles (including Gorosaurus, Ebirah, Mechani-Kong), one of three actors to play Godzilla in "Son of Godzilla" (1967) Isao Matsuoka (18 December 1934) - Chairman of Toho Co., Ltd. Russ Tamblyn (30 December 1934) - actor, played Dr. Paul Stewart in "The War of the Gargantuas" (1966) Yumi Shirakawa (21 November 1936) - actress, played Kiyo in "Rodan" (1956)
  10. Altroieri

    Silent Era People

    Dead. She appeared in only a single film, Menschen am Sonntag, "a semi- or fake documentary about a group of young people spending a Sunday by a lake in Berlin in 1929."
  11. Altroieri

    José Alencar

  12. Altroieri

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    The late Tom "Billy Jack" Laughlin? A dead man? I'm sure that would be news to him. Perhaps you should contact him and let him know.
  13. Altroieri

    Nobel Prize In Death

    Excellent list Harold. I have a few additions and corrections. Missing from your list are: Vitaly L. Ginzburg, 91. Stanley Cohen, 85. Arvid Carlsson, 85. Correcting the ages for: Norman Ramsey, 92 (not 91). Joseph Murray, 88 (not 87). William Lipscomb, 88 (not 87). You mention that Henry Kissinger will turn 85 in May. Shimon Peres, a Peace Prize recipient, will also turn 85 this year (in August). There are another seven 84-year-old Nobel Laureates who will be 85 in time for next year's DeathList and assorted dead pools. Might as well list them while I'm at it: Walter Kohn, 84. Val Fitch, 84. Wislawa Szymborska, 84. Rudolph A. Marcus, 84. D. Carleton Gajdusek, 84. Nadine Gordimer, 84. Philip W. Anderson, 84. Apologies if I haven't gotten the colors quite right.
  14. Altroieri

    The Dead Of 2008

    You waited 5 months to post that? Well, she wasn't dead 5 months ago.
  15. Altroieri

    The Dead Of 2008

    French actress Madeleine Milhaud is dead. She was the widow of composer Darius Milhaud.

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