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  1. Toast

    Inverse Dead Pool 2K12

    Here's my 25 To Stay Alive Lindsey Lohan Ian Watkins Paul Gascoigne Mickey Rooney Bashar Al-Assad John McVie Michael Schumacher Clive James Ian Brady Ex-Pope Benedict Stuart Hall Jerry Lewis Dora Bryan George H.W. Bush Bruce Forsyth Robert Mugabe Vera Lynn Stephen Hawking Eli Wallach Peter Sallis Prince Philip Denis Healey Kate Granger Sandy Jardine Casey Kasem
  2. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    ooh you trickster! There goes your unique pick
  3. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Awesome performance from TMIB! will have a browse around. One unique for me, Caril Ann Fugate, bit of a long shot but I had read that her health wasn't great and being in a car crash that killed her husband probably won't have helped.
  4. Toast

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Then of course there is this one I'm a-walkin' in the rain, Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain, Wishin' you were here by me, To end this misery And I wonder-- I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder, Why, Why, why, why, why, why she ran away, Yes, and I wonder, A-where she will stay-ay, My little runaway, Run, run, run, run, runaway. Run, run, run, run, runaway. Run, run, run, run, runaway.
  5. Toast

    The Dead Of 2014

    Yeh, God forbid the death of a child getting in the way of your TV viewing pleasure, you twat. fuck off Oooooooooh!
  6. Toast

    Deathlist 2014

    Hate to break this to you, but I suspect you'll find that one of them is actually Norwegian.
  7. Toast

    Ariel Sharon

    He's certainly got form.
  8. Toast

    Life In Prison

    The comments are revealing: "got what she deserved", "what goes around comes around", "KARMA" etc People really don't get that everyone dies, do they? This woman has died an apparently rapid and painless death. Isn't that what almost everyone would hope for themselves?
  9. Toast

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Is he called 'Guest'? No, he's not a guest
  10. Toast

    Ariel Sharon

    Wednesday 8 Jan at 0415.
  11. Toast

    Ariel Sharon

  12. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    I'm in, with a less interesting team than I'd hoped for, since a number of my potential picks did not wait around long enough to join the party. I was pleased with a top 20 finish after a couple of poor years (and half my team down which is a personal best) so we'll see what happens. Thanks again to TMIB for all his sterling work.
  13. Toast

    Film Producers

    That'll be the shit(s) who have been bullying The Hobbit pub trying to force them to change the name.
  14. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    I've noticed before that the "rules and scoring" seems to be tied to the entry page and usually takes you to Sorry, you're too late.... Derby Dead Pool 20?? is no longer accepting entries! Which is not much use if you just want to refresh your memory as to the validity of the likes of death row picks, famous-for-being-ill folks and so on. Am I missing something and is it available on another link?
  15. Toast

    Happy 2014

    Well I didn't, but the dog did and woke me up with incessant barking around 4 am. HYN to all. What does HYN stand for? Hush your noise.
  16. Toast

    1st Death of 2014

    The Rev Billy
  17. Toast

    Happy 2014

    Well I didn't, but the dog did and woke me up with incessant barking around 4 am. HYN to all.
  18. Toast

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    I'm in. Rev. Billy Graham Queen Fabiola Tony Benn Robbie Coltrane Jacques Chirac Diana Athill Denis Norden Dora Bryan Maureen O'Hara Peter Maxwell Davies Subs: Richard Attenborough Liz Smith
  19. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    All my obscure picks inconsiderately fell off the perch a few weeks too early.
  20. Toast

    The Hare's Death Pool

    Here's my fairly random assortment Richard Adams Jean Alexander Muhammad Ali Richard Attenborough Terry Biddlecombe Dora Bryan George H.W. Bush Jimmy Carter Fidel Castro Bill Clinton Katherine Crowe Felix Dennis Helen Fawkes Lawrence Ferlinghetti Clive James Wilko Johnson (wildcard) Christopher Lee John McVie Cliff Michelmore Ian Paisley Marguerite Patten Leslie Phillips Sam Simon Meic Stevens Betty White
  21. Toast

    Deathrace 2014

    Toast's Topplers B.B. King Albert Reynolds Bart Cummings Christopher Lee Fats Domino Gough Whitlam Jeremy Thorpe Kirk Douglas Luise Rainer Michael Schumacher Olivia de Havilland Peter Sallis Rev. Billy Graham Richard Attenborough Run Run Shaw Ruth Bader Ginsberg Sheila Mercier Tony Benn Wojciech Jaruzelski Zsa Zsa Gabor
  22. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Just sent mine, same team names as last time.
  23. Toast

    Inverse Dead Pool 2K12

    Agreed. I missed it this year. Should be revived.
  24. Toast

    Kentucky Derby Dead Pool

    I'm in, team name is If I'm Spared Myself Of Course

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