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  1. Toast

    Ruby Muhammad

    I'd only heard of her via here - and that only vaguely, me being too lazy to investigate further. I assumed she was something to do with Islam too, but on checking, it seems this 'Nation of Islam' malarkey is something different. Turns out she was just some very old American black lady and not what I had imagined at all.
  2. Toast

    Cora Vaucaire

    I see her husband was Michel Vaucaire, the lyricist who wrote Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien amongst others.
  3. Toast

    Gaddafi Guesses

    You are? How long do you think you've got? What chances of an obit?
  4. Toast

    Gaddafi Guesses

    Well, you're wrong, he's not me.
  5. Toast

    Suicidal Celebs

    Even with the reduction, that can't be for the faint-hearted.
  6. Toast

    Not Seen Any Good Films/movies

    That was a very good decision.
  7. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    That is something that has always irritated me. It should be Parisian Walkways. It's in English. If it was in French, the feminine form of the adjective might be acceptable depending on how one translated 'walkway', but either way it would be plural.
  8. Toast

    Missing In Action

    I particularly liked this bit:
  9. Toast

    Missing In Action

    Followed by this
  10. Toast

    The Dead Of 2011

    Ah. We in the UK usually refer to that as 'sheltered housing' or 'sheltered accommodation'. No doubt there is other jargon for it though. I always have difficulty with the word 'facility' when used to mean a building. I think of facilities as being things usually found inside buildings - not the building itself.
  11. Toast

    Sara Douglass

    Mmmm I spotted that. Actually the following day she posted "I want today to be OVER" - and someone "liked" that. Could it be someone else who has her in their team , or just a dim fan, I wonder.
  12. Toast

    Michael Douglas

    Ah well, there are plenty of other ways to go.
  13. Toast

    The 2nd Death Of 2011

    Going for DWJ as I respect the instincts of DDT
  14. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Well done, OoO - richly deserved.
  15. Toast

    Missing In Action

    Nah, I don't think it's him, either. He does strike me as the type with the potential to be a bit bolshie though, so perhaps he's got himself nicked for not being cooperative.
  16. Toast

    Fat And Fearless

    So what happened to him? Has she eaten him?
  17. Toast

    The 1st Death Of 2011

    Hey up, there's some interest on Digital Spy again. We might be getting some drive-by ranters.
  18. Toast

    The 10th Death Of 2010

    Abdelbaset Al Megrahi. Insha'Allah.
  19. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2011

    My friend 'One Less Bullet Come The Revolution' is currently in the Middle East (not with them, obviously) In view of recent events, his team will be undergoing a slight change of name to 'One More Bullet Come The Revolution'
  20. Toast

    Michael Douglas

    Not looking too bad here and scrolling down a bit, his Dad's looking quite spry too.
  21. Toast

    The Dead Of 2010

    Yes? Oh, sorry, I thought you called me. Ready Steady Cook, eh. My cousin's missus went on that once.

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