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  1. Toast

    Room 101

    The other day I was walking through a shopping precinct, just on my way from A to B, wrapped up in my own little world as I mentally ticked off the things I needed to do. When I was accosted by a geezer trying to sell me Gas/Electricity packages or somesuch. "No thanks," I said. "OK," he said. No problem. but as I walked on, his colleague shouted after me: "Never mind, it's only Monday. You've got the rest of the week to smile." I continued for a few paces, then I thought, no, I'm not standing for that. so I stopped. Turned. Walked very slooooowly back with my gaze fixed on him. In a low and menacing tone, I said "What did you say?" Backtracking furiously, he stammered something incoherent " I was just ... er, I only, er ...." "You don't know me, do you?" I continued. "Er ... no." "You know nothing of me or my circumstances, or those of any members of my family, do you?" "Er, no." (swallowed nervously) "I apologise." With a pointed look at the company name on their display, I said, "Just think before opening your gob then." Actually (thankfully) there was nothing majorly wrong in my life, but arseholes like him aren't to know, are they.
  2. Toast

    Dennis Hopper

    I'll go for Feb 5.
  3. Toast

    The Dead Of 2010

  4. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Likewise, I believe I finished just outside the top 20 last year .... don't expect to do as well this time so it will be nice to see that achievement marked. But jolly well done for getting it all on so quick.
  5. Toast

    Gary Glitter

    That was from an ancient Thunderbirds joke, but sadly someone felt the need to rush to the punchline before we had enjoyed the full value of the journey there.
  6. Toast

    New Here And Just Saying Hello - 2010

    You are a model of diplomacy, Bellender.
  7. Toast

    New Here And Just Saying Hello - 2010

    Bellender. Take off my dress.
  8. Toast

    Room 101

    Yes, the BBC's bloody atrocious remake of "The Day of the Triffids".
  9. Toast

    Laurent Fignon

    I fear that disappointment awaits you, mon ami.
  10. Toast

    The First Death Of 2010

    Just sticking a pin in ..... Michael Foot.
  11. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Should I have had an email acknowledgement for my team, or is it also in the junk?
  12. Toast

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    Yeah, I've heard of her, not that I could recognise her or name any of their songs. It was the sort of stuff that used to be on the radio while my mum was cooking the Sunday lunch when I was v v young.
  13. Toast

    Brittany Murphy

    ^ This. Lovely girl, this is very sad. Seems to be natural causes as far as anyone knows yet. I wonder if we can expect an opinion from Jan Moir of the Daily Hate? Because as she assured everyone recently, young people don't just die of natural causes.
  14. Toast

    The 13th Death Of '09

    My pin landed in Betty Ford this time.
  15. Toast

    The 12th Death Of '09

    Norman Wisdom.
  16. Toast

    Deathlist 2011

    Frankly I'm surprised BCA has heard of either of them.
  17. Toast

    Death Anniversary Thread

    On 'is 'orse with 'is 'awk in 'is 'and.
  18. Toast

    The Eleventh Death Of '09

    Random pick, Klugman.
  19. Toast

    The Dead Of 2009

    And if so, did anyone pick him for their DDP team? At his age, he'd score minus points, surely?
  20. Toast

    Patrick Swayze

    Hello Yvonne Well, as they say in Ireland, I'm sorry for your trouble. But Patrick was my joker And so he scored me double.
  21. Toast

    Patrick Swayze

    He looks a bit like an ill Patrick Swayze .... what are his obit chances?
  22. Toast

    Mary Travers

    Me too. And Floyd. Takes the shine off Swayze being my joker. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  23. Toast

    Patrick Swayze

    Look, I admit he was my joker, but I had nothing to do with it, honest.

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