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  1. Toast

    Holiday Thread

    I like that sort of thing. Only, it's Art Deco, not Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau was earlier (1890s and early 20thC) and is the curly-wurly style associated with the Paris Metro, Alphonse Mucha posters and the like.
  2. Toast

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2014

    Crikey! Someone else there has been at the Botox, methinks. What a hideous sight.
  3. Toast

    Nelson Mandela

    Jeffrey Bernard went then too, he was the most interesting of the three, well, most entertaining anyway ....
  4. Toast

    The 11th Death Of 2013

    I agree about the Big Christmas Death phenomenon so my random pick is - Peter O'Toole.
  5. Toast

    Ian Watkins

    I'd never knowingly heard any of their records before. Jeez. It even had sheep in it. One also wonders how his two accomplices will fare. I'm sure they can look forward to an enthusiastic welcome from the ladies in their new homes. We can't really add them to our DDP teams, can we.
  6. Toast

    Bruce Forsyth

    Spoilsport. I suppose it would be entertaining . But i think brucie is one of the good guys ( saying that and he gets arrested by yewtree detectives next week) and I can think of a few above bruce that deserve it more. Then again with bruce refusing to retire maybe its probably how he would like to die. Bruce Forsyth is one of those people who splits the opinions of the nation but I must admit that he is the King of Light Entertainment, you may not like the product but he is one of the best proponents of the form. Ask yourself the question who would you rather watch Bruce, Jim Davidson, Michael Barrymore, Jonathon Ross or Lionel Blair. I rest my case. I'll take Jim Davidson reciting any time. Shame his performance of this at the Royal Albert Hall doesn't seem to be available anywhere.
  7. Toast

    Death Anniversary Thread

    How should DeathList commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the biggest triple celebrity death weekend of all time? And my Granny. You left out my Granny!
  8. Toast

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    The trouble with Zsa Zsa is you can't even pin your hopes on her falling under a bus.
  9. Toast

    Monty Python

  10. Toast

    Room 101

    How rude. I suggest that you go and fuck yourself, but I fear it will be a disappointing experience.
  11. Toast

    Room 101

    I don't care what they announced. Reviewing it every six months is stupid. There are still 12 months in the year as far as I'm aware, and two seasons in England: winter (when it's cold) and the rest of the year (when it's not so cold). Even a child could figure out that the amount of electricity used from May to October is going to be a lot less than what's used from November to April.
  12. Toast

    Room 101

    Bloody Southern Electric. I pay by monthly direct debit. They add up your bills over 12 months and divide them by 12 to arrive at an average monthly payment to spread the cost. This suits me fine as I have mostly electric heating so it avoids having massive bills in the winter quarters. Or it should. Once again the stupid twats have refunded me a chunk of money after the six months of lighter use. Yes, you fools, I know I'm in credit - that's the point! It's meant to cover the heavier use over the winter months. Aaaarghhhhh. Morons.
  13. Toast

    General Jaruzelski

    Dude seems indestructible.
  14. Toast

    Crashing Companies

    It's free if you spend more than £20. There are many stores that don't even allow you to order online and have it delivered to a store, or you have to order it while you're in the store. I know it's free if you spend over £20. That isn't the point. The point is that their direct competitors (eg Superdrug) make no such charge at all, so it's not a very good business move to introduce charges IMO. I would say that ordering online and collecting in store is becoming an increasingly common system. I don't know of any other retailer that charges its customers extra for this. It doesn't cost them anything to implement it as the orders are simply added to the regular stock delivery.
  15. Toast

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2014

    The vast majority that are popular choices have their own thread that people comment on and update with news of their health etc. But it's important not to confuse the Deathlist.net with deadpools such as the Derby Dead Pool (DDP). As forum members here, we don't get a say in the composition of the Deathlist, but we can discuss it here as well as discussing our entries in the deadpools, and likely candidates.
  16. Toast

    Crashing Companies

    Boots are now charging their customers a "delivery charge" if they order goods online and collect them from a store. That'll really attract customers away from the competition, won't it!
  17. Toast

    PD James

    You might be right, but the tense she uses "Some writers.... have published books" just seems to me to imply she's talking about the recent past. Either way, she sounds smug in a way that imo she has no right to be.
  18. Toast

    PD James

    I read that earlier and I think she's got a bit of a nerve. Which writers does she mean, I wonder. Frankly I think she herself should have packed it in a while ago. I used to enjoy her books, but the recent ones are almost unreadable. Turgid, slow and ponderous.
  19. Toast

    Liz Dawn

    Blimey! I thought it was Ronnie Biggs at first glance.
  20. Toast

    Jimmy Savile

    This fellow was jailed for 22 years today. Just saying. http://www.express.c...s-to-groom-boys
  21. Toast

    Jimmy Savile

    I don't think this guy was Savile's driver, this is somebody else. It says in the report that this case was unconnected to Savile. This guy was a BBC staff driver (I think). Yes, he may have driven Savile, of course, but this chap was also in the news a few days ago so there may inevitably be some confusion. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24684255 Oh wait - http://news.sky.com/story/1160833/driver-david-smith-found-dead-after-missing-trial
  22. Toast

    Jimmy Savile

    I don't think this guy was Savile's driver, this is somebody else. It says in the report that this case was unconnected to Savile.
  23. Toast

    The Weather

    South Wales & Southern parts of England gonna get it rough overnight. If you venture out into the storm tonight, be mindful of debris. There is nothing worse than being hit in the face by a flying cow or sheep. Or an alpaca.
  24. Toast

    Celebrity Chefs

    Is that a variation for when you can't find any pitta bread?

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