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  1. Toast

    Room 101

    Now funnily enough I treated my car to a wash at Tesco's yesterday. Only the one where I go, they don't mob you, they have a proper little set up with hoses and a Portakabin an' all, up in the far corner of the car park. So if you wish to avail yourself of the service, you just drive up there and leave the car. They'll do the full monty with waxing and polishing if one so desires, but I just go for the basic wash. Fiver well spent, I reckon. I got fed up of picking the moss out of the windows of my last car, and I can't be arsed to wash it myself.
  2. Toast

    Michael Jackson

    You didn't really think he was actually in that coffin, did you?
  3. Toast

    Deathlist Dreaming

    I wouldn't worry too much, as long as you don't wake up to find that it wasn't all a dream .....
  4. Toast

    David Carradine

    Don't do yourself down, Carol - I think your myrtles look lovely.
  5. Toast

    The Dead Of 2009

    She was a nobody in the UK.
  6. Toast

    Michael Jackson

    Ugh, that's horrible. There should have been a warning about that.
  7. Toast

    Farrah Fawcett

    Maybe his leukaemia will flare up again to please you. Anyway, why haven't you been banned?
  8. Toast

    A Famous Belgian

    Apparently this lady has managed to knock MJ off the front page by topping herself. Hilde Rens aka Yasmine, a TV presenter apparently.
  9. Toast

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Not a very happy bunny, then.
  10. Toast

    Michael Jackson

    Well. I have been wondering about that "LaToya" for a long time. Has anyone ever actually seen her and Jacko in the same room? Could be a long-laid plan .... So that's OK, then.
  11. Toast

    Michael Jackson

    Sorry, but I just never really got him. I liked the early Motown stuff, Jackson 5, but nah. Nothing special about his voice when he grew up, most of his best songs were written by other people .... fair dos, he could dance and shuffle his feet about niftily, but he was mostly all hype and production, other people's talent. I'm sorry for those children, though. They'll need their mother now, which they've been denied.
  12. Toast

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    You're not a bellringer, by any chance, are you?
  13. Toast

    Significant Others

    Oh God yes. "Human Resources" is another one - sounds like Soylent Green.
  14. Toast

    Stranger Than Death

    While doing what to her dog ??? Oh well, I suppose vets do have to do some pretty unsavoury things involving animals.
  15. Toast

    Significant Others

    Agreed, I hate the way this word suddenly got hijacked, and is now assumed to mean the person one might be having sex with on a regular basis. What are we now supposed to call the person one runs a business with, or the person one might dance or skate with? There are perfectly good words like husband, wife, spouse etc, and for the unmarried, there are some lovely words out there like paramour and concubine. Bring those back, say I.
  16. Got trashed at a wedding do last night, there was wine or lager: I hate lager and wine always gets me pissed, so easy decision there. Ended up at the pub where I insisted on buying everyone a drink, then remembered I had no money with me. I got round this by not getting out of bed till 3 pm.
  17. Toast

    The Dead Of 2009

    If memory serves, he was the intended recipient of Harvey Smith's famous V gesture.
  18. Toast

    Room Lovely, Look You.

    This was a magnificent effort, but obviously you'd need to pick your own song.

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