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  1. Toast

    Patrick Swayze

    Nice one, BC.
  2. Toast

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    You could be right, pre-computers I used to read a lot (I could read all day given the opportunity and a good book). Now I find that after a few pages I can't keep my eyes open, and doze off. Might be the comfiness of the sofa though.
  3. Toast

    Male Or Shemale?

    Yes, a secret man ....
  4. Toast

    DL Members' Secrets

    I had some green loons, too. I embroidered them with those symbols from the fourth Led Zeppelin album. (The only bit of sewing I've ever attempted outside school)
  5. Toast

    Jane Goodie

    Tsk. These people will do anything for publicity.
  6. Toast

    DL Members' Secrets

    Not loon pants?
  7. Toast

    The Dead Of 2009

    That's a shame, he wrote some very funny stuff (if not recently). The first book I remember making me laugh out loud was "Billy Liar".
  8. Toast

    The Ninth Death Of '09

    ohhhh ..... I dunno ..... *sticks pin in* Levi Strauss
  9. Toast

    Room 101

    I'm all in favour of giving these people special parking bays in the far distant reaches of the car park.
  10. Toast

    Male Or Shemale?

    There are various easy ways to tell a male from a female, anyway. For instance, if she feels a fart coming on, does she slip discreetly outside or stay put and let rip publicly with a smug expression?
  11. Returned from pub to find dog(s) had been sick all over sofa, carpet etc. All cleared up now, so just chilling out here. Probably down to the raw venison bones enjoyed earlier. Half a dozen more waiting in fridge thanks to kind butcher, so do we dare let them have 'em? Dilemma.
  12. Toast

    Johnny Hallyday

    He's only 66? Jeez, I thought he must be at least 110.
  13. Toast

    Walter Cronkite

    Ah, so it's all his fault then. That explains so much.
  14. Toast

    DL Members' Secrets

    Come on baby, jump inside my truck I tried to guess the next line there, but I got it wrong ......
  15. Toast

    Quiz Time

    3. Does horseradish count as a vegetable? 6. Dwarf is the other one.
  16. Toast

    Animal Antics

    This is rather ironic
  17. Toast

    60 Minutes

    Blimey, I'd forgotten about Slik. That song is a curious mixture, is it not - the choruses are ghastly but looking back at it, the rest was a sign of things to come.
  18. Toast

    World War I Veteran(s)

    Claude Choules is the only surviving veteran to have seen active service. Surely that qualifies him as the only real veteran of the war. I know that there are official guidelines and whatnot, but if they didn't do anything...should they be counted? I think that Patch was the last veteran in the real sense of the word given that he actually fought in the trenches. Choules, for example, explained his war as boring. Coudn't agree more. It's good that the BBC and Sky are reporting him as the last veteran. Although Choules did put his life at risk, but not to the extent that Patch did. I don't know about that, the risks are less visible at sea but they could still be bombed or torpedoed without warning and go to a swift watery grave. As for Claude saying his war was boring, there's bound to be a bit of modesty there, but Actually that was true for soldiers in the trenches too. They weren't permanently in the front line, and in quieter sectors, much of the time nothing much happened anyway.
  19. Toast

    60 Minutes

    Every time I see this I'm reminded of that naff Demis Roussos song.
  20. Toast

    World War I Veteran(s)

    Personally I've always regarded Claude as being a Brit, as well as acknowledging his allegiance to his adopted country. I took the post you quoted about being disqualified as jocular. No, I'm just a bit dismayed at comments in Harry Patch discussions elsewhere, which disregard Claude altogether. You expect ignorance from the wider public, but it's also happening in places where people should know better. "The Great War has now passed from living memory" sort of thing, and lots of pious "We will remember them" posts from people who have already forgotten about poor ole Claude.
  21. Toast

    World War I Veteran(s)

    Harry certainly made it clear that he wouldn't want one. Don't recall Henry saying anything, but I doubt he'd have wanted it either. These men didn't think of themselves as special. Plus the fact that he was born in Britain and lived in Britain for many years before emigrating. Why wouldn't he be considered British?
  22. Toast

    John Hartson Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/8157312.stm Wonder if he foresees as many as six, hmmmm.
  23. Toast

    Sir Patrick Moore

    Well, if it's any comfort it has also been pissing down all day here in West Berks, with liberal doses of thunder'n'lightning. Plus one small very angry terrier who wants to take on the thunder and RIP IT APART. Luckily stopped in time for us to stroll down to the pub, which we have just left. (Rain, not dog)
  24. Toast

    Room 101

    Indeed, one's fingers are often a very effective substitute. In all sorts of circumstances.

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