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  1. Only if there was somebody capable of running the country, which there doesn't seem to have been for quite some time.
  2. We desperately need a Guy Fawkes.
  3. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    I've checked it out, and it's just a cacophony of irritating noises.
  4. Toast

    Death In The Family

    Sorry for your loss, Fergie. That's quite a day you're having.
  5. Toast

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    I remember the news reports of this at the time. Intriguing story. Stroppy coroner, families in denial, disputes over CoD .... "A post-mortem established that Mr Haddon-Cave, of Clerkenwell, London, died of electrocution. He was identified by DNA comparison with his brother." Ewww. Sounds messy.
  6. Toast


    It's more the "choked on own vomit" that drew my attention. I mean, who else's vomit might he have choked on?
  7. Toast

    The 8th Death of 2019

    Tony Britton, no reason.
  8. Toast

    Horse Racing

    Oh I know, but he had an incident-packed career.
  9. Toast

    Dead pool quick questions.

    I think there's a few that can be joined at any time, like 30/30 and 40/40, if that helps.
  10. I'm surprised that one hasn't cropped up before. It was pretty cringey at the time, and I'm not talking about the language but the sentiment.
  11. Toast

    Horse Racing

    It is popular in the UK though, so I would have thought the Daily Mail might oblige since it likes US sports people (or "athletes" as they are all called in America).
  12. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Well damn. Where was @Lady Grendel when we needed her to tip us off?
  13. Toast


    But not the poem.
  14. That's word for word exactly what I said to my neighbour an hour ago. Extraordinary.
  15. Toast

    Room 101

    see Cat's post two back.
  16. Toast

    Tim Curry

    Any more food-named celebs for the list? Jenny Eclair? Kevin Bacon?
  17. Toast

    Play School - Play Away - Childrens TV

    That should answer a few questions about why she was known and respected by so many.
  18. Toast

    Tim Curry

    Because he's in here.
  19. Toast

    British Character Actors

    Sheila Steafel needs to be in here. Still no official obit, but her agent has confirmed her death. barry langford @LangfordBarry ยท 8h Very sadly I can officially confirm that our multi talented client Sheila Steafel has passed away after bravely battling leukemia. Sheila was a comedy giant, and she will be hugely missed by Simon and I. We were proud to have been her agents. #RIP barry langford and Sheila Steafel
  20. Toast

    Play School - Play Away - Childrens TV

    At least I'm not named after something that's shaped like a dick.
  21. Toast

    Play School - Play Away - Childrens TV

    Oh no, I didn't take it that way. I would use that expression about any actor who was regularly on TV from my childhood onwards. No, it was because you said your age was a factor as well as location, ie that you weren't of an age to have watched the kids' programmes that were mentioned.
  22. Toast

    Play School - Play Away - Childrens TV

    Fuck off, you little shit. I already had your card marked.
  23. Toast

    Play School - Play Away - Childrens TV

    It's not actually children's programmes that I associate her with. As LFN said, she was a character actress (and a voice actress) who turned up in all sorts of radio and TV programmes, as well as on the stage. Anyway I'm not seeing an official obit yet.
  24. Toast

    Play School - Play Away - Childrens TV

    She'll be a "recognise the face if not the name" for a lot of people.

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