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    Ross Davidson

    Indeed. People have been complaining about iain ever since I joined.
  2. Toast


    This usage has only recently started to be common here in the UK, though. It is, as Lardy said, an Americanism. What was wrong with "give", which has been in normal use all my life? And when I see "Gifting" as a category in shops or adverts it boils my piss. It's "GIFTS" ! We've already got "snacking" instead of snacks, what's next? Trousering? Toying?
  3. Toast


  4. Toast

    Ross Davidson

    A little before my time, alas.
  5. Toast


    "Giving", yes. (Since young QR responded with a confused face.) Where has this "gifting" nonsense come from all of a sudden? You give a gift, you don't gift a gift - that just sounds silly.
  6. Toast

    Ross Davidson

    Cracking thread, just read through it. Some good side excursions too.
  7. Toast

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    I'm just thinking that her made-up excuse defence could easily be adopted by him as his defence.
  8. So very sorry to hear this, Torva. Hope you have people to support you.
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  10. Toast

    UK Singles Chart

    Not if he's a coach driver, no.
  11. Toast

    UK Singles Chart

    Well, he was a company director. He might have been the chairman, or the treasurer. "Company director" simply means that someone is a director of a company. It sounds important, like you're a tycoon , but it's often just a formality.
  12. Toast

    UK Singles Chart

    Looks like the management company is for the block of flats where he lives. It just means that he and other flatowners own the freehold of the building, in which case they have to register a company to manage it. The other people listed will be owners of the other flats. We had this with a flat I once owned; the freehold was offered for sale and we bought it between us so that we had control over the building.
  13. Toast

    UK Singles Chart

  14. Toast

    UK Singles Chart

    Is it just me that thinks that sounds really filthy? (I do know what it means, but still ...... )
  15. Toast

    Donald J Trump

    Yeah, that "triggered" would have triggered me too.
  16. Toast

    The Welsh

    Travel writer Simon Calder has 'no further plans' to visit Wales after abuse "A travel writer said he received "such intense abuse" when he suggested people visit Wales that he has "no further plans" to book a stay in the country. Speaking on ITV's This Morning earlier this week, Simon Calder listed Gwynedd and Ceredigion, as well as Belfast and Edinburgh, as places people could go. But he said he then received a torrent of abuse via email and social media."
  17. Toast

    Donald J Trump

  18. Toast

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    No, it was about three weeks ago when they left Balmoral. There was a photo of him, posted earlier.
  19. Toast

    Donald J Trump

  20. Toast

    Josef Fritzl

    Depends what she writes in the card, really.
  21. Toast

    Ask A Deathlister

    Passwords. Google is nagging me to change them. The vast majority of these are of no importance, they are sites that I have had to register to read or post and then rarely if ever visit again. I have no recollection at all of some of them. I guess I should make sure that anything involving money should have a unique password. There are a number of ticketing sites, for instance. Should I be concerned about anything else?
  22. Yes, it was utterly fucked as far as the actual bodywork goes, but still ran brilliantly. Never let me down. Lots of things didn't work though. The heater wouldn't turn off, the locks didn't work, the CD player .....
  23. I did, Feb/March time, but I knew it would never get through another one due to rust. When large bits of rusty metal fall off the bottom of your car while you're driving around, it's a sign that you probably shouldn't drive much further in it
  24. I thought about posting this in "The Dead Of 2020", but here will be a more lasting memorial. My car went off to the scrapyard this morning. It was like having a pet put down. At least they give us money for our old rustbuckets now.

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