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    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    He did say lockdowns and masks, not just masks. The problem with masks is that they hamper human interactions as well. Difficult to smile at people, or to know if they're smiling at you, the loss of all those little wordless exchanges between strangers. For people who are cooped up at home alone, even the weekly shopping trip offers less social communication because of masks.
  2. Toast

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Nor I. I think I may still have a tatty copy picked up in a junk shop when it was out of print. The cover of course illustrates the very amusing story about the dragon egg that hatched in Wales.
  3. Toast

    Buzz Aldrin

    In my case it was just the timing. No sooner was the list of people with threads published, with a caveat that it wasn't an invitation to start threads for other people ......
  4. People are rewarded with a credit for adding a single word to a song, whether the writer likes it or not. That's one way they get their slice of the pie. Never used to happen.
  5. I thought about that a while back, but a friend in the industry told me that it just doesn't happen any more because there are too many sharks who will demand a share of it. He also said that the late Pete Shelley told him that "Ever Fallen In Love" brought him enough income that he never needed to work again.
  6. Toast

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    You think? Looks to me like she's heading towards the Bride of Wildenstein look.
  7. Reminds me of the late great Ian Dury .... I could be the driver an articulated lorry I could be a poet I wouldn't need to worry I could be a teacher in a classroom full of scholars I could be the sergeant in a squadron full of wallahs What a waste What a waste What a waste What a waste Because I chose to play the fool in a six-piece band First-night nerves every one-night stand I should be glad to be so inclined What a waste! What a waste! But I don't mind I could be a lawyer with strategems and ruses I could be a doctor with poultices and bruises I could be a writer with a growing reputation I could be the ticket man at Fulham Broadway Station What a waste What a waste What a waste What a waste Because I chose to play the fool in a six-piece band First-night nerves every one-night stand I should be glad to be so inclined What a waste! What a waste! But I don't mind I could be the catalyst that sparks the revolution I could be an inmate in a long-term institution I could dream to wide extremes, I could do or die I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch the world go by Yeah! I'd have loved to be a rock singer. Alas I cannot sing a single note in tune. Or a really good actress, the sort who can disappear into a role and not be recognised in the street. Or an artist. I mean, when you see some of the shit that passes for art in galleries now, that's doable.
  8. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    But not dead?
  9. Toast

    Buzz Aldrin

    Because if they're only likely to get infrequent mentions, the parent thread is adequate. That's why we have threads for astronauts, boxers, poets etc.
  10. Toast

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Think what you like, but the Queen has looked remarkably perky in recent days.
  11. Toast

    Buzz Aldrin

    I haven't been "disrespectful". Clearly you didn't read back as I suggested, so I'll put this here: The poster read the thread, and immediately did what he was instructed NOT to do. Hence my comment. I've already given my personal opinion, which is that most individuals are covered in other threads (eg Buzz Aldrin in Astronauts), and do not need their own dedicated thread unless they are controversial or regularly newsworthy. I'm not sure what isn't clear about all that.
  12. Toast

    Buzz Aldrin

    You've missed the point, so I don't think you do know what I'm "trying to say". I didn't pick on Buzz Aldrin in particular, it could have been anybody. If you read back , the reason for my intervention should be clear. I'll leave it there.
  13. Toast

    Buzz Aldrin

    Dick van Dyke is a Deathlist name, so he automatically gets a thread.
  14. Toast

    A Joke

  15. Toast

    Buzz Aldrin

    But is there much to say about him? Is there a constant buzz about Buzz?
  16. I struggle to remember who he is these days! Him and the other one I used to get him mixed up with. He came on stage when Rag'n'Bone Man was on and the crowd went mad. I had no idea who he was. (For the record, I was there to see Grace Jones.)
  17. Toast

    Meghan Markle

    Knew what would happen? That the spare would be a 'mare?
  18. He'll get called Slime and Slimy at school. Ray is OK though. Better to give him the full Raymond.
  19. Toast

    Why every thread is sacred

    In before the lock.
  20. Toast

    The Nobel Prize Dead Pool

    Of course. Just giving a reason why I won't be playing. I prefer a level playing field, where people make their selections in isolation and they are not revealed until the game starts.

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