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  1. Toast

    Significant Others

    Oh God yes. "Human Resources" is another one - sounds like Soylent Green.
  2. Toast

    Stranger Than Death

    While doing what to her dog ??? Oh well, I suppose vets do have to do some pretty unsavoury things involving animals.
  3. Toast

    Significant Others

    Agreed, I hate the way this word suddenly got hijacked, and is now assumed to mean the person one might be having sex with on a regular basis. What are we now supposed to call the person one runs a business with, or the person one might dance or skate with? There are perfectly good words like husband, wife, spouse etc, and for the unmarried, there are some lovely words out there like paramour and concubine. Bring those back, say I.
  4. Got trashed at a wedding do last night, there was wine or lager: I hate lager and wine always gets me pissed, so easy decision there. Ended up at the pub where I insisted on buying everyone a drink, then remembered I had no money with me. I got round this by not getting out of bed till 3 pm.
  5. Toast

    The Dead Of 2009

    If memory serves, he was the intended recipient of Harvey Smith's famous V gesture.
  6. Toast

    Room Lovely, Look You.

    This was a magnificent effort, but obviously you'd need to pick your own song.
  7. Toast

    Susan Boyle

    This made me chuckle.
  8. Toast

    David Carradine

    Was it your underwear and stockings he was wearing?
  9. Toast

    Room 101

    Talking of killing pigeons, this scene always creases me up.
  10. Toast

    David Carradine

    Brilliant name.
  11. Toast

    Vincent O'brien

    Looks like it's just me, harry and doubtless that Armitage Shanks geezer that were aware of the great V O'B then. Oh well. Can't take credit for the smiley really, it's from here, and as you can see I was quite restrained .... Thanks for the offer of a knighthood, CR (what do you mean, minor!), but a Damehood, if that's the right word, would be more appropriate in my case
  12. Toast

    Bird Flu

    2007 - Chinese Year of the Chicken - Bird flu pandemic devastates parts of Asia. 2008 - Chinese Year of the Horse - Equine flu decimates Australian horse racing. 2009 - Chinese Year of the Pig - Swine flu ...... 2010 - Chinese Year of the C ck
  13. Toast

    Vincent O'brien

    Aw, that's nice
  14. Toast

    Vincent O'brien

    I do, but it doesn't surprise me in the least that you don't.
  15. Toast

    Political Frailty

    Spot on, Vaagheid, my thoughts exactly and you expressed them very well.
  16. Toast

    Titanic Survivors

    More than one but less than two, then. Yeah, I'm sorry to see her go too, and I actually thought she might hang on to make three figures. She enjoyed herself though. Goodnight, Millvina - time to meet your Dad at last.
  17. Toast

    Widow(er) Shopping

    Assuming one doesn't get found out.
  18. It always amused me, when living in France, to see the advertisements for the sports chain "GoSport". On occasion one would see large neon signs atop city buildings; how unexpected to see GOSPORT emblazoned in lights across the roofs of Paris.

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