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  1. Toast

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    At least they're (mostly) people I've heard of.
  2. Or this one. One of the best Christmas cards ever sent to me.
  3. Sadly my beauty always seemed to have the opposite effect But that's fabulous, I've never seen that one before. Typically in a Pre-Raphaelite scene there is so much more than a first glance suggests. The other sleeping people, the dog, the sun setting ...
  4. The Barbara Windsor effect ..... Could you post your contribution, Harry, your avatar is too small for us to appreciate it.
  5. Let's follow that with this, then! The Shadow Of Death by William Holman Hunt. A very interesting painting, full of symbolism. http://www.williamholmanhunt.org/shadow-of-death I freely admit that I adore the Pre-Raphaelites. I love paintings that tell a story, or show us part of a story and leave us to guess the rest.
  6. Toast

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    He did look every minute of 99 a few months back.
  7. Toast


    I remember when the number on the back of a footballer's shirt denoted the position he was playing in.
  8. Toast

    30. Jacques Delors

    It was a perfectly grammatical sentence, not "fragmented" in any way, but let that pass. I am moving on now.
  9. Toast

    Musings on Life Expectancy

    Parents 55 Grandparents 73 Great grandparents 68 Great-great grandparents 64 Grandparents total distorted by my paternal grandma reaching 100. Her husband died at 55 and the other two didn't make 70. On the whole the earlier generations were reasonably long-lived. There are a pair who died in their 50s of pneumonia, bronchitis type of illnesses, another pair who died in their 30s from typhoid, one GGGM in a nasty accident at 40 and another GGGM at 35 of multiple sclerosis. They have brought the averages down. No war dead.
  10. Toast

    30. Jacques Delors

    It is a trifle ambiguous, but both interpretations lead to the same conclusion. You said, " Please let me know if I missed something." Not now you're doing it on purpose = I am unwilling to do so because you are doing it on purpose now. Or we could add a comma: Not now, you're doing it on purpose = Not at this time, because you are doing it on purpose. The latter allows for the possibility that you might cease doing it on purpose. If I perceived that you had done so, I might decide to resume. HTH.
  11. Toast

    Boris Johnson

    LOL. Photoshopping ruined by watermarks
  12. Toast

    Musings on Life Expectancy

    Thanks, I might try that. I can get that far on most lines.
  13. Toast

    UK Singles Chart

    What a ghastly woman.
  14. Toast

    30. Jacques Delors

    Not now you're doing it on purpose.
  15. Toast

    Musings on Life Expectancy

    How many generations back have you gone for your calculation, and did you include everyone or just direct ancestors?
  16. Toast

    30. Jacques Delors

    Corrected for spelling and punctuation.
  17. Toast

    The Boys Of '66

    I have.
  18. You know me too well, Lardy
  19. Toast

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Did anyone catch what he said to the second soldier? Wonder if it was one of his characteristic witticisms He's looking good though, and walking pretty well without a stick.
  20. Toast

    30. Jacques Delors

  21. Believe me, this is one of those topics that makes me wish there was an option on here to hide threads. Along with all the ones about US sport.
  22. Toast

    Donald J Trump

  23. Toast

    30. Jacques Delors

    It would seem appropriate to add "Up Yours" to Time's instruction.

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