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  1. Toast

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    How is his dog, anyone know?
  2. Toast

    Who is the best official James Bond?

    Bob's Full House? Celebrity Squares?
  3. You can hide an individual signature. Look at the top right corner of the signature section (below the reactions) and click on the X. You can opt to hide all signatures, or just that one.
  4. Toast

    The Deathlist Howto

    Thanks. It's a shame, as while it's convenient to have some favourites readily available, there are tons that were only used once and will never be needed again. Takes a while to page through them all so it would be really useful to delete some. Oh well.
  5. Toast

    Royal Family

    I would make a distinction between Royal duties and family events though. And anything she has a personal interest in - I think she has involvement in music charities, connected with her teaching. That's what I meant by doing her own thing. As for Wimbledon, she had a massive fall-out with them when she took a child with her as a guest and some All-England Tennis Club stuffed shirt told her the kid wasn't allowed in the Royal Box and refused to back down. The Duchess was very upset and I think this led to her withdrawing her patronage. It's quite unbelievable that they would be so dictatorial towards such a valuable Royal patron! She was a great loss to Wimbledon as everyone remembers her kindness to Jana, as you say. Arseholes.
  6. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    Anybody else in that photo obitable?
  7. Toast

    The Deathlist Howto

    Nobody's responded to this, but I live in hope.
  8. Toast

    Royal Family

    I don't think the Duchess of Kent has been an official working royal for a long time. She does her own thing. She more or less dropped her royal title, and she and the Duke have been married in name only for years.
  9. Toast

    35. Alex Trebek

    No, I never heard of him outside this site. I did put him in my DDP team once I understood his fame status. I suppose an equivalent would be someone like Bob Holness or Richard Whiteley.
  10. Toast

    Who is the best official James Bond?

    Toast thinks that En Passant is being ironic, and he really means that we don't need a poll on it.
  11. How come he gets so long to pack his trunk and say goodbye to the circus? It doesn't work like that here.
  12. Toast

    Punt Pool

    Oh, I thought you were just referring the ones you didn't recognise yourself. Fair enough.
  13. Toast

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    And another for centenarians. We didn't need the latest one about the DL breaking its own record either. There are enough threads about the DL.
  14. Toast

    Punt Pool

    I've just realised that means each of the four consultants has the power to veto a pick.
  15. Toast

    The 17th death of 2020

    Sticking with Dole this time.
  16. Hoping it won't get that far.
  17. Hopefully he can be stopped.
  18. Toast

    Punt Pool

    Spookily I checked her out about five minutes ago! Anyway just sent my Quantless team in.
  19. Toast

    Political Noughts & Crosses

    Do you mean like noughts and crosses?
  20. Toast

    Punt Pool

    Thanks, that's fair.
  21. Toast

    Punt Pool

    "I will choose 4 other posters (of a varied demographic) to PM and ask if they know who the pick is. If there’s more than one ‘no’ (including from me), your pick is not allowed." A question: Will you require the picks to be recognisable by name only? Or will you add an explanation which might elicit an "Oh, that guy" reaction? I'm just thinking that actors, musicians etc are often quite familiar without having immediate name recognition.
  22. Anyway now we can look forward to Nellie packing his trunk ....
  23. Or put some coffee on and smell his pants.

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