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  1. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Give us a shout if/when you want photos for new picks. A few of us have helped out with this previously.
  2. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Mine is "I'm Sorry For Your Trouble". (For anyone unaware, this is a conventional Irish expression of condolence.)
  3. Frank Sinatra was dying for years.
  4. Toast

    I Miss Badegg

    Good to see you back, my lord. Don't be a stranger. By the way, speaking of wanking, "Sex Education" is back for a second series on 17 Jan. If you haven't seen it, do yourselves a favour and catch up. It'll make you laugh your socks off, and the soundtrack is terrific.
  5. Toast

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Brooke Astor?
  6. Toast

    Your Personal Survivors

    Mine are on page 1. I just edit the post to update it whenever the occasion arises.
  7. Toast

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Correct, he has been recorded as saying that, but quite recently I read somewhere that he has had a change of heart and now aspires to reach the ton. Can't remember the source, but if I find it again I'll post it.
  8. I hope she will be comfortable for the time that remains, Drol.
  9. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Hear hear.
  10. Toast

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2019

    I think only three of mine obliged, so am content with mid-table obscurity.
  11. Toast

    So Who’s Your Salvage Lot of 2020

    Fair play, it just caught my eye and I didn't take note of the context.
  12. Toast

    So Who’s Your Salvage Lot of 2020

    Starship? Starship?
  13. Toast

    33. John Edrich

    A relative of mine who was diagnosed with cancer in the 90s started having the mistletoe injections. It was a very new treatment then. Sadly the nearest place where it was available was a couple of hours drive away, and he wasn't well enough to go more than a couple of times. What might have been
  14. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Hmm, I'm sure most of mine are goners, but not confident they'll all go this year. Glad I haven't stooped to jokering cancer brides.
  15. Toast

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Yeah, I think sheer determination will take Philip through another 18 months to reach 100.
  16. Toast

    Ask A Deathlister

    Still expanding for me, no matter what I press.
  17. Toast

    How many hits this year?

    I would have expected you to go for 19
  18. Toast

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    Ah - I was just going to post mine, purely because it enables me to edit it and cross out any fallers later on. But I see your point!
  19. Toast

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    I'm not shy either. Don't see the point of secrecy after the game has started. I gave most of last year's under-performers another chance. Ideally I would have weeded out the over-80s, but it would have been too much effort at a busy time to find enough replacements who were likely to be acceptable George Alagiah John Andretti Jet Black Brian Blessed Raymond Briggs Robbie Coltrane Judy Dyble Jill Gascoine Greg Gilbert Mikhail Gorbachev Jimmy Greaves David Gulpilil Richard Hadlee Ian Holm Richard Ingrams Tony Iommi Terry Jones Michael Lonsdale Vera Lynn Shane MacGowan Stirling Moss Gerd Müller Willie Nelson Olivia Newton-John Yoko Ono Genesis P-Orridge Irene Papas Trevor Peacock Leslie Phillips Sidney Poitier Chris Rea Roger Scruton Pat Smullen Nobby Stiles Alex Trebek Jean-Louis Trintignant Gianluca Vialli Monica Vitti Joanne Woodward
  20. Toast

    Ask A Deathlister

    This is probably just me, but when unread topics are displayed they are showing in the Expanded form instead of Condensed. I have clicked the Condensed button, but it's not changing anything. Anyone else got this? I've tried in Firefox and Chrome, with the same result. @Cat O'Falk any ideas?
  21. Toast

    The 5th Crowdsource Deathlist (2020 edition)

    I have David Crosby in my Death By Numbers, if that counts.
  22. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Sorry! Great minds, etc.
  23. Toast

    48. William H Gates

    No, but you did once pick a basketball player in the Hartlepool DP. And then got all shirty because you hadn't read the rules & scoring, which state that US baseball and basketball players score negative points.
  24. Toast

    I Miss Badegg

    Yes, I was wondering what he was up to. Although he doesn't do a lot of actual deadpooling.

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