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  1. It's about that. I just worked it out. I don't think I'd get anywhere near that, so well done both of you. Saying that, I have no idea what my average daily total is as I don't have a gadget to tell me.
  2. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    And the Grauniad, of course, which also has the reader-contributed Other Lives section which often features folk who are more interesting than the Z list "stars" and "legends" featured in the tabloids.
  3. Nooooo, I enjoy a bit of no-holds-barred insulting banter. BTW, someone called PotBlackCoronationStreet liked one of my posts earlier
  4. I'm still enjoying the irony of the opening post of this thread.
  5. Toast

    DDP 2021 Town Hall

    What hurdle is that?
  6. Toast

    DDP 2021 Town Hall

    Seriously? That would mean absolutely anybody would count. (If they died, obviously.) It would completely dispense with the requirement that picks should be famous or notable in some way.
  7. Toast

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Who, not whom. A few apostrophes missing, too (weren't, it's, wouldn't). A shame, as you started off well.
  8. Toast

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    You come across as being aged about 12. When will you be 13 (so we can all post your birthday greetings here)?
  9. Toast

    Big Brother

    I think they just do deliveries from various restaurants and takeaways on commission. Hardly any takeaway deliveries will venture out to where I live, so not 100% sure on that. Personally I prefer to drive and collect myself. I can check that the whole order is there and get it home hotter.
  10. Toast

    Room 101

    No ..... that's uncanny ..... But what's REALLY spooky is that there's a person on there posting in a name that I use on another forum
  11. Toast

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Yes, but some actors retire and some don't. Hard to know if it's a lifestyle choice or a health issue.
  12. Toast

    Room 101

    The ever-increasing use of baby talk by adults. Now pervading former bastions of grammar like the BBC. "Poo" instead of saying excrement, faeces, stools, droppings, crap, shit etc "Veggies". FFS. The traditional conversational abbreviation of vegetables is "veg". As in "meat and two veg".
  13. Toast

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    I have picked him on the past, but only for my Titanic theme team (he's been in two films about the Titanic).
  14. Toast

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Thinking about it, but as I live out in the sticks it might become a PITA having to make so many hospital visits. There's never enough parking space, not to mention the cost. If I lived in town, I would do it.
  15. Toast

    Arghton's deadpool

    Just STFU and leave the thread clear for people who may want to enter this deadpool.
  16. Toast

    The Beatles Death Curse

    I kind of get that, because people are clearly thinking of 'Three Little Birds' and mistaking the opening line Don't worry about a thing for the title.
  17. Toast

    Room 101

    You have to wonder - who the hell thought that we needed a "new John McCririck"?
  18. Toast

    James Whale

    I never watched his TV show, but a friend of mine went into labour while watching it. That's all I know about it.
  19. I was told Canada, although it seemed to be a tie with Denmark.
  20. Toast

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool III

    I'm still working sporadically on my teams. A little late night research a few hours ago, in fact.
  21. Toast

    Arghton's deadpool

    Far, far too many for me. And I greatly prefer pools where the entries are kept under wraps until the start date. So thank you, but I won't be participating in this.

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