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  1. Toast

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    An excellent showing all round from the representatives of the DL Forum. I am more than content to scrape into the top 20.
  2. Toast

    Marianne Faithfull

    No, Bruce Springsteen (from Dancing In The Dark)
  3. Toast

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool III

    William Thornton Credit to The Spinosaurus for spotting this http://www.collectspace.com/ubb/Forum38/HTML/002371.html
  4. Toast


    And more excitingly, a Scavenger Hunt pick!
  5. Toast

    Marianne Faithfull

    As some other famous singer said, I need a love reaction
  6. Toast

    Marianne Faithfull

    Yes, I have Vagabond Ways and Broken English, brilliant. Also Dangerous Acquaintances which has the heartrending "Truth, Bitter Truth". I need to get GMLTL. I've also got a great compilation called A Perfect Stranger which is either a good introduction or handy to keep in the car, depending who's listening.
  7. Toast

    Marianne Faithfull

    I'm glad I took the chance to see her, what, five years ago already? I can't see much chance of her performing live again as she was pretty fragile then, but I hope she goes on as long as she wants to.
  8. There's no rule here forbidding calling someone a cunt, is there? If there is, we're all in trouble.
  9. Toast

    Faye Dunaway

    Exactly. We have a thread called "Hollywood Possibilities" where she could be mentioned. If there is any reason to mention her. Not many people merit dedicated individual threads, DL names aside. People who are frequently in the news for health reasons or reckless lifestyles, like say Michael Schumacher, Gazza, there aren't that many that provoke a lot of comment and discussion.
  10. Toast

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    Yeah, and i've got a 48ft cock. And so have I.
  11. Toast

    Mitt Romney

  12. Toast

    Jeff Bridges

    I wish him well, but I don't trust that disease. My mum had a similar encouraging scan result but hers was very virulent, it popped up again straightaway and she was dead within a fortnight.
  13. Toast

    Donald J Trump

    Hilariously, that's how I learned of the news - seeing that in the list of newly-created quizzes
  14. Toast

    Donald J Trump

  15. Toast

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I see a case for it when speaking rather than writing, as it acts like an early warning that you're going to say something - like a verbal clearing of the throat. If you say "So ...." (or another word such as Well .... or Anyway ....) you may get the listener's attention before you say anything important. People often miss the first thing you say. When answering the phone at work I would always say "Good morning, Acme Explosives" rather than "Acme Explosives, good morning", because the latter often resulted in the caller saying "Is That Acme Explosives?" However in the written word there is no need for this tactic.
  16. Toast

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I too detest "So" as an automatic sentence starter. Even worse is "OK so ...." This seems to be particularly prevalent on Mumsnet, not that I go there often these days.
  17. Toast

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    Well done JK!
  18. Toast

    Deathlist's deadpool HOF

    Well done JK.
  19. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    I didn't expect any uniques in my main team, but was surprised to see Prince Ernst August of Hanover a unique in the theme team. He's been in my main team before because he's a car crash. Oh, and amused to see the comment for Hannah Wants!
  20. Toast

    Joe Biden

  21. Toast

    Mitt Romney

    It would be a mistake to base it on number of posts, because that will lead to spamming the board to clock up the requisite number. Make new members prove that they can stay the course before granting thread creation rights. Set it at a minimum of six months.
  22. I get Don't Look Now mixed up with Death In Venice. Probably because Don't Look Now is about death In Venice.

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