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  1. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    < ticks both boxes >
  2. FFS. What is wrong with these people?
  3. Toast

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    I can tell you didn't participate in the last Scavenger Hunt pool.
  4. Toast

    19. David Crosby

    Quite right too. Clapton is a cunt if he's not in favour of protecting his audiences. I know there will be the argument that some people can't have the vaccine for genuine medical reasons, but there won't be many of those and I'm sure they could be accommodated in some way.
  5. Toast

    Mark Hoppus

    My mother had non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She lasted about five months after diagnosis. She was 15 years older than him, though.
  6. Toast

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    I'm sure she didn't tell him to fuck off, not in those words anyway. He would just have been told that personal visits were not possible and that he would have to make do with Zoom or Skype or whatever. Quite simply, the Queen was shielding because she's over 90, just like thousands of other vulnerable people all over the country. There's no reason at all why the Queen would have made an exception, and no reason for Scumming to take any credit.
  7. Toast

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Because there is a pandemic of a highly infectious disease and she was seeing nobody in person outside her own household bubble. The Queen has a damn sight more common sense than Alexander Johnson.
  8. Toast

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Nah. I think she would have just said No anyway. She wouldn't need any help from the likes of Scummings.
  9. Toast

    Badly timed deaths

    Dying around the same time as a bigger name has also been discussed. Michael Jackson > Farrah Fawcett Diana Princess of Wales > several others inc Mother Teresa, Jeffrey Bernard, Sir Georg Solti etc
  10. That certainly has had a big influence on the choices he has made.
  11. It doesn't really matter in this context, because Harry would have the same advantages. But it was just an example. There are all sorts of things he could have done. He could be an antique dealer, a racehorse trainer, a garden designer ......
  12. Right, I don't blame anybody for not wanting to do the Royal job. And I doubt anyone would much care if Harry had decided it wasn't for him, and had found himself another career. Like David Linley who was, what, fifth in line to the throne when he was born? Not so very different from Harry's position. He's never been a "working Royal". He set up in business as a maker and designer of furniture. Harry could have done something like that. Unfortunately he's married someone who wants to be a celebrity and make money out of it like a reality show. She's got more in common with the Kardashians than the Windsors.
  13. I believe she's available again. You could ask her out. Possibly not using that as a chat-up line though.
  14. Toast

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    I'm sure there will be someone along soon to do just that.
  15. Susie Dent is a goddess.
  16. Toast

    Room 101

    One reaction not enough so here's a to add to the Thanks.
  17. Toast

    The Dead of 2021

    That looks right, as I had Tom in my DDP team the following year. I shall accordingly take myself off to the Personal Survivors thread for a spot of editing.
  18. Toast

    Room 101

    Is it just me, or can you no longer filter Google search results by country? There used to be a little drop down menu which allowed you to select UK only results. Can't find it any more and it's infuriating as that was often a very useful time-saver.
  19. Toast

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Please say it's on Youtube
  20. Toast

    The Dead of 2021

    I remember he looked really ropey at some event (probably a funeral) and I long-listed him but it was ages ago and I forgot about him.
  21. Toast

    Prince Charles

    You're too kind! Because I'm not really sure about that. The Queen issued Letters Patent confirming that the children of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales should be HRH Prince/Princess. So effectively that means the children of William but does not include any children of Harry's. It doesn't specify grandchildren of the monarch. (There's also the complication that the title "Prince of Wales" isn't automatic. If and when Charles succeeds to the throne, William won't become Prince of Wales unless and until Charles confers the title on him.) The bottom line is that the monarch can always tinker with the rules by issuing Letters Patent. The title does, but isn't there a distinction between title and style? I think she could still be styled Duchess of Cornwall. But IMBW.
  22. Toast

    Prince Charles

    I don't think the Dowager bit would be needed, as there would be no new Duchess of Cornwall in the picture. The title isn't hereditary.
  23. Toast

    Prince Charles

    If Charles died before succeeding to the throne, I think Camilla would still be known as Duchess of Cornwall. The Duke of Cornwall title would merge with the Crown on Charles's death, but Camilla would still be styled as Duchess. I'm sure she would still do royal duties if she wished to. If Charles died as King and Camilla survived him, she would still be Queen Camilla. Widowed consorts are usually still known as Queen [her name]. Queen Mary was still Queen Mary after the death of George V. Queen Alexandra was still Queen Alexandra after the death of Edward VII. After the death of George VI, Queen Elizabeth was mostly referred to as the Queen Mother because the present Queen is also named Elizabeth. If Margaret had been the elder and succeeded to the throne, I expect the QM would have carried on being called Queen Elizabeth.

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