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  1. http://godtype.com/godtype-personality-test/ I sense this forum is more sensing than intuitive relative to other forums I'm on
  2. InquilineKea

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Prince Phillip was still able to walk, Jimmy Carter isn't. Prince Phillip was unusually robust for his level of progressive disease; Jimmy Carter hasn't had a progressive disease for the vast majority of his life.
  3. InquilineKea

    Billy Graham

    1,267,174 views Premiered Feb 21, 2022 In Billy Graham’s final days, he had a deep desire to preach one more time. This is his last message—recorded in his North Carolina, mountaintop home. He doesn't even look that bad in that video.. I was on the impression that he was barely functional for years before his death.. (this seems recorded years before his death - he was already in poor shape even in the late 2000s - he was in poor health for over a decade before death, which strangely seems more the exception than norm for most famous people these days) He mentioned "eternal life" in 9:18.. Interesting how they added 9 months to his lifespan, calling him a centenarian. This movie actually affected me more strongly than I thought it would. got released. But his "final crusade" happened 13 years before he actually died..
  4. InquilineKea

    6. Jimmy Carter

    If it's a re-diagnosis of cancer, he'll probably last for (at least) a few weeks. https://www.healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/forefront.20211216.106870/ https://manifold.markets/ScottLawrence/will-jimmy-carter-be-alive-on-march
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Moore is 93 and we haven't heard much from him lately. Morris Chang of TSMC is also over 90 We live in the age of the AI revolution - these people become increasingly relevant over time
  6. InquilineKea

    6. Jimmy Carter

  7. InquilineKea

    6. Jimmy Carter

    https://www.voanews.com/a/former-us-president-jimmy-carter-turns-98-/6771029.html "too old to give interviews anymore" (he was able to in July 2021 where he did not seem too bad) "advanced age and deteriorating health"
  8. InquilineKea

    6. Jimmy Carter

    He looks way worse than his good morning america interview just a year ago...
  9. signature test (how do I add a signature to my profile?)
  10. This is a death-based forum after all. I wrote a huge guide to living longer - https://forum.longevitybase.org/t/guide-to-living-longer-alex-k-chen/125. I eat loads of vegetables and SGLT2 inhibitors and rapamycin. I also read crsociety.org and rapamycin.news/latest and Rhonda Patrick. I'm also in many longevity communities like ODLB (Nathan Cheng's), Twitter (https://twitter.com/InquilineKea ), and the old longecity.org. I'm surprised more of you don't pay enough attention. https://www.rapamycin.news/u/InquilineKea/
  11. InquilineKea

    6. Jimmy Carter

    GHW Bush, Bob Dole, and Billy Graham were both definitely WAY worse in their last few years than Carter is now. Carter doesn't seem as horrible now as Strom Thurmond or Bob Hope were in their last year of life.. (okay maybe Carter is frailer than Strom Thurmond but still has fewer *critical* circulatory health problems). I just looked at the PBS interview of him last year - he isn't terrible in it (tho he sounded more terrible earlier that year when he spoke of Hank Aaron's death). Edmund Fischer was less frail in the last month of his life than Carter is now (though he was fatter and may have had other health issues) People can last for years if they're frail but have no progressive/terminal illnesses (Vo Nguyen Giap was in way worse shape for like several years before his death - he was hospitalized for 4 straight years). Prince Phillip was way less frail at 99 but had terminal cardiac issues + surgeries. Carter just... doesn't get sick... (the cancer scare and the falls are different from a progressive illness like what GHW Bush or Bob Dole or Billy Graham). Carter can still make it to 100. FWIW, I currently live with someone whose physical condition seems... similar to Carter's right now. I've seen the recent decline but the person is not on death's door yet... https://academic.oup.com/ageing/article/41/6/789/13594
  12. InquilineKea

    6. Jimmy Carter

    He looks much better than I thought he would. His wedding anniversary is on the same day.. as someone else important 2 years younger than him...
  13. InquilineKea

    Shinzo Abe

  14. InquilineKea

    6. Jimmy Carter

    https://www.ctpost.com/news/article/Carter-asks-court-to-defend-Alaska-s-unrivaled-17160823.php https://www.king5.com/article/entertainment/television/programs/evening/new-film-starring-seattle-actress-highlights-life-of-presidents-carter-mother/281-9677d5e5-9c21-418a-aa90-d5432df51adc
  15. InquilineKea

    World War II Veterans

    Bud Anderson's 100th!! More robust than I thought he would, only needs slight assistance w/walking

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