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  1. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Major Jimmy Carter health update also he voted
  2. InquilineKea

    Bill Clinton

    His Twitter is so choke full of the deaths of people he knew
  3. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    6 months ago, he still had phone conversations, watched TV/listened to audiobooks, was still mentally lucid much of the time, and enjoyed lots of peanut-butter-ice-cream... Now.. he's basically little more than a zombie. Certainly, a lot more has changed than meets the eye... The only silver lining is that he is lasting way longer than expected.
  4. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    https://archive.ph/JSM2x for records Well, is he still even listening to audiobooks like he was doing last year?
  5. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    He's already a centenarian now, if you count time since his first heartbeat... https://manifold.markets/stochasticcockatoo/will-jimmy-carter-become-a-viabilit
  6. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    38% chance at 100... https://manifold.markets/stochasticcockatoo/will-jimmy-carter-become-a-centenar?r=c3RvY2hhc3RpY2NvY2thdG9v and increasing
  7. InquilineKea

    Sir David Attenborough

    Matathir Mohamed...
  8. InquilineKea


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BC1VCkQuow&t=1706s David Scott this year
  9. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    TIl there's an AOE2 game mode called "exploding kings" When Carter dies, WE ALL DIE
  10. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    He beat Charlie Munger
  11. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    He seems to have a blistering wound on his lower right arm, too... He doesn't heal as well anymore
  12. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

  13. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    People can be frail/near-death for *many months*, like Billy Graham... And Billy Graham had way more progressive illnesses than Jimmy. Jimmy isn't bedridden yet.
  14. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    https://archive.ph/h0eKk https://archive.ph/bsEo0
  15. InquilineKea

    1. Jimmy Carter

    https://manifold.markets/cockathiel/will-jimmy-carter-make-it-through-1?r=Y29ja2F0aGllbA Sign up to bet!! https://manifold.markets?referrer=cockathiel

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