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  1. Sean Better Days


    I think you might find this link useful. Baby Lineker is Gary Lineker's son, who survived leukaemia but was very ill at the time.
  2. Sean Better Days

    The 12th Death Of '09

    I went with Thach again -why? because I don't like Nazis.
  3. Sean Better Days

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    Depends on your view on 'significant' - JP2 and RR were expected, so I wouldn'd class them as significant deaths. MJ's certainly wasn't expected, and I would probably class that one as significant. Three Four significants in one post. Howzat Mono? By you maybe, I picked him and I guess there were lots of hits on the DDP so I would say it was reasonably expected. A freak with all of his significant work behind him, no major loss if you ask me (which I know you didn't).
  4. Sean Better Days

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Storming Buck House and sacking Windsor Castle would surely make then into more contemporary tourist attractions. The tower is losing touch with the 21st century - the spot where Phil the Greek was hung, drawn and quartered and the ginger prince had a forced paternity test would bring the septic dollar flooding in. Got to go see who's breaking down my front door...
  5. Sean Better Days

    Jane Goodie

    Body bag? What, they didn't have enough warning to buy a coffin? Max missed an opportunity there, think of all the advertising space on a good sized coffin.
  6. Sean Better Days

    Natasha Richardson

    In the Red Grave: no link yet, on BBC R5L and website breaking news.
  7. Sean Better Days

    Jane Goodie

    Is this a piss-take? DL gets religion! I think I'm off to spam on DS for a while until you lot recover your senses.
  8. Sean Better Days

    Room 101

    People who swear too much. And the bastard f*****g TV licensing people! They think it’s a crime or not possible to live without a f*****g television. They keep sending letters telling me that I don’t have a TV license – I know, I don’t need one, I don’t have a bastarding TV! They are kind enough to include a form for me to tell them why I haven’t got one and a pre-addressed envelope to send it in but it says that “You need to use a stamp”. You what, spend MY money on a stamp to tell you that I haven’t got a f*****g TV? Or spend my money on your phone line? People around the world don’t believe that we in the UK need a license to watch television. Friends point out that we would have (more) crap TV or more advertising if we didn’t have a license fee – do I f*****g care? Would I have time to read my way through 113 pages of other people’s rants if I watched TV? Coming to think about it the kind of person who would work for the TVLA or whatever they are called now probably has a sick enough sense of humour to be a member here – do me a favour guys, when you go to work tomorrow tell them to leave me alone, I haven’t got a bloody television. And forums that censor my swearing.
  9. Sean Better Days

    The Jane Goodie Sweepstake

    Date of Conception Terminator?! March 3rd heaven can wait March 4th Deathcorner March 6th The Miser March 8th IKYWN March 9th Lady Die (probably 2 am) March 10th Death Impends March 11th Lord Fellatio Nelson March 12th 59:23 Sean Better Days March 13th Toast March 14th Boleyn The Met have been informed.
  10. Sean Better Days

    Jane Goodie

    Go for it!!! Well, I almost did, but then I thought, hang on, they'll drive by here, see that I was the one that said 'shall I do it', then they will know it was me, and I might get an inbox full of insane chavvy death threats. But I still might. Well, someone has, anyway. Fantastic! Where are the ranters, though? I predict the ranter hoards will come for Patrick Swayze. After a quick read I think you are just as likely to get a request for site twinning rather than hoards of ranters.
  11. Sean Better Days

    New Here And Just Saying Hello - 2009

    You can log out of Facebook? Currently logged in twice with different profiles (Firefox and Opera) as well as two separate log-ins to Flickr, only one DL profile though.
  12. Sean Better Days

    Jane Goodie

    Sorry, I nabbed that one yesterday. 12th of March at 23:59 then, still warmish come the 13th.
  13. Sean Better Days

    Jane Goodie

    Oooo...yeh gambling I'm torn between 4th April - just because any donkey I bet on ends up dead (Grand National - the only horse race I bet on) or 10th April - Goody Friday This site is full of sick bastards who are all going to die. I thought this forum was a bastion of good spelling and grammar with a slightly twisted sense of humour. Reading this thread has shattered that illusion. What the f**k is going on here, “March 4th”, “March 6th” etc. it’s (the) 4th (day of) March. Even the system date is in Septic nonsense format. Friday the 13th of March seems like a fitting departure date to me.
  14. Sean Better Days

    The Dead Of 2009

    The BBC - first for breaking news (hang on, isn't that Sky News?). Only six days late... Died on the 24th Jan, so only 24 days late.

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