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  1. Deadly Fairy

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    1949 Leadbelly? It was a quiet year. Df
  2. Deadly Fairy

    The Twelfth 2008 Success Poll

    Norman Wisdom
  3. Deadly Fairy

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    Suggestions 1959 Errol Flynn or Billy Holiday 1958 Christabel Pankhurst or Ralph Vaughan Williams or Rosalind Franklin 1957 Humphrey Bogart 1956 A.A Milne or Jackson Pollock or Oliver Hardy 1955 Albert Einstein 1954 Alan Turing or Henri Matisse or for a longshot Frida Kahlo 1953 Josef Stalin 1952 King George VI 1951 1950 George Orwell or George Bernard Shaw 1949 1948 Mahatma Gandhi 1947 Al Capone or Henry Ford 1946 John Logie Baird or H G Wells 1945 Adolf Hitler
  4. Deadly Fairy

    The Dead Of 2008

    Probably not worth mentioning but I will anyway Suzanne Tamim some Lebonese singer/actress has been found dead with multiple stab wounds. BBC report Here...
  5. Deadly Fairy

    Amy Winehouse

    In Hospital again On another website I hear she punched a wall and broke a nail and thats why she is in Hospital.It sounds a little bit pathetic even by Amy Winehouse standards to go to hospital over a broken nail. DF
  6. Deadly Fairy

    Widow(er) Shopping

    How about Tony Martin the late Cyd Charisse's hubby.He getting on a bit and he is recently widowed. I doubt he can survive much longer. DF
  7. Deadly Fairy

    Amy Winehouse

    We Haven't lost are touch! No she wont make it through 2008 and if she does throw her on the list for next year her days are numbered. DF
  8. Deadly Fairy

    The Eleventh 2008 Success Poll

    Jake Lamotta randomly selected
  9. Deadly Fairy

    The Tenth 2008 Success Poll

    Clive Dunn for once
  10. Deadly Fairy

    Clive Dunn

    I know this is random but why does it say on our main Deathlist Clive Dunn is 86 this year but according to Wikipedia ( I know it is not reliable) Clive Dunn is 88 years old? Anyone have any ideas why? Deadly Fairy
  11. Deadly Fairy

    The Ninth 2008 Success Poll

    I voted for Norman Wisdom.
  12. Hmmm possibly a way to sell more books which I doubt people will buy anyway. Can't seem to find any other fat Bulimics to be honest (correct me if I am wrong). Next thing you know you have Tony Blair or Gordan Brown admitting their anorexic. Have to agree he is a Fat F*ck
  13. Deadly Fairy

    The Seventh 2008 Success Poll

    For a change I shall vote Sydney Pollack
  14. Deadly Fairy

    The Fifth 2008 Success Poll

    I voted Norman Wisdom to keep the 7 theme going.
  15. Deadly Fairy

    The Fourth 2008 Success Poll

    Dino de Delaurentiis I see a trend starting to form anyway randomly had an inclination.

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