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  1. GracieJc8

    The 13th Death Of '09

    Oscar Niemeyer
  2. GracieJc8

    Betty Ford

    Today marks 2 years as a widow, I have to say I never thought the old gal would last even this long.
  3. GracieJc8

    The Twelfth 2008 Success Poll

    Elizabeth Taylor- she is obviously not well and besides DL needs a female success.
  4. GracieJc8

    The Tenth 2008 Success Poll

    Captain Beefheart, just a wild guess
  5. GracieJc8

    The Ninth 2008 Success Poll

    Jesse Helms
  6. GracieJc8

    Betty Ford

    Happy early Birthday, the big 90 tomorrow!
  7. GracieJc8

    Billy Graham

    MSNBC is reporting tonight that Graham is in fair condition at a North Carolina hospital following brain surgery.
  8. GracieJc8

    Betty Ford

    I have done numerous searches on the Internet for Betty Ford news in the past few months and I can find nothing about her current status. There's been nothing about her in the last year except her surgery and her being absent from the funeral of her close friend Lady Bird Johnson. I thought after President Ford died that within a year or so she would be featured in a television inter view (e.g. Barbara Walters special) where she would talk about her life with Gerald ford as have other widowed first ladies in the past or make some sort of public appearance at a tribute to the president. However that has not been the case. I suspect through intuition and based upon what DeFrank wrote about in his book that Betty Ford is now in a very frail if not bedridden state. It sounds like the phlebitis and the final decline and death of her husband all hit her at once and between her grief and failing health she is at a very low point. Her 90th birthday will occur on April 8 of this year in a little over two months. I wonder if there will be some sort of birthday gala or party and would she be able to attend. How would something like that be acknowledged? My gut feeling though also tells me that she will probably not last for much longer.
  9. GracieJc8

    Billy Graham

    Gordon Hinckley was a definitely a big miss for 2008. He was one of my names on my "potential" death list that I posted late last year. But just maybe we will have some success with Mr. Graham before long.
  10. GracieJc8

    The Second 2008 Success Poll

  11. GracieJc8

    Betty Ford

    Well her husband did die the day after Christmas last year so maybe her sad holiday memories from last year could do her in before the end of this year. In any event she should remain on deathlist. She will be the next presidential death (president or first lady), I am sure of it. I dont think she will live as long as Lady Bird or her husband did, she would be lucky to live to her 90th birthday at this point. Well it's been a year since Gerald bit the dust and she's made it through. I for one was not so sure that she would live a year without him.
  12. GracieJc8

    Billy Graham

    It would be rather ironic if he were to pass away on Christmas Day. The famous evangelist Norman Vincent Peale died in 1993 on x-mas eve.
  13. GracieJc8

    Luise Rainer

    I have her on my potential 2008 Deathlist.
  14. GracieJc8

    How Do These 50 Names Sound?

    Never mind, I kept Sarge on and replaced Beverly Cleary with Eunice.
  15. GracieJc8

    How Do These 50 Names Sound?

    Thanks, I'll put Ariel Sharon in for one of the Ronnie Biggs'.

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