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    Voice Actors

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    Paul Verhoeven

    Dutch director Paul Verhoeven (Turkish Delight, RoboCop, Total Recall and Basic Instinct) said in an interview that he had a near death experience in January when doctors just in time spotted a hole in his colon. He says that he is still recovering from that operation. Link (in Dutch) Maybe one to watch for the next couple of years
  4. Vaagheid

    Paul Verhoeven

    To be fair, It's been more then a decade since i've seen it and the only thing i remember of Starship Troopers is the sudden Nazi-uniforms (which Verhoeven was surprised off that the studios met him do that).
  5. Vaagheid

    Paul Verhoeven

    He apperantly currently has a stoma and has one big surgery ahead of him but he is recovering well. According to the interview he went in for routine hip surgery in January but 3 days later was insanely sick, went to the hospital and immediately needed to go into a 4 hour surgery. They assume the perforation was caused by the heavy painkillers he took after his hip surgery. Also the surgeon said to him if he came in a day later, he would have died. The interviewer mentions him looking healthy but very thin. He is planning on shooting movie about medieval lesbian nuns next which was now delayed for half a year because of the surgery and he is also not planning on retiring eventhough he is 81. Also some talk about his friendship and falling out with recently deceased actor Rutger Hauer. Quite a long in depth interview.
  6. Vaagheid

    18. Betty White

    Betty White turned 89 today!
  7. Vaagheid

    Silent Era People

    Now there is. * Frederica Sagor Maas (1900-2012) * Rosa Rio (1902-2010) * Nina Vanna (1902-1953) * Johannes Heesters (1903-2011) * Doris Eaton Travis (1904-2010) * Marie Glory (1905-2009) * Edna May Weick (1905-1983) * Edith Haldeman (1905-1984) * Mona Ray (1905-2005) * Barbara Kent (1906-2011) * Judy King (1907-1997) * Miriam Seegar (1907-2011) * Dorothy Bartlam (1907-1991) * Baby Lillian Wade (1907-1990) * Pola Illéry (1908) * Lelita Rosa (1908) * Manoel de Oliveira (1908) * Carla Laemmle (1909) * Georgie Stone (1909-2010) * Billy Jacobs (1910-2004) * Brigitte Borchert (1910-2011) * Dorothy Janis (1910-2010) * Lupita Tovar (1910) * Paulette Dubost (1910-2011) * Baby Marie Osborne (1911-2010) * Jack Murphy (1911-1962) * Coy Watson Jr. (1912-2009) * Annalisa Ericson (1913-2011) * Daisy D'ora (1913-2010) * Leon Holmes (1913) * Michael D. Moore (1914) * Jack Cardiff (1914-2009) * Baby Ivy Ward (1914) * Loni Nest (1915) * Arthur Trimble (1916-1948) * Amparo Arozamena (1916-2009) * Frank Coghlan Jr. (1916-2009) * June Havoc (1916-2010) * Isuzu Yamada (1917) * Diana Serra Cary (1918) * Virginia Davis (1918 - 2009) * Billy Butts (1919) * Louise Watson (1919) * Vondell Darr (1919) * Mickey Rooney (1920) * Jean Darling (1922) * Jane La Verne (1922) * Malcolm Sebastian (1923-2006) * Hannerle Maierzak (1923) * Billy Watson (1923) * Hanna Maron (1923) * Gerry Watson (1928) Underlined names have there own thread on the site.
  8. Vaagheid

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Two cities left but the broadcasting channel isn't saying which two. link
  9. Vaagheid

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Just read that Amsterdam officially withdrew now. link Utrecht didn't officially withdrew but the majority of the city council rather uses that money on renovations of the old city wall. (Good for them). So it is between Rotterdam, Arnhem, Den Bosch and Maastricht. So it likely Will be Rotterdam.
  10. Vaagheid

    David Prowse

    The David Prowse thread.
  11. Vaagheid

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Little update on the location. The Hague withdrew because they couldn't find a suitable location to held it. So there is now a shortlist of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Maastricht, Breda and Den Bosch. They have to send in a plan and in August the city is selected. Edit: Breda is now out to, because the costs for the city where to high.
  12. Vaagheid

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Dutch media is reporting that former Dutch prime minister Dries van Agt suffered a heavy intracranial hemorrhage two weeks ago.
  13. Vaagheid

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    I remember that. I had the year before that read an article about his kidnapping and thought he could be a good unique pick.
  14. Vaagheid

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Might as well post here what some of the major newspapers are saying about the location. Just put it in your prefered online translate-program. Volkskrant Trouw Parool Amsterdam seems like the most logical option but there is also a lot of pushback towards it. Like with Venice there have been a lot of complaints how masstourism (which increased since Amsterdam became world heritage) has made the city unlivable. So there are people who don't want to bring an event there which creates more masstourism. Also the rest of the country oftenly has issues with everything being placed in Amsterdam. I assume it is a bit of capital-envy. As for The Hague, while it is the 3rd largest city (and Seat of Government) it however doesn't have a University, which in turn prevents it from having a lot of students and therefor they don't really have a large concertveneu (as far as i know)
  15. Vaagheid

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    I read some Dutch articles about this. The issue is the location, while Amsterdam has a lot of big concerthalls they are also very fully booked throughout the year (so they really need to cancel some stuff). Also there are concerns about Amsterdam because they are already trying to control the masstourism there. Rotterdam is also being named because they have a big concerthalls for the occasion (which might also be scheduled full). But if they want it in a big city that isn't Amsterdam then Rotterdam seems like the best option. Other places i heard being mentioned where Maastricht, Arnhem (with one of the biggest footbal stadiums), Zwolle and in lesser degrees The Hague (barely in the conversation at this point) and Utrecht. The reason why Maastricht keeps floathing to the top is the amount of work they already put into it (they seem to already have a very detailed worked out-plan ready) and because they clearly are campaigning the hardest so far to get it their. All proposals apparently need to be send to the AVROTROS (broadcasting organisation) who then decide.
  16. Vaagheid

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Didn't follow the Eurovision (not my thing) but the news that we won was unavoidable. I seriously am not happy with it. First off, this is a tiny country and hosting an event like this will bring an insane amount of tourists to a very small space (especially if it's held in Amsterdam). Also who are paying for it. The gevernment? Does that mean there will be less budget left for the rest of the cultural branche? Not looking forward to next year and am secretly hoping they are holding it in Maastricht as some newssources are claiming (Nice and far from where i live).
  17. Vaagheid

    How many hits this year?

    Well... What a surprise, i lost this game.
  18. Vaagheid

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    That's 3 kilometers from where i live. I use to take that tram when i lived closer to there. So i have been following it all day, also heard helicopters fly over most of the day. My girlfriend was even 200 meters from where he and his car where found. Still quite shocked that this happened so close to me (i recognised all the locations shown on tv).
  19. Vaagheid

    Selma Blair

    Selma Blair, star of Cruel Intentions and the Hellboy-films, has MS. Not a big name actress but i knew her by name, she was a little bit famous in these early 2000s. So she might one too watch.
  20. Vaagheid


    No, just did it today. Thank you.
  21. Vaagheid

    The 2nd Death of 2019

    Kirk Douglas
  22. Vaagheid

    The Stars Of B-cinema

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