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  1. deadtowrites

    Linda Uttley

    DDP update? Will it change the positions? Master Mind the winner? Has anyone told Mr Scream. No, no, no and no, I'm afraid. At last, a fitting tribute for one of the top 10ish SIGNIFICANT deaths of 2009. Now that's what I call recognition.
  2. deadtowrites

    Nederlandse Dead Pool

    I agree. I'll take a beer and a summat (that's an English sausage, right?) English sausages can sometimes be on the large side, especially those that are particularly chargrilled. You might have to make a bit of room first.
  3. deadtowrites

    Brittany Murphy

    She appears to have a touch of the Leslie Ash look about her.
  4. deadtowrites

    Brittany Murphy

    Me neither. Here is another link. Never heard of the Chicago Tribune either.
  5. deadtowrites

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    That's a rule for the CPDP, having a Wiki page doesn't count & never has counted for the DDP, so they can make as many Wiki pages as they like & DDP Towers will just shrug its shoulders. Again the code probably rules that & the pool death out, but the Derby bit might be possible.... I can look at that. Sorry, I'm being a bit of a naysayer-type nitpicking boring prat, I know but I know which rules will work with that code & which won't..... Ah, you've not quite understood. Irrespective of whether the magic code will work what I meant was a bonus for managing to choose someone who is famous enough for a national obit but escaped the anal radar such that nobody has made a wikipedia page for them. Which considering the amount of crap on wikipedia would probably be virtually impossible. So objective is NOT to have a wiki page.
  6. deadtowrites

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Agreed, an end of year bonus should be bigger, just like Man U scoring 2 goals in extra time to win some tin pot trophy leaving it all to play for etc. Merely suggestions but how's about a bonus if your chosen celebrity dies in Derby or for that matter in a pool (20 of Barrymore's nearest and dearest should about do it). Probably a much rarer occurence, bonus for picking someone to die that will have an obituary but not a Wikipedia page (prior to 2010 to stop bitter rivals creating pages after the A-Z goes public).
  7. deadtowrites

    Linda Uttley

    Ooh! That'll shake things up on the DDP if she gets an obit. It could be a nervous wait for Master Mind. What do you mean "if"? I thought that rugby was a popular sport in Old Blighty. Wouldn't ARod get an obit in the USA? It is but.. women's rugby isn't. Just like women's football in the US isn't. She's relatively unknown to the vast majority of ppl (I didn't know who she was until I saw her in the DDP and did a bit of research).... Strangely enough they have heard of her in Twickenham. A Guardian obit.
  8. deadtowrites

    Poetry Competition

    Perhaps a horsey Swayze tattoos? As luck would have it, the rainbow feature is quite apt.
  9. deadtowrites

    Poetry Competition

    So irrefutable proof, if proof were so needed, that Yvonne can continue in her role here on the DL without criticism. Long may we have the pleasure of reading poems about dead animals and Patrick Swayze. Congratulations.
  10. deadtowrites

    Poetry Competition

    Looks like Yvonne is going to have her work cut out, there are some great adaptations there. Just to remind you that the closing date is midnight, Halloween, i.e today. You'd do well to get a wriggle on those who want to be critiqued by our resident poet. Oh and to avoid arguments let's go with GMT.
  11. deadtowrites

    Poetry Competition

    In view of the recent enthusiasm for all things poetic I think now is the time to launch the spangly DeathList Poetry Competition. Only one entry per person (plus of course unesteemed pseudoguests) so do your very bestest to impress our very own Bardess of the IOM, Yvonne. The poem should have some kind of tenious link to the DL fora, Dunn, squids, Hadron colliders. Significant or otherwise. Any style goes. Deadline, let's say halloween, so Saturday 31st October. The phone lines can then open to put the entries to the public vote or we could just save the bother and get our resident scribe Yvonne to pick.
  12. deadtowrites

    Male Or Shemale?

    Who needs a gender assignment test when we can humiliate them with a good old fashioned DL witch hunt.
  13. deadtowrites

    The Dead Of 2009

    I considered him for the DDP this year. I was only reading an article from him a couple of days ago about the legendarily awful US-based Irish football commentator Tommy Smyth. Seemed to have an unhealthy hatred for The Smiths/Morrissey. Basically he was born white and he didn't like that one bit... Glad you didn't follow through as I think that gives me and my alterego an additional 3 points unique pick bonus.
  14. deadtowrites

    New Here And Just Saying Hello - 2009

    Wow, I was under the impression everyone had to have a Dr Jekyll to their Mr Hyde. Another unique user, does this bring the total number of real people into double figures yet?

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