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    The Simpsons

    Following Ed McMahon's death and by "popular" demand (although mainly as I have nothing better to do with my life), the following people who have appeared or worked on The Simpsons are no longer with us. At 86 McMahon was actually the second oldest to die. Christopher Collins, 44, original voice of Mr. Burns and Moe (1994) Thomas Chastain, 73, co-wrote "Black Widower" Doris Grau, 71, voiced Lunchlady Doris (1995) Audrey Meadows, 73, season 2 guest star (1996) George Fenneman, 77, season 5 guest star (1997) Linda McCartney, 56, season 7 guest star (1998) Phil Hartman, 49, voice of Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure Jim Varney, 50, season 9 guest star (2000) Tito Puente, 77, season 6+7 guest star Steve Allen, 78, season 3+6 guest star Joe C., 26, season 11 guest star Werner Klemperer, 80, season 5 guest star Joey Ramone, 49, season 5 guest star (2001) Jack Lemmon, 76, season 8 guest star George Harrison, 58, season 5 guest star Ron Taylor, 49, season 1+6 guest star (2002) Lawrence Tierney, 82, season 7 guest star Stephen Jay Gould, 60, season 9 guest star John Entwistle, 57, season 11 guest star Rod Steiger, 77, season 9 guest star Chick Hearn, 85, season 3 guest star Johnny Unitas, 69, season 4 guest star Barry White, 58, season 4 guest star (2003) Bob Hope, 100, season 4 guest star Johnny Cash, 71, season 8 guest star George Plimpton, 76, season 14 guest star Paul Winfield, 64, season 8+9 guest star (2004) Isabel Sanford, 86, season 15 guest star Johnny Ramone, 55, season 5 guest star Rodney Dangerfield, 82, season 8 guest star Johnny Carson, 79, season 4 guest star (2005) Henry Corden, 85, season 6 Anne Bancroft, 73, season 6 guest star Bob Denver, 70, season 9 guest star Dennis Weaver, 81, season 13 guest star (2006) James Brown, 73, season 5 guest star Tom Poston, 85, season 2 guest star (2007) Robert Goulet, 73, season 5 guest star George Carlin, 71, season 10 guest star (2008) Paul Newman, 83, season 13 guest star Eartha Kitt, 81, season 21 guest star Patrick McGoohan, 80, season 12 guest star (2009) John Updike, 76, season 12 guest star Ed McMahon, 86, season 10 guest star Michael Jackson, 50, season 3 guest star Gary Coleman, 42, season 11 guest star (2010) Robert Schimmel, 60, season 12 guest star And those who could be joining them over the next few years... Jack LaLanne, 94 Harry Morgan, 94 Ernest Borgnine, 92 Kirk Douglas, 92 June Foray, 91 Mickey Rooney, 88 Betty White, 87 Fyvush Finkel, 86 Stan Lee, 86 Jerry Lewis, 83 Hugh Hefner, 83 Gore Vidal, 83 Tony Bennett, 82 Mel Brooks, 82 William Daniels, 82 Cloris Leachman, 82 James Lipton, 82 Dick Tufeld, 82 Frank Gehry, 80 Adam West, 80 Dr. Joyce Brothers, 80
  2. Garn2

    The Simpsons

    Marc Wilmore, who wrote 11 post-classic era episodes and was a producer on the show for 14 years, has died aged 57. Apparently from COVID. Follows David Richardson, mentioned elsewhere, who wrote season 5's "Homer Loves Flanders", who died earlier this month.
  3. Garn2

    Ian Holm

    I think that takes me to 98 hits overall as well.
  4. Garn2

    Time Added

    Twitter awash with rumours that former Cardiff City stalwart Peter Whittingham has died aged 35, apparently after falling down the stairs. Seems to have originated from this thread on the Cardiff City forum. Nothing official but would be up there as one of the weirdest hoaxes...
  5. Garn2

    Brittany Murphy

    TMZ are reporting that the actress Brittany Murphy has died of a cardiac arrest at 32. Nobody else is yet... Another MJ? Her role as Luanne in King of the Hill and Fry's girlfriend in the second Futurama movie were the parts I could match her name to... although I have seen Clueless and Just Married. She was pretty good in all of those, especially as Luanne.
  6. Garn2

    David Carradine

    Actor David Carradine, star of TV show Kung Fu and Bill in Kill Bill has been found hanged aged 72. Or FOX say it was "natural causes"...
  7. Garn2

    Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    Donald Trump Queen Elizabeth II Angela Lansbury Betty White Dick Van Dyke Paul Gascoigne Henry Kissinger Jimmy Carter Aretha Franklin Prince Philip Stephen Hawking Valerie Harper Stan Lee Bob Barker Chris Rea Doris Day Little Richard Olivia de Havilland Terry Jones Val Kilmer Robert Mugabe Denis Norden Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Vera Lynn Alberto Fujimori Sub: Carol Channing
  8. Garn2

    The Deathlist Cup 2018

    I'll have another go, didn't do as badly as I remembered.
  9. Garn2

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Not expecting much at all. Team Name: Poochie Died On The Way Back To His Home Planet Joker (Pick 1): Leah Bracknell Pick 2: Bill Heine Pick 3: Marieke Vervoort Pick 4: Rayya Elias Pick 5: DJ Casper Pick 6: Dean Francis Pick 7: John McCain Pick 8: Devin Lima Pick 9: Stefan Karl Stefansson Pick 10: Bobby Zarin Pick 11: Paul Alcock Pick 12: John Bain (Total Biscuit) Pick 13: Jose Jose Pick 14: Greg Gilbert Pick 15: Linda Nolan Pick 16: Patrick Cryne Pick 17: Olivia Newton-John Pick 18: Kamala Pick 19: Tessa Jowell Pick 20: Liam Miller Reserve Pick(s): Denis Goldberg, Lindy Remigino, Ami Brown
  10. Garn2

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Haven't had any time to research this year, not that it made any difference when I did, so have just picked 20 people listed across the forums who sound vaguely ill but probably are fine.
  11. Garn2


    For reference: Gazza seems likely. Also found this one: From an American site. Most of the speculation, linked to the recent pictures, is that it's Slowhand himself...
  12. Garn2

    The Deathlist Cup

    Congrats Heef! Needed to focus on avoiding relegation anyway...
  13. Garn2

    Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/mar/21/martin-mcguinness-northern-ireland-former-deputy-first-minister-dies McGuinness dead.
  14. Garn2

    The Deathlist Cup

    You could easily win it, your team has plenty of potential in a game like this.
  15. Garn2

    Joost Van Der Westhuizen

    From his website:
  16. Garn2

    Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Following on from what OoO said on the previous page I've very hastily made a quick Google Doc anyone can edit, to log any fixes in one place for TMIB to use at his convenience. I'm on my phone so it'll probably balls up but this link should work... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jYjmPnB08Ac8V76ftad_Up0mNk2ZiUJNeN1ftHdZcXU/edit?usp=drivesdk I've listed a few examples. If anyone wants to use it I suggest alphabetical order to make it easier to keep track. I'm sure someone can make it look far nicer. Feel free to use/ignore as you desire...
  17. Garn2


    Two of my subs dead in a day, watch out Brucie...
  18. Garn2

    Inverse Dead Pool 2017

    1. Trump, Donald 2. Lansbury, Angela 3. Elizabeth II, Queen 4. Van Dyke, Dick 5. Philip, Prince 6. Gascoigne, Paul 7. Hawking, Stephen 8. Lewis, Jerry 9. Day, Doris 10. Banks, Gordon 11. Kilmer, Val 12. Carter, Jimmy 13. Lee, Stan 14. Hefner, Hugh 15. Berry, Chuck 16. Mugabe, Robert 17. Doherty, Shannen 18. Tyler Moore, Mary 19. Fawkes, Helen 20. Lamotta, Jake 21. Lynn, Vera 22. Snuka, Jimmy 23. Scales, Prunella 24. Ricksen, Fernando 25. Harper, Valerie
  19. Garn2

    The Deathlist Cup

    I'll join.
  20. Garn2

    Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Top 20 at best... John Bain Leah Bracknell (Joker) Errol Christie Sara Coward Gord Downie Rayya Elias Greg Gilbert Steve Hewlett Quincy Jones (comedian) - possibly faking or more long-term anyway but worth a shot Bruce Langhorne Sir Colin Meads Tracy McGiffin King Michael I of Romania Simon Ricketts Peter Skellern Stefan Karl Stefansson Ian St. John Steve Sumner Joost van der Westhuizen John Wetton
  21. Garn2

    Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Well I've sent mine in. I look forward as always to finding out who is actually completely fine and who managed to evade my search terms. And that leaving off a certain hit for someone worth potentially a few more points is probably a poor idea...
  22. Garn2

    Time Added

    Shuaibu Amodu, who managed Nigeria for six separate spells, has died aged 58. He died three days after Stephen Keshi, the man he replaced twice and was replaced by once.
  23. Garn2

    Inverse Dead Pool 2K12

    1. Gascoigne, Paul 2. Harris, Rolf 3. Forsyth, Bruce 4. Van Dyke, Dick 5. Al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr 6. Philip, Prince 7. Kissinger, Henry 8. Berry, Chuck 9. Fawkes, Helen 10. Hawking, Stephen 11. Lewis, Jerry 12. Dawn, Liz 13. LaMotta, Jake 14. Day, Doris 15. Carter, Jimmy 16. Castro, Fidel 17. Vigoda, Abe 18. Bush, George H.W. 19. Mubarak, Hosni 20. Banks, Gordon 21. Brady, Ian 22. Lynn, Vera 23. Aherne, Caroline 24. Ali, Muhammad 25. Scales, Prunella
  24. Garn2

    Derby Dead Pool 2016

    What? Diana Rots was a team a few years ago made up pretty much entirely of unique/obscure survivors from the previous year's top 10. Whole in Won appears to have a team entirely of survivors from Spade, DDT and Death Impends' teams from last year. Great work as always TMIB. One thing I saw, I think Kentucky Fried Genocide and Lullabye-bye of Broadway both meant Rosemary Harris the actress, not the author.
  25. Garn2

    Derby Dead Pool 2016

    Robert Banks Stewart and Maria Teresa de Filippis were both uniques last year.

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