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    Ronnie Biggs

    Newcastle and Sunderland skipper Bobby Moncur's copped it. That's another one in the can. He had a heart attack last week after fighting cancer. Bobby Moncur's not dead either, dickwad, why don't you f**k off and play with the traffic? Ooo I'm in a mood. And people think that I rant!!! Is this just another example of the British "Justice" system exacting their pound of flesh? Terrorists free to walk the streets, a self confessed dangerous sex offender released, despite psychiatric reports saying he will probably reoffend and an elderly, on his last legs, lag who probably did no more than shift the sacks into the getaway cars, kept inside, half dead and will probably die before his release. Makes perfect sense. Don;t forget the old lag spent years in Brazil mocking England and it's justice system, this the UK getting it's, he only came back fro bit of free healthcare and he can get that in jail just as easily as he can outside, plus where is he supposed to go if they let him out? Not exactly got a nice semi in the suburbs to go home too has he?
  2. Deathwatch Beetle

    Bhumibol Adulyadej

    This fella is hanging by the skin of his teeth and has been for years, I doubt he will be included in next years list as most peeps don't know him but I live in Thailand and he can't last much longer he's got every illness under the sun. Please don't tell anyone my name or they will come for me in the middle of the night and ship me off to the Bangkok Hilton for etnerity!

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