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  1. Ulitzer95

    Political Frailty

    Oh no, not him!
  2. Ulitzer95

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Yeah but he's not just any pensioner and is not treated in an NHS hospital Actually I live just down the road from ARI, which is where he's being treated currently. It couldn't be more NHS.
  3. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2012

    Good. Idiot.
  4. Ulitzer95

    Ray Bradbury

    Dead: http://io9.com/5916175/rip-ray-bradbury-author-of-fahrenheit-451-and-the-martian-chronicles
  5. Ulitzer95

    Robert Mugabe

    If you go to Zanu PF's page on Twitter, they're claiming that he's just on a shopping trip in the country with his wife, and the reports of his ill health are lies spread by opponents. ZANU-PF - once again unintentionally 'rubbishing' credible reports in a comical manner.
  6. Ulitzer95

    Political Frailty

    Funny... I counted 33
  7. Ulitzer95

    American Football Players

    USAToday reporting him dead (for good) this time > http://www.usatoday....dead/52737230/1 EDIT: And just 6 minutes later, the BBC has their obituary up! > http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-16673111
  8. Ulitzer95

    Christopher Hitchens

    What silly chat about nothing. I could pull out just as many devout Christians who have died before their time. Dawkins and Gervais appear to be in excellent health. As do most other Atheists, namely Daniel Radcliffe, Hugh Laurie, Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Alan Sugar, David Gilmour, Gary Numan, Pat Condell, Woody Allen, Ian McKellen, David Miliband, Jodie Foster, Larry Flynt, Ron Reagan, Harvey Fierstein, Vivienne Westwood, Derren Brown, Eddie Izzard, Jim Broadbent, Nigella Lawson, Ken Livingstone, Alan Davies, Louis Theroux, Ben Elton, Alan Cumming, Russell T. Davies, Johann Hari, Richard E. Grant, Stewart Lee, Peter Tatchell, Roger Waters, Alastair Campbell, David Starkey, Alan Johnson, Jimmy Carr, Emma Thompson, Simon Pegg, Dame Helen Mirren, Stephen Fry, Christopher Eccleston, Ross Noble and James Cameron. (interesting note: most are considerably more intelligent people than their bible bashing counterparts) Sir Ludovic Kennedy was 89. Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Quentin Crisp both saw 90, respectively. James Callaghan was 92. Diana Mitford was 93. H. J. Blackham was 105. Carl Reiner (89) and Nicolaas Bloembergen (91) are more likely candidates if we're to go by age...
  9. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2011

    Albert Facchiano, organised crime leader is swimming with the fishes aged 101. List of the lost I imagine for Nosoup4u!
  10. Ulitzer95

    Nazi of SS

    SHUT UP. You're so fucking annoying!
  11. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2011

    Already had three: Lumet, Pugh and Saks
  12. Ulitzer95

    16. Leslie Phillips

    After dropping Jose Alencar and ruling out Liz Taylor at the last minute, I can only say... woop woop! EDIT: Now I'm waiting for an update to say Leslie pushed her down the stairs to get unique points
  13. Ulitzer95

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    According to trends on Twitter, Dick King-Smith, author of "The Sheep-Pig" (adapted into the movie "Babe"), has died at 88.
  14. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2010

    The World Record Holder for the title of "oldest female marathon finisher" has died at the age of 99. Local obituary for Jenny Wood-Allen. Old bint lived around the corner from me, was silly enough to pick her for the DDP last year and not bother this year but maybe she won't get a main obit, time will tell.
  15. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2010

    But now the New York Times have it! Two teams had him in the DDP... UK obit possible but doubtful.
  16. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2010

    Roy Neuberger, 107 year old arts patron died today according to Wikipedia... No other citations available at the moment but watch this space!
  17. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2010

    For those that are interested, TCM have finished their annual "TCM Remembers" montage. As always, they did a pretty decent job (unlike the Oscars): TCM Remembers 2010
  18. Ulitzer95

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    Make that totally dead.
  19. Ulitzer95

    Nazi of SS

    UK Obit from The Scotsman
  20. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2010

    Joseph Stein, the playwright best known for writing Zorba and Fiddler on the Roof, has died aged 98..... Just been reported by Harvey Fierstein but a link should follow soon... surprisingly never picked in the DDP
  21. Ulitzer95

    Margaret Thatcher

    I don't see flu, I see Downing Street arriving at their senses and deciding to avoid the prospect of an 85 year-old senile cow turning up and embarrassing the Conservatives... She'd probably go down the whole "Where's Denis" line, again...
  22. Ulitzer95

    The Seventh Death Of 2010

  23. Ulitzer95

    Sarah Palin

    You truly are the sickest individual I have ever had the good fortune to meet Yes, despite her ridiculously right-wing views there is something rather horny about her, I must admit... How can you even say that, she's an absolute mink
  24. Ulitzer95

    The Dead Of 2010

    Try "Hollywood Possibilities"
  25. Ulitzer95

    Hollywood Possibilities

    You can score Kevin McCarthy off of that list as he's just died aged 96!

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