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  1. Ulitzer95

    Buzz Aldrin

    Ignore them. Second human on the moon, a household name and now in his 92nd year. Ofc he should have a bloody thread!
  2. Ulitzer95

    Oldest Living football league players

    For the sake of your Hugman's update @michaelf, there's a FindAGrave page for him here, with a full death date of 22 May 2010 (aged 88) and a death place of Campbelltown City, South Australia, Australia.
  3. Ulitzer95

    Political Frailty

    Lord Christopher (wiki) has taken a leave of absence from the House of Lords. This means that today marks the first time since WWII ended, that none of its veterans have sat in Parliament. Technically, he's still a member and could rescind his leave of absence and return, but given that he's 96 next month, it's doubtful.
  4. Ulitzer95

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Barbara Amiel, British-Canadian author and wife of Conrad Black on BBC HardTalk tonight. 81 this year. I know she’s had cosmetic work done but still looks incredible for her age.
  5. Ulitzer95


    @msc has him listed already, under 1940. See the conversation above.
  6. Ulitzer95

    Life In Prison

    Just reading up on Francis Clifford Smith. Ridiculous that he was in prison for so long. The U.S. justice system is nuts. Interesting to note that he was moved to a care home last year, even though he’s technically still a prisoner. That would suggest he’s only got months left to live.
  7. Ulitzer95

    Joe Biden

    A solution:
  8. Ulitzer95

    The Nobel Prize Dead Pool

    Lucky them.
  9. Ulitzer95

    The 100 Club

    Another long-time 1917 name on Wikipedia: Carola B. Eisenberg (wiki), Argentine-American psychiatrist, dead at 103. NY Times obituary.
  10. Ulitzer95

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    You neglected to mention she's 90. Gone by the weekend's end?
  11. Ulitzer95

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Updated list on previous post to include IMDb's "living" names for 1922 births. Most are still alive but notably 4 deaths uncovered (2 recent and 2 off the radar), with potentially a 5th being Bridget Sellers (I'm 75% sure that's her death record). It'll be interesting once we get a concrete answer for Disney actress Cate Bauer as she's a serial DDP pick! My money is on still alive.
  12. Ulitzer95

    F.W. De Klerk

    Today is his 85th birthday too. Met the man about 4 years ago at an event. He was really nice, polite, stood and spoke to me for about 10 minutes then did the same with the rest of the room, which was noted by everyone after the event. That takes a lot of effort.
  13. Ulitzer95

    The 100 Club

    Luis Bedoya Reyes (wiki), Peruvian politician who served as Mayor of Lima from 1964 to 1969, dead at 102.
  14. Ulitzer95

    People who've got a thread

    Awesome!! Well done @arghton.
  15. Ulitzer95

    Deadpool Detective Work

    That’s the one. Maybe he wasn’t picked, I must be confusing him with someone else. Surprised to see Cy Town once again not in there this year. I can see him pulling off a Guardian obit.
  16. Ulitzer95

    Deadpool Detective Work

    A death year/date has never been confirmed. On Japanese Wiki it simply acknowledges he’s dead. In August 2022, he’ll automatically be moved from the possibly living category to the date of death unknown category on English Wiki as he’ll be 110+ and ofc Japanese supercentenarians are closely tracked. Just like Shoichi Hirose above (who is definitely dead as there’s a book which states he died post-1990), he was a suit “actor”. These guys were just brought in to essentially do what was considered a fill-in role, and they were never tracked afterwards and didn’t receive much recognition until years later with the growth of the internet. I vaguely recall a similar situation about a decade ago with one of the Dalek operators in DW? I think he was played in the 08 or 09 DDP and it was discovered (or rather probably clarified by Hadoke) some years after that he had died years ago. At least I think I’m not imagining this??
  17. Ulitzer95

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    My dad has Len Deighton's full book collection. He loves his spy novels, has all the Bond and le Carre ones too. Can't say I've ever read a spy novel in my life so not sure if I'm missing out!
  18. Ulitzer95

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Done all the names on IMDb for 1920 and 1921. A few deaths uncovered, but more interestingly a couple of centenarian (or almost centenarian) actors I've come across who I'd never heard of before. They don't have Wiki pages and I don't think they've been mentioned on here before. Next week, I'll go through 1922 and 1923.
  19. Ulitzer95

    British Science Fiction Series

    Death notice on his website here.
  20. Ulitzer95

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    That’s a big word for you. Forum posts are always indirect forms of communication. You were getting very confrontational and what you said was an equivalent of “come say it to my face”. The offer still stands. I will literally come and see you if you wish, or you can back down from trying to be the big man, get back in your box and live with the fact that you’re total pondlife.
  21. Ulitzer95

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Then why did you ask me for it “directly” then? Don’t chew on more than you can swallow. Back-pedalling, again. Not that I particularly give a flying wallenda what you think I look like but I’m not obese btw. The man in my DP is Alex Salmond, who you’d have heard of if you didn’t live under a rock.
  22. Ulitzer95

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I didn’t single you out because you’re nothing special, just one amongst a growing number of non-constructive morons who come on here and talk pure shite. If you’d like me to say it “directly” to you though, do DM me your full name and address and I’ll be sure to pay you a visit once lockdown restrictions ease, guttermouth.
  23. Ulitzer95

    Yaphet Kotto

    Just the girls left from Live and Let Die now. Solitaire and Rosie. Should be around for a long while though.
  24. Ulitzer95

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Every newb on this thread who hysterically spawned 40 pages of hourly updates of tabloid-fodder crap: Still, seeing a lot of them now playing Mystic Meg with their fantastic insight of "Ah but he'll go around his centenary" or "ah I think he'll die shortly before 101 now". Ummm – he's nearly a 100 year old man, odds are he will die in the next year or two! Would you like a sticker? I note that he was largely ignored, but newer users should perhaps listen to folk like @Windsor, who is ace at reading between the lines of what's going on with the Royals by looking at their behaviour/public reaction to ongoing events.
  25. Ulitzer95

    Yaphet Kotto

    Just reading the statement from his wife. She seems pretty surprised that he died. Sounds like a sudden end after a period of relatively poor health.

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