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  1. Ulitzer95

    Shadow Lists

    Very impressive QR!
  2. Ulitzer95

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    Two characters who definitely wouldn't be PC nowadays though! A humorous and yet slightly odd demise for both of them... one set on fire then throws himself off the cruise liner, the other blows up after having a bomb strapped between his crotch by Bond. Diamonds are Forever and A View to a Kill stand out as the more comical amongst the Bond films. Probably why the critics hated them.
  3. Ulitzer95

    University Presidents?

  4. Ulitzer95

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    So thought I'd take a look at who's still around from the Connery-era Bond films given that we've recently lost quite a few actors from these movies (including Sir Sean himself!) By no means a complete list but I think I've included everyone with a title credit in a major role, plus one or two uncredited notables who should be on the radar. Living actors from the Connery Bond films Sorted by oldest first, number in brackets is age they're turning in 2021. André Maranne (95) Thunderball David de Keyser (94) Diamonds Are Forever Bruce Glover (89) Diamonds Are Forever Tsai Chin (88) You Only Live Twice George Roubicek (86) You Only Live Twice Ursula Andress (85) Dr. No Shirley Eaton (84) Goldfinger Luciana Paluzzi (84) Thunderball Marguerite LeWars (83) Dr. No Michael Chow (82) You Only Live Twice Akiko Wakabayashi (82) You Only Live Twice Aliza Gur (81) From Russia with Love Jill St. John (81) Diamonds Are Forever Martine Beswick (80) From Russia with Love / Thunderball (different characters) Putter Smith (80) Diamonds Are Forever Daniela Bianchi (79) From Russia with Love Mie Hama (78) You Only Live Twice Lana Wood (75) Diamonds Are Forever Trina Parks (74) Diamonds Are Forever note: haven't included Lola Larson who played "Bambi" opposite Parks' "Thumper" cos I can't find any evidence that she's alive! Ronald Rich (unknown) You Only Live Twice note: can't find his age anywhere but still alive according to Toby Hadoke on Twitter in 2020, he reported that he wrote to him in 2013 and he was in failing health then!
  5. Ulitzer95

    Shadow Lists

    Ian St. John Rush Limbaugh Carlos Menem Leon Spinks Larry King Murray Walker 6/50
  6. Ulitzer95

    9. Murray Walker

    Turn on their news channel. They have a pre-prepared obit rolling now.
  7. Ulitzer95

    9. Murray Walker

    BBC News just announced it on their TV channel. Express obit.
  8. Ulitzer95

    Time Added

    You don't know that. It depends what it's for. Philip had a minor heart procedure and had an infection. Smith could have just had major brain surgery for all we know. Edit: Me and @drol are clearly telepathically linked.
  9. Ulitzer95

    Military commanders

    Telegraph death notice for Lt-Cdr Michael Hordern, who has died aged 101. Local paper discussing his 99th birthday a few years back. Nearly died shortly before this birthday after a mobility scooter crash, after which he had to be airlifted to hospital! Pretty remarkable life. Served as a Lieutenant Commander of the Fleet during World War II. News to me that Britain had anyone that high up the command chain from WWII still kicking about. Perhaps there are others?
  10. Ulitzer95

    British Character Actors

    Does he/has he attended conventions? I'm not a DW fan so I don't know too much about the writing history but a similar thing happened with many cast members of the original Star Wars trilogy. They got next to nothing because the budget was so tight but because it exploded into the most successful film franchise of all time, they more than made up for their shortcomings from conventions, interviews, other appearances etc. At the Star Wars Celebration ~5 years ago in London bit part/background cast members were charging 10, 20, 30+ quid a pop for an autograph or photo. And the lines were huge!
  11. Ulitzer95

    British Character Actors

    Hmm he seems to have had roles in The Saint, Z-Cars etc. so I've added him also! A sigh of relief for only making this list 90+... I was originally considering 80+. There are so many names from British television over 90 still around. Proportionally more than Hollywood I reckon!
  12. Ulitzer95

    British Character Actors

    Good finds. Added them to that big list I made with some recurring appearances in notable series. I've also added Barbara Clegg who appears to be (or was) married to the above Michael Godley! Clegg best known for her writing contributions ofc, but also had a recurring acting role in Emergency Ward 10. I'll go have a look through Ancestry, see if I can find anything more but it would appear that they're all alive.
  13. Ulitzer95

    Big Brother

    Questing is of course, are they of Grahame herself, or have they just used generic pictures of a bad anorexia case from Google?
  14. Ulitzer95

    Big Brother

    Those pictures are shocking.
  15. Ulitzer95

    World's Oldest

    I wonder what's keeping her so lucid. She has a bit of the "I like to fuck on the first date" look about her.
  16. Ulitzer95

    Political Frailty

    David Wolfson, Baron Wolfson of Sunningdale (wiki), Conservative life peer and businessman, dead at 85 after a battle with dementia. Member of the House of Lords from 1991 to 2017. Also of note, Chairman of Next plc. from 1990 to 1998. Times obit.
  17. Ulitzer95

    University Presidents?

    There doesn't need to be when in 100% of cases they can be covered elsewhere by what they're primarily known for. So Stephen Fry in comedians or Hollywood possibilities... or his own thread when the time comes for him to have one (if he doesn't already have one because of his manic depression/obesity).
  18. Ulitzer95

    University Presidents?

    Agreed. ”Arrogant Academics and Past-it Presidents”? ”Arrogant Academics and Egotistical Education Administrators”?
  19. Ulitzer95

    Yank Science Fiction Series

    Cliff Simon (wiki), South African actor who portrayed Ba'al in seasons 5–10 of Stargate SG-1, dead at 58 following a kite boarding accident in California.
  20. Ulitzer95

    University Presidents?

    Polkinghorne is a huge death in the academic world. Also a Templeton Prize winner. Don't we have a list for that somewhere? Think it was from before my time but sure I've read it on DL before.
  21. Ulitzer95

    African Despots

    Manuel Saturnino da Costa (wiki), PM of Guinea-Bissau from 1994 to 1997, dead at 78. This means we had an African leader triple yesterday. Some say the "deaths happen in threes" thing is nonsense, but they sure do happen often enough round here.
  22. Ulitzer95

    From Cleric To Relic

    Ah. I don’t read any of the deadpool threads on here (except the DDP one). Sure I’m not alone.
  23. Ulitzer95

    From Cleric To Relic

    Who? Context please!
  24. Ulitzer95

    Broadway - "the Great White Way"

    Carmel Quinn (wiki), Irish entertainer on Broadway, U.S. television and radio, dead at 95. A DDP pick.
  25. Ulitzer95

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    They likely confused him with Tub-a-shite Jerry Falwell or Oral Roberts. Oh how we don't miss them.

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