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  1. 1 The Queen

    2 Prince of Wales

    3 Duchess of Cornwall

    4 Princess Royal

    5 Vice-Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence

    6 Duke of York

    7 and 8 Earl and Countess of Wessex

    9 and 10 Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

    11 Duke of Sussex

    12 and 13 Zara and Mike Tindall

    14 Peter Phillips

    15 Princess Beatrice

    16 Princess Eugenie

    17 Lady Louise Windsor

    18 Viscount Severn

    19 Lady Pamela Hicks

    20 Countess Mountbatten

    21 Princess Alexandra

    22 and 23 Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

    24 and 25 Duke and Duchess of Kent

    26 and 27 Prince and Princess Michael of Kent

    28 Earl of Snowdon

    29 Lady Sarah Chatto

    30 Brigadier Archie Miller-Bakewell, private secretary


    Likely guest list (not including the Bishop of London who will conduct the service) according to the DM.


    Edit: Not quite sure how they expect the Countess Mountbatten to attend given that she died in 2017. Perhaps they mean her eldest son, now the Earl Mountbatten after inheriting her title?

  2. 3 minutes ago, maryportfuncity said:



    Several DDP entrants - myself included - are beginning to suspect the same about our chances of a high profile finish

    I recall why I left her off my DDP – I thought it was somewhat suspicious how she only revealed her diagnosis after she had been receiving treatment for quite a period of time. I had imagined that she had delayed the announcement until the point where she knew she was going to survive it, and I was right... for once. Can't say my DDP is going too well this year regardless. Oh well.

  3. On 09/12/2018 at 02:48, Ulitzer95 said:

    1919: George Boscawen, 9th Viscount Falmouth
    1920: Nathaniel Fiennes, 21st Baron Saye and Sele

    Mar 1921: Elizabeth Sutherland, 24th Countess of Sutherland Died 09 Dec 2019 (98)
    Jun 1921: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Died 09 Apr 2021 (99)
    Feb 1924: Andrew Bruce, 11th Earl of Elgin
    May 1924: Malcolm Greenhill, 3rd Baron Greenhill Died 13 Jan 2020 (95)
    Jul 1924: John Dodson, 3rd Baron Monk Bretton
    Sep 1924: Edmund Ironside, 2nd Baron Ironside Died 13 Jan 2020 (95)
    1925: John Christopher Loder, 3rd Baron Wakehurst
    02 Mar 1926: Richard Dickinson, 2nd Baron Dickinson Died 28 Nov 2019 (93)
    31 Mar 1926: Michael Brudenell-Bruce, 8th Marquess of Ailesbury
    May 1926: David Ogilvy, 13th Earl of Airlie

    16 Dec 1926: Robert Yerburgh, 2nd Baron Alvingham Died 29 Mar 2020 (93)
    27 Dec 1926: Michael Holland-Hibbert, 6th Viscount Knutsford

    Only wrote this to 1926 but these are the oldest living hereditary peers to have lost their seats in the House of Lords after the 1999 reforms. One or two will be familiar but largely a Who's Who of "Who?". 

    Anyway, DDP gold as they'll all obit, and all turning 93+ next year.

    Updated the list of peers removed from the Lords in 1999 who are 95+ following the death of Prince Philip.

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  4. On 24/01/2020 at 19:56, Ulitzer95 said:

    As promised, a list of WWII veterans from the British establishment. Much shorter than the U.S. one, but I can't promise it's complete as there is no one "go to" to get this info. Here goes:

    Royal family
    *Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (b. 1921)
    *Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926)

    Members of the House of Lords (includes current and former, including all hereditaries who lost seats in 1999 reform)
    *9th Viscount Falmouth (b. 1919)
    *21st Baron Saye and Sele (b. 1920)
    *Lord Michael Shaw (b. 1920)
    *Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (b. 1921, also listed above)
    *Baroness Jill Knight (b. 1923)
    *Baroness Pamela Sharples (b. 1923)
    *11th Earl of Elgin (b. 1924)
    *Lord Tony Christopher (b. 1925)
    *Lord John Eden (b. 1925)
    *Lord Ted Graham (b. 1925)
    *3rd Baron Wakehurst (b. 1925)
    *9th Baron Walsingham (b. 1925)
    *8th Marquess of Ailesbury (b. 1926)
    *13th Earl of Airlie (b. 1926)

    Members of Parliament
    *Sir Patrick Duffy (b. 1920) Labour
    *Lord Michael Shaw (b. 1920) Conservative
    *Baroness Jill Knight (b. 1923, also listed above) Conservative
    *James Ramsden (b. 1923) Conservative
    *Eric Cockeram (b. 1924) Conservative
    *Ben Ford (b. 1925) Labour
    *Lord John Eden (b. 1925, also listed above) Conservative
    *Lord Ted Graham (b. 1925, also listed above) Labour

    Note: Ron Atkins (b. 1916) did not serve because of psoriasis

    Updated for the deaths of Lord Eden, Lord Shaw and the Duke of Edinburgh. 

    14 WWII veterans remaining.

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  5. @Octopus of Odstock, I have less than 40 names left to do for the Jimmy Stewart co-stars. I've covered everyone 75+ so far.

    Before I continue... where did the YOB for David Kent come from? If you have a full date I could track him.

    And as for Battaglia, what contradicting info is it you have before I disappear down a rabbit hole? And where did your 1967 YOB come from? 
    There's a family tree on Ancestry, and it matches the DOB (22/9/65) and DOD as listed on IMDb but it doesn't have photos or mention he was an actor. 
    Anthony Battaglia isn't an uncommon birth name in the U.S. and there are two other NY residents – a 29 Jul 1964 birth and 17 Feb 1967 birth which could be him I suppose. The latter died in 2019 btw.

  6. On 10/09/2020 at 12:46, Ulitzer95 said:

    Liquid Gold
    Wiki UK disco group from Brackley, Northamptonshire, formed in 1977 and disbanded in 1984, singer Ellie Hope and bassist Ray Knott later married, drummer Ed Rothe later married singer and television personality Jane McDonald (b. 1963)
    Ellie Hope 1953 – Living
    Ray Knott 1949 – Living

    Wally "Ed" Rothe c. Mar 1954 – 26 Mar 2021 (67) BBC obit
    Syd Twynham 19 Mar 1955 – Living
    02/12/1978 Anyway You do it #41

    Updated for the death of drummer "Ed" Rothe.

    Being married to Jane McDonald is surely a cruel punishment for bad behaviour in a past life, but in turn it did land him a BBC obit. Swings and roundabouts.

  7. On 23/10/2020 at 12:19, arghton said:

    Is anyone keeping track on the last medal recipients of WWII?

    I've found a couple of medals where there are only one or two left of the ones who recieved it (or of the ones who recieved it during wwII)



    Medal of Honour (United States, awarded 473 times):


    Charles H. Coolidge, Technical Sergeant, 99

    Hershel W. Williams, Chief warrant officer 4, 97



    Victoria Cross (United Kingdom, awarded 182 times):


    John Cruickshank, Flight Lieutenant, 100



    Mannerheim Cross (Finland, awarded 197 times):


    Tuomas Gerdt, Sergeant, 98 DEAD



    Military Order of William (Netherlands, awarded ? times):


    Kenneth Mayhew, Major, 103

    Charles H. Coolidge dead at 99.

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  8. On 31/12/2020 at 14:58, Lafaucheuse said:


    My French Shadowlist for 2021 ! 

    • Jean Louis Trintignant
    • Renée Simonot
    • Robert Marchand
    • Claude Sarraute
    • Hubert De Lapparent
    • Marcel Conche
    • René De obaldia
    • Pierre Soulages
    • Jacques Delors
    • Jacqueline De Ribes
    • Micheline Presle
    • Henri Vernes
    • Edgar Morin
    • Jean Graton
    • Laurent De Brunhoff
    • Roland Dumas
    • Françoise Gilot
    • Philippe De Gaulle
    • Robert Badinter
    • Bernard Tapie
    • Philippe Jacottet
    • Michel Bouquet
    • Marthe Mercardier
    • Judith Magre
    • Marcel Ophuls
    • Yvon Gattaz
    • Milan Kundera
    • Jean Paul Belmondo
    • Line Renaud
    • anne vernon
    • Jean Malaury
    • Yvonne choquet-bruhat
    • Marc ferro
    • Alain Touraine
    • Martial Solal
    • Yvonne Furneaux
    • Hugues Aufray
    • Philippe Bouvard
    • Marcel Amont
    • François cheng
    • Claire Maurier
    • Yvette Goudy
    • Helene Carrère d’Encausse
    • Régine
    • Laurence Badie
    • Jacques Chaumet
    • Jean Dupuy
    • Dominique Fernandez
    • André Chandernagor
    • Pierre Nora

    Artist Jean Dupuy dead at 95.

  9. Robert Fletcher (wiki), American costume and set designer on stage (3 times Tony Award nominated) and four Star Trek films, supposedly died April 5th aged 98.

    His husband, Jack Kauflin, who was a dancer on Broadway, survives him. Not sure of his age but he had credits going as far back as 1944 so worth keeping in mind as an obscure name.

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  10. 1 hour ago, the_engineer said:


    Labour better be hoping there isn't anymore by-elections at this rate even their safest seats would be up for grabs. No more brexit party to split the vote and NIP to Syphon a 1000 or so votes off of labour, not to mention Starmers unpopularity.


    They lose Hartlepool they fall to 201 seats. Before the next election you could realistically see labour dip below 200 seats.


    It's a permanent Tory majority . I think the next non-conservative party majority will be some off-shoot party split from the Tories combined with what remains of labour. Probably in 20 years.

    To be honest, I’m genuinely shocked that most of that Brexit Party vote is now going to the Tories. The post-election analysis suggested that their vote by-in-large was Labour Leavers who wouldn’t vote Tory. Maybe a combination of the fact that Brexit was delivered, the successful vaccine programme and more folk seeing other northern places voting Tory giving them enough encouragement to do the same now. Bodes really badly for the Labour Party for the future. Wales is now also crumbling from their hands. 14/40 seats there now Tory but a further 8 seats were within 6% of coming to them in 2019, and now polling for the Tories in Wales has gone up further still. Lab are in danger of only being relevant in large metropolitan areas like London or Manchester. I can’t quite explain it either, it’s truly bizarre.

  11. Hartlepool, constituency voting intention via Survation:

    CON: 49% (+20)
    LAB: 42% (+4)
    NIP: 2% (+2) [Northern Independence Party – a new party, formed in Oct 2020, campaigning for... I shit you not...independence for Northumbria (historical definition, not the current county which is much smaller)]
    LDEM: 1% (-3) [Lawl... who'd have thought becoming a one issue party would land you in the shit, eh? :rolleyes:]
    REFUK: 1% (-25) [Formerly called the Brexit Party]
    GRN: 1% (+1)

    Changes are with what each party got in the 2019 General Election.

    Take it with a pinch of salt, because the sample size was only ~500, but that's not stopping a lot of Labour types demanding Keir/Keith is axed... and in fairness to the Corbynistas, it's no longer just them!

  12. 27 minutes ago, msc said:


    Had no idea she was ill tbh.


    Also wondering what black magic Biblio conjured for the by-election bingo, its raining them all of a sudden.

    She had been ill with cancer for 22 months but kept on working until a few months ago when it became too much.


    This one hurts. She was a really lovely woman and a politician of principal. Never afraid to rebel against her own party when she disagreed with their direction.

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