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  1. Ulitzer95

    World War II Veterans

    Kenneth Mayhew dead at 104.
  2. Ulitzer95

    Deadpool Detective Work

    I tried to research this one last year and found nothing. Likely died off radar.
  3. Ulitzer95

    Political Frailty

    Being reported on various news outlets online that Manolic had COVID last month, which caused a mild case of pneumonia. Didn’t require hospitalisation and now recovered.
  4. Ulitzer95

    UK Singles Chart

    Okay, so here it is. Every artist to have a hit on the UK Singles Chart during the 1950s and 1960s. I may later do the 1970s if this thread is successful. In the meantime, I will post letter by letter and I invite all users and guests to collaborate on any information you have/find. Rules: 1) Artist must have had a hit single within the UK top 75 to be included (though the chart didn't go as high as 75 until 1978). 2) I appreciate that before February 1969, there was no official chart and that NME, Record Mirror etc. had their own charts. As such, I am using the preferred data of The Official Charts Company prior to '69. 3) As far as bands go, the members I've included appeared on the hit singles themselves, to the best of my knowledge. This is where it gets tricky - some bands had many members over the course of their history and information isn't always available for it to be clear who recorded on which hit. I will mark the acts where I'm unsure if the members I've listed are correct. 4) Orchestras, choirs and backing bands etc. won't be included - this is impractical as the research will become exhaustive and the individuals concerned are often so trivial that no information on them exists. So for an act like Ray Anthony and his Orchestra, I'll only cover Ray Anthony. 5) For bio info, same rules apply as Wikipedia. Individuals who are younger than 90 are by default listed as living if no death information is available. Acts who are dead (including groups with no living members) are highlighted in red. I've also hyperlinked all hit singles to their YouTube pages so people can enjoy the music too! A Cliff Adams 21 Aug 1923 – 22 Oct 2001 (78) Guardian obit Wiki UK orchestra leader from Southwark, London, also a member of The Stargazers 28/04/1960 The Lonely Man Theme #39 Used in television commercials for Strand cigarettes Marie Adams 19 Oct 1925 – 23 Feb 1998 (72) Mention of death Wiki American gospel and R&B singer from Linden, Texas, born as Ollie Marie Givens, known for her work with Johnny Otis 22/11/1957 Ma (He's Making Eyes at Me) #2 Released as Johnny Otis and his Orchestra with Marie Adams and The Three Tons of Joy 10/01/1958 Bye Bye Baby #20 Released as The Johnny Otis Show, vocals by Marie Adams and Johnny Otis Jewel Akens 12 Sep 1933 – 01 Mar 2013 (79) LA Times obit Wiki American singer from Houston, Texas, one of ten children and called "Jewel" because his mother wanted a daughter and liked the name 25/03/1965 The Birds and the Bees #29 Alfi and Harry (aka David Seville) 27 Jan 1919 – 16 Jan 1972 (52) NY Times obit Wiki American singer from Fresno, California, real name Ross Bagdasarian Sr., created Alvin and the Chipmunks 23/03/1956 The Trouble with Harry #15 Inspired by the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock film The Trouble with Harry The Allisons Wiki UK pop duo who met as part of a church choir, not real brothers despite being publicised as such John Alford 31 Dec 1939 – Living Bob Day 02 Feb 1941 – 25 Nov 2013 (72) The Stage obit 23/02/1961 Are You Sure #2 The UK's 1961 Eurovision entry (came in 2nd place behind Luxembourg) 18/05/1961 Words #34 15/02/1962 Lessons in Love #30 Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass 31 Mar 1935 – Living Wiki American trumpeter from Los Angeles, California, started playing at 8 years old, and began his career by penning hits for Sam Cooke, formed various record companies and won eight Grammys, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006 as a non-performer 13/01/1963 The Lonely Bull #22 09/12/1965 Spanish Flea #3 Theme to U.S. television show The Dating Game 24/03/1966 Tijuana Taxi #37 27/04/1967 Casino Royale #27 Featured in 1967 James Bond spoof film Casino Royale 03/07/1968 This Guy's in Love with You #3 Released simply as Herb Alpert 18/06/1969 Without Her #36 Released simply as Herb Alpert Amen Corner Wiki UK rock band from Cardiff, Wales Dennis Bryon 14 Apr 1949 – Living Andy Fairweather Low 02 Aug 1948 – Living Allan Jones 06 Feb 1947 – Living Neil Jones 25 Mar 1949 – 08 Jun 2018 (69) BBC obit Mike Smith 04 Nov 1947 – Living Clive Taylor 27 Apr 1948 – Living Blue Weaver 11 Mar 1947 – Living 26/07/1967 Gin House Blues #12 11/10/1967 The World of Broken Hearts #24 17/01/1968 Bend Me Shape Me #3 Cover of single by The American Breed 31/07/1968 High in the Sky #6 29/01/1969 (If Paradise is) Half as Nice #1 25/06/1969 Hello Susie #4 The American Breed Wiki American rock group from Brookfield, Illinois, formed in 1958 and disbanded in 1970 when it evolved into funk band Rufus Al Ciner 14 May 1947 – Living Charles Colbert 39 Aug 1939 – Living Lee Graziano 09 Nov 1943 – Living Gary Loizzo 16 Aug 1945 – 16 Jan 2016 (70) Ultimate Classic Rock obit 07/02/1968 Bend Me Shape Me #24 Covered by UK rock band Amen Corner The Ames Brothers Wiki American family group from Malden, Massachusetts, Ed Ames later had a very successful solo career, Vic Ames died in a car accident in January 1978 Ed Ames 09 Jul 1927 – living Gene Ames 13 Feb 1923 – 26 Apr 1997 (74) Variety obit Joe Ames 03 May 1921 – 22 Dec 2007 (86) NY Times obit Vic Ames 20 May 1925 – 23 Jan 1978 (52) NY Times obit 04/02/1955 The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane #6 Leroy Anderson and his Pops Concert Orchestra 29 Jun 1908 – 19 May 1975 (66) NY Times obit Wiki American orchestra leader from Cambridge, Massachusetts 28/06/1957 Forgotten Dreams #24 Moira Anderson 05 Jun 1938 – Living Wiki UK singer from Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, awarded an OBE in 1970, sang at the funeral of Norman Wisdom 27/12/1969 The Holy City #43 Chris Andrews 15 Oct 1942 – Living Wiki UK singer-songwriter from Romford, Essex, penned hits for Sandie Shaw and Adam Faith as a writer 07/10/1965 Yesterday Man #3 02/12/1965 To Whom it Concerns #13 14/04/1966 Something on my Mind #41 02/06/1966 Whatcha Gonna Do Now #40 25/08/1966 Stop that Girl #36 Eamonn Andrews 19 Dec 1922 – 05 Nov 1987 (64) RTE obit Wiki Irish radio and television presenter from Dublin who primarily worked in the UK, hosted This Is Your Life and Crackerjack!, awarded a CBE in 1970 20/01/1956 The Shifting Whispering Sands (Parts 1 & 2) #18 Released as Eamonn Andrews with Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra Bobby Angelo and The Tuxedos Discogs UK rockabilly group, later became The Outlaws and then The Innocents Bobby Angelo 24 Jul 1941 – Living Dave Brown c. 1943 – Living Roger Brown 1944 – Living Pete Cresswell c. 1945 – Living Colin Giffin c. 1944 – Living Roger Groom (aka Roger Groome) 10 Nov 1939 – Living 10/08/1961 Baby Sittin' #30 Cover of a single by American singer Myron Lee NB: Angelo and Cresswell definitely appeared on the record, unsure about the others / rumours have it that Mick Avory (later of The Kinks) drummed on the record The Angels Wiki American vocal girl group from New Jersey Barbara Allbutt 24 Sep 1940 – Living Phyllis Allbutt 24 Sep 1942 – Living Peggy Santiglia 04 May 1944 – Living 03/10/1963 My Boyfriend's Back #50 The Animals Wiki UK rock and R&B band from Newcastle, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 Vic Briggs 14 Feb 1945 – Living Eric Burdon 11 May 1941 – Living Chas Chandler 18 Dec 1938 – 17 Jul 1996 (57) Independent obit Barry Jenkins 22 Dec 1944 – Living Danny McCulloch 18 Jul 1945 – 29 Jan 2015 (69) Ultimate Classic Rock obit Zoot Money 17 Jul 1942 – Living Alan Price 19 Apr 1942 – Living Dave Rowberry 04 Jul 1940 – 06 Jun 2003 (62) Guardian obit John Steel 04 Feb 1941 – Living Hilton Valentine 21 May 1943 – 29 Jan 2021 (77) Daily Mail obit John Weider 21 Apr 1947 – Living 16/04/1964 Baby Let Me Take You Home #21 25/06/1964 The House of the Rising Sun #1 17/09/1964 I'm Crying #8 04/02/1965 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood #3 08/04/1965 Bring it on Home to Me #7 Cover of a single by Sam Cooke 15/07/1965 We Gotta Get Out of This Place #2 28/10/1965 It's My Life #7 17/02/1966 Inside – Looking Out #12 02/06/1966 Don't Bring me Down #6 27/10/1966 Help Me Girl #14 Released as Eric Burdon and The Animals 15/06/1967 When I Was Young #45 Released as Eric Burdon and The Animals 06/09/1967 Good Times #20 Released as Eric Burdon and The Animals 18/10/1967 San Franciscan Nights #7 Released as Eric Burdon and The Animals 14/02/1968 Sky Pilot #40 Released as Eric Burdon and The Animals 15/01/1969 Ring of Fire #35 Released as Eric Burdon and The Animals / Cover of a single by Johnny Cash NB: Not including Mick Gallagher (b. 1945, member in 1965) because it doesn't appear that he recorded on any of these singles Paul Anka 30 Jul 1941 – Living Wiki Canadian singer and actor from Ottawa, Ontario, debuted at the age of 10, wrote the English lyrics for My Way by Frank Sinatra 09/08/1957 Diana #1 Written about an infatuation with his babysitter 08/11/1957 I Love You Baby #3 08/11/1957 Tell Me that you Love Me #25 B-side to I Love You Baby 31/01/1958 You are My Destiny #6 30/05/1958 Crazy Love #26 26/09/1958 Midnight #26 30/01/1959 (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings #10 10/07/1959 Lonely Boy #3 30/10/1959 Put Your Head on my Shoulder #7 26/02/1960 It's Time to Cry #28 21/04/1960 Puppy Love #33 15/09/1960 Hello Young Lovers #44 15/03/1962 Love Me Warm and Tender #19 26/07/1962 A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine #41 Billie Anthony 11 Oct 1932 – 05 Jan 1991 (58) Wiki UK singer, allegedly born in the dressing room of a theatre in Glasgow, Scotland, her godmother was Gracie Fields 15/10/1954 This Ole House #4 Released as Billie Anthony with Eric Jupp and his Orchestra / Cover of a hit by Rosemary Clooney Ray Anthony and his Orchestra 20 Jan 1922 – Living Wiki American bandleader and trumpeter from Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, last surviving member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra 04/12/1953 Dragnet Theme to the American television series Dragnet Richard Anthony 13 Jan 1938 – 19 Apr 2015 (77) Le Monde obit Wiki Egyptian-born French singer from Cairo 12/12/1963 Walking Alone #37 23/04/1964 If I Loved You #18 Aphrodite's Child Wiki Greek progressive rock group, Demis Roussos and Vangelis both had successful solo careers Demis Roussos 15 Jun 1946 – 25 Jan 2015 (68) Guardian obit Loukas Sideras 05 Dec 1944 – Living Vangelis 29 Mar 1943 – Living 06/11/1968 Rain and Tears #29 The Applejacks Wiki UK beat band from Solihull, Warwickshire, Megan is the sister of Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks Martin Baggott 20 Oct 1947 – Living Phil Cash 09 Oct 1947 – Living Megan Davies 25 Mar 1944 – Living Gerry Freeman 05 May 1943 – Living Don Gould 23 Mar 1947 – Living Al Jackson 21 Apr 1945 – Living 05/03/1964 Tell Me When #7 11/06/1964 Like Dreamers Do #20 Written by Lennon and McCartney and performed by The Beatles for their Decca Records audition 15/10/1964 Three Little Words #23 Charlie Applewhite 25 Nov 1932 – 27 Apr 2001 (68) FindAGrave memorial Wiki American singer from Fort Worth, Texas, discovered by Milton Berle for his 1950s television show 23/09/1955 Blue Star (The Medic Theme) #20 Released as Charlie Applewhite with Victor Young and his Orchestra and Chorus The Archies Wiki American fictional band based on the television series The Archie Show, keyboardist Ron Frangipane died from complications of COVID-19 in April 2020 Session musicians: Dave Appell 24 Mar 1922 – 18 Nov 2014 (92) Legacy obit Gary Chester 27 Oct 1924 – 17 Aug 1987 (62) FindAGrave memorial Ron Dante 22 Aug 1945 – Living Sal DiTroia 02 Jan 1941 – 22 Jun 2007 (66) Mention of death Ron Frangipane 26 Jul 1944 – 25 Apr 2020 (75) USA Today obit Joe Mack (aka Joey Macho) 02 Sep 1921 – 02 Oct 1977 (56) FindAGrave memorial Ray Stevens 24 Jan 1939 – Living Toni Wine 04 Jun 1947 – Living 11/10/1969 Sugar, Sugar #1 Louis Armstrong 04 Aug 1901 – 06 Jul 1971 (69) NY Times obit American trumpeter and vocalist from New Orleans, Louisiana, by 1930 he was the most successful black musician in the world, known as "Satchmo" or "Pops", inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 19/12/1952 Takes Two to Tango #6 13/04/1956 Theme From the Threepenny Opera #8 Released as Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars 15/06/1956 Take it Satch (EP) #29 Released as Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars 13/07/1956 The Faithful Hussar #27 Released as Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars 06/11/1959 Mack the Knife #24 Released as Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars / This single is the above Theme From the Threepenny Opera under a different name 04/06/1964 Hello Dolly #4 07/02/1968 What a Wonderful World / Cabaret #1 26/06/1968 Sunshine of Love #41 Eddy Arnold 15 May 1918 – 08 May 2008 (89) Guardian obit Wiki American country singer from Henderson, Tennessee, known as "The Tennessee Plowboy", a member of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame 17/02/1966 Make the World Go Away #8 26/05/1966 I Want to Go with You #46 28/07/1966 If You Were Mine Mary #49 P. P. Arnold 03 Oct 1946 – Living Wiki American singer from Los Angeles, California who moved to the UK in 1966 after touring as part of Ike and Tina Turner's group The Ikettes 04/05/1967 The First Cut is the Deepest #18 Cover of a single by Cat Stevens and later popularised by Rod Stewart 02/08/1967 The Time has Come #47 24/01/1968 (If You Think You're) Groovy #41 10/07/1968 Angel of the Morning #29 Cover of a single by Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts and later popularised by Juice Newton Johnny Arthey and his Orchestra and Chorus 24 Sep 1930 – 27 Oct 2007 (77) Mention of death Wiki UK bandleader and composer from Merseyside 13/08/1964 The Wedding #3 Released as Julie Rogers with Johnny Arthey and his Orchestra and Chorus The Association Wiki American sunshine pop group from California Ted Bluechel 02 Dec 1942 – Living Brian Cole 08 Sep 1942 – 02 Aug 1972 (29) FindAGrave memorial Russ Giguere 18 Oct 1943 – Living Terry Kirkman 12 Dec 1939 – Living Larry Ramos 19 Apr 1942 – 30 Apr 2014 (72) Ultimate Classic Rock obit Jim Yester 24 Nov 1939 – Living 22/05/1968 Time For Livin' #23 NB: Haven't included Gary Alexander as it looks like he had temporarily departed from the band when they had this hit Chet Atkins 20 Jun 1924 – 30 Jun 2001 (77) Rolling Stone obit Wiki American guitarist from Luttrell, Tennessee, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002 17/03/1960 Teensville #46 Winifred Atwell 27 Feb 1914 – 28 Feb 1983 (69) FindAGrave memorial Wiki Trinidad-born UK pianist, wanted to have a career in classical music but ended up penning boogie style hits, owed much of her success to the tinny sound of a piano that cost 50 shillings (£2.50), later moved to Australia and died following an electrical fire at her home, first black person to have a UK #1 12/12/1952 Britannia Rag #5 15/05/1953 Coronation Rag #5 25/09/1953 Flirtation Waltz #10 04/12/1953 Let's Have a Party #2 23/07/1954 Rachmaninoff's 18th Variation on a Theme by Paganini (The Story of Three Loves) #9 26/11/1954 Let's Have Another Party #1 Released as Winifred Atwell and her "Other" Piano with Rhythm Accompaniment 05/11/1955 Let's Have a Ding Dong #3 16/03/1956 The Poor People of Paris #1 Released as Winifred Atwell and her Other Piano 18/05/1956 Port-au-Prince #18 Released as Winifred Atwell and Frank Chacksfield 20/07/1956 The Left Bank #14 26/10/1956 Make it a Party #7 22/02/1957 Let's Rock n Roll #24 06/12/1957 Let's Have a Ball #4 07/08/1959 Summer of the Seventeenth Doll #24 27/11/1959 Piano Party #10 Brian Auger and The Trinity Wiki UK progressive rock band Brian Auger 18 Jul 1939 – Living Phil Kinorra 20 Oct 1940 – Living Rick Laird 05 Feb 1941 – Living 17/04/1968 This Wheel's on Fire #5 Released as Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity / Cover of a song by Bob Dylan and The Band Frankie Avalon 18 Sep 1940 – Living Wiki American singer and actor from Philadelphia, Pennyslvania, appeared in a series of beach/bikini movies as well as Grease (1978) 10/10/1958 Gingerbread #30 24/04/1959 Venus #16 22/01/1960 Why #20 28/04/1960 Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops #37 The Avons Wiki UK pop vocal trio, Elaine and Valerie are sisters-in-law Ray Adams 1938 – Living Elaine Murtagh 1940 – Living Valerie Murtagh 1936 – Living 13/11/1959 Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat #3 07/07/1960 We're Only Young Once #45 27/10/1960 Four Little Heels #45 26/01/1961 Rubber Ball #30 Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra 24 Dec 1909 – 05 Sep 1969 (59) FindAGrave memorial Wiki American orchestra leader and composer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin 07/02/1958 Magic Moments #1 Released as Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra & The Ray Charles Singers Bob Azzam and his Orchestra and Chorus 24 Oct 1925 – 24 Jul 2004 (78) Wiki Egyptian orchestra leader from Cairo 26/05/1960 Mustapha #23
  5. Ulitzer95

    Political Frailty

    Washington Post obituary for Wolff. May even get a QO… let’s see. DDP pick.
  6. Ulitzer95

    Shadow Lists

    Ian St. John Rush Limbaugh Carlos Menem Leon Spinks Larry King Murray Walker Beverly Cleary Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Norman Lloyd 9/50
  7. Ulitzer95

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Chuck Hicks (IMDb), American stuntman and actor with a huge list of credits, supposedly dead at 93, according to the Star Trek BBS forum and Memory Alpha. Film credits include Raging Bull, Around the World in 80 Days, and Rebel Without a Cause. Television credits include Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek The Next Generation, The Rockford Files, Police Story, Gunsmoke, M*A*S*H, Batman, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Green Hornet, The Untouchables, The Twilight Zone, Kojak, Magnum P.I., Dallas and 24. He was also one of just three surviving credited cast members of Rebel Without a Cause (1955).
  8. Ulitzer95

    Ratko Mladic

    Karadzic to serve out the rest of his prison sentence in the UK.
  9. Ulitzer95

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    Gordon Pettengill (wiki), American radio astronomer and physicist, reportedly dead at 95 according to this UCLA professor on Twitter:
  10. Ulitzer95

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    Confirmation from Politico. So yesterday was a triple centenarian death day – Gouri Amma, Lloyd and Wolff. Edit: Also worth noting, Wolff was the last member of either houses of Congress who was born in the 1910s.
  11. Ulitzer95

    Political Frailty

    Rare that OoO commits a cardinal sin.
  12. Ulitzer95

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    U.S. politician Lester Wolff has supposedly died aged 103. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true given this was him last month.
  13. Ulitzer95

    World War II Veterans

    Karl-Günther von Hase (wiki) has died, aged 103.
  14. Ulitzer95

    The 100 Club

    Yegor Ligachev dead at 100.
  15. Ulitzer95

    The Dead of 2021

    Keir Starmer looks to be a dead man walking by the end of the weekend…
  16. Ulitzer95

    The Chequered Flag

    Leslie Marr, 2nd Baronet (wiki) being reported dead, aged 98, on Twitter by various sources: Edit: Picked by 3 teams in the DDP.
  17. Ulitzer95

    Hollywood Possibilities

    You may have missed this one @arghton. As per findings on the Detective page, Rand Harper died in 2016. FindAGrave page.
  18. Ulitzer95

    Deadpool Detective Work

    @edm88, this is incredibly good research! Thanks so much. I've updated all the entries on both page 11 and IMDb as far down as Laura Mason in your findings. Please ping me the source for the other sister. Can you also send me the link to the obit of Michael Butler's father so I can get that processed too? Cheers!
  19. Ulitzer95

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Are you a bot?
  20. Ulitzer95

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Sent home to die more likely, because he’s dead.
  21. Ulitzer95

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Great stuff! I will ping this to IMDb and update the list on page 11. Looking at Spokeo.com... there's four people called Jack L. Rader who are 84. One lives in Lancaster, California (likely him) and the other two in Kentucky and Tennessee. Probably safe to assume the Cali one is him?
  22. Ulitzer95

    World War II Veterans

    Another is John Cruickshank (b. 1920), last VC recipient from WWII.
  23. Ulitzer95

    Old Folkies Home

    Scottish folk singer Jock Duncan died in Dundee on March 25th, aged 95. Daily Record. Press and Journal. BBC Scotland also ran a tribute to him on their travelling folk show. @msc @gcreptile, a former DDP pick. Should've taken my own advice and picked him...
  24. Ulitzer95

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Hollywood Reporter have given her DOB: Aug 5, 1924.

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