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    Fred Whipple

    Fred Whipple - the astronomer who first correctly described comets as "dirty snowballs" - has died aged 97. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3614064.stm Did he not pass the DeathList famousness test?
  2. Grim_Rita

    Lennart Johansson

    I think he's something to do with the FA. Anybody know his date of birth?
  3. Eny1 know the d.o.bs for the Duchess of Bedford born around the early 1920s or Lady Bliss who is a novelist who turned 100 recently? Cheers!
  4. Grim_Rita

    Dave Allen

    The Irish Comedian died last night, aged 68. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/t...dio/4340115.stm
  5. Grim_Rita

    Alec Bedser

    Any info/thread on the cricketer?
  6. Grim_Rita


    This is very off topic but is anyone here on Facebook? If so gimme a message with ya details, would be good to see what you all look like!!
  7. Grim_Rita

    Lord Howe

    Does anybody know his d.o.b? Ta
  8. Grim_Rita

    Steve Prescott

    Anybody got a d.o.b for this guy?
  9. Grim_Rita

    Richard Thorp

    Is there a thread on the guy who played Alan Turner in Emmerdale as the search function on here doesnt work, as usual! I know he was very ill a few years ago but I can't remember what with or when! If anybody could enlighten me I would be most pleased!
  10. Grim_Rita

    Melita Norwood

    Do you all remember the granny spy who was in the news a few years back? I'm trying to find out her date of birth. Anyone know?
  11. Grim_Rita

    Frank Carson

    Could someone please direct me to any threads concerning this comic genius as I've tried putting him in the search Deathlist thingy and quelle suprise it doesnt work very well unless of course no-one made a thread about him?!! Also could anyone confirm he had a heart attack a few years ago as I could swear blind he did but cant find any info abt it on the net!
  12. Grim_Rita

    Julio Iglesias Sr

    You beady eyed people might have seen the news today that Enrique Iglesias' granddad and Julio Iglesias' dad is to become a father again at the age of 90. Unfortunately a search on google didnt produce a dob for this ole fogey. Anybody any idea?
  13. Grim_Rita

    Simon Maccorkindale

    Who is he and why's he on the list?
  14. Grim_Rita


    So have I got to guess at what your real names are then?
  15. Grim_Rita

    Rocky Horror

    Richard O'Brien was on Loose Women today promoting his new show Dead Strange about all things death related. The women asked him if there was anything he found offensive and he said all those Dead Pool websites! He said he appeared on a few as well!
  16. Grim_Rita

    Arthur C Clarke

    2008: A Death Odyssey?
  17. Grim_Rita

    Heath Ledger

  18. Grim_Rita

    Heath Ledger

    Just such a shame that he died so young. If it is drug related than its especially sad after Brad Renfro.
  19. Grim_Rita

    The Second 2008 Success Poll

    Didn't think the ole chap would still be up for it!!
  20. Grim_Rita

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Is it worth me trailing through this list or is it just full of obscure people??
  21. Grim_Rita

    Eli Wallach

    Just seen him in The Holiday, stole every scene he was in but that wasn't difficult considering what a pile of rubbish it was! Looking very spry as others have said, dunno what he's doing on here? Can Grim Reaper inform us?
  22. Grim_Rita

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Please would someone be so kind as to do a little run-down of all celebs who've announced illnesses in the last 6 months. also everyones thoughts on the celeb they reckon will be next to go! Cheers
  23. Grim_Rita

    Anna Wing

    She was on Loose Women this afternoon, very entertaining and lucid. The old birds got a couple of years left in her for sure!
  24. Grim_Rita

    Dr Hans Muench + Sidney Wood

    Does anyone have d.o.bs for the above? Btw if youre not sure who they are Dr Hans Muench is the last surviving doctor from Auschwitz and Sidney Wood is the oldest living winner of Wimbledon and the Davis Cup. Cheers!

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