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  1. 3minutes2midnight

    Gerald Ford

    its not a malady one can duck out of, thats for sure
  2. 3minutes2midnight

    Damn, won't anyone die?

    Oh dear, death list boy. For your homework, you should google one of the nobodies on the list each night. You'll be a better person for it.
  3. 3minutes2midnight


    Sure why not get a list of 50 centenarians then. Sort of takes a bit of the sport out of it, doesn't it. I think it should be limited to 2 centenarians and have at least 4 under 50
  4. 3minutes2midnight

    30. Pope Benedict XVI

    He appears to look healthier than JP2 did at the same age. he could be with us a while yet.
  5. To end accusations of cherry-picking the overly-elderly, may I propose Deathlist consider giving proper actuarial consideration to the 2006 list. I simple formula averaging out women on the deathlist to 78 and men to 75 (These figures may need checking, but the 2005 British insurance actuarial tables can provide the latest average expected life span) Deathlist will have a slight statistical advantage, as the average age on the current dealthlist will be greater than the average life-expectancy when the candidates were born.
  6. 3minutes2midnight

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    Zsa Zsa Gabor. Of indeterminate age I think.
  7. 3minutes2midnight

    Al Lewis

    http://www.deadoraliveinfo.com/dead.nsf/lnames-nf/Lewis+Al Turns out he may be only 82
  8. 3minutes2midnight

    Pope John Paul

    Gunjaman5000 is right. This thread should be closed and only resurrected at the second coming. Not sure that Castro will be next. Rehnquist sounds poorly.
  9. 3minutes2midnight

    Death Has Legal Troubles

    Lee Bum Suk was formerly South Korean foreign minister. Your Thia friend seems to have appropriated a Korean name. Death is a contraction of the more common De'Ath surname in sourthern Belgium. There was indeed a Doctor De'Ath practising in Adelaide, South Australia, some years ago.
  10. 3minutes2midnight

    Pope John Paul

    Unregistered, the catholic church has always been about change. Thoughtful and sometimes excrutiatingly slow, it has addressed many challenges over the centuries. The reformation wasn't just for protestants. What about the Council of Trent? Vatican I and II? That is how it has stayed in ``business''. Don't you remember latin masses? One word: Aggiornamento.
  11. 3minutes2midnight

    Pope John Paul

    As a catholic, I pray the good Lord takes this man quickly, and that He annoints a successor able to carry on what PJP did well (reproachment with the Eastern Church, etc) and reject where he erred (married priests, disease control (condoms), sex education, women in clergy) I fear that won't happen, and a schism awaits, with the front half of the church thowing incense burners at the happy-clappies in the cheap seats. Could be fun to watch.

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