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  1. Al Lewis is, was, undoubtedly famous enough, but I am disappointed not to see an obituary on the BBC website. They have one of a piano playing son of a long dead italian dictator. But no Grandpa. Shame on them.

  2. Karzai. It would be a shame to take him off the list. I like the idea of having someone on there younger than me. Maradona is looking healthy but coke usually gets you by 50 even when you long stopped chopping. Has that George Best dry-reached the end of his life-span in 2006? Quite possibly. Lets have sone young'ens in there. Make it sport.

  3. The classic is the Austrian mountain village called f*****g, which has steadfastly refused to chage the town's name despite the 10s of thousands of euros it costs a year to replace the roadsigns, lifted by easily amused english (or anglo-saxon) tourists.



    Okay. we have a moderator problem here. There really is a place called effyouseekayeyeenngee.

  4. frankly, if we have to ask who she is, she hardly qualifies. And in the interests of being sporting, I think the list should include at least 10 under-80s and 5 under-70s. Ozzie is still a quality candidate. Hardly an intellectual pursuit to identify every zimmer-wielding nonagenarian with a CV.

  5. may be in good health but obviously senile...



    Architect Niemeyer Ratifies Solidarity with Cuba


    Rio de Janeiro, Jul 4 (Prensa Latina) Famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer ratified on Monday his solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and its leader Fidel Castro.


    During a meeting with Cuban ambassador Pedro Núñez Mosquera, Niemeyer said that Cuba is an example for Latin America and the world, and Fidel Castro is a leading world statesman.


    He also spoke highly of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the revolutionary process he heads.


    During the meeting, the Cuban diplomat presented 97 year old Niemeyer with a certificate as an Honorary Member of the 120-Year Club, a Cuban initiative to promote a longer, high-quality life.


    Niemeyer said he hoped to achieve this goal as he was feeling well and worked every day from 9:30 am well into the afternoon.

  6. I thought popewatch was quite informative. Anyone care to posit that that Ted Heath, far from being a disaster, laid the much of the groundwork for moderate Thatcherism (though not what came after 87) while dealing simulataneously with the global oil-shock induced recession and the final, inevitable admission of loss of empire with the admission to the European Community?


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