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    Sir Ranulph Fiennes

    How many living explorers are there? I managed to work my way unaided across the 'Magic Roundabout' in Swindon once, am I an explorer? Really, I just looked at the road sign and burst out laughing. (Did you walk, or were you in a car?)
  2. Dr Strangelove


    Barking. I never did get where this thread was going. Even the thread's description has me stumped. Anyone care to paraphrase what lion was trying to communicate, despite their obvious handicap?... Poor thing. It must be difficult for 'em, y'know. Dunno, there's a list of names but the cactus bit doesn't make sense. I suspect Lion thinks this is a hate site "I wish such and such were dead". Rather than what it is, the cool scientific assesment of when famous people are going to check out.
  3. Dr Strangelove

    Sister Lucia

    Erm, if you read this thread back from the start... it's supposed to be the JPII was going to get shot. But they never bothered telling him, so it was pointless.
  4. Dr Strangelove

    Patrick Stewart

    Great idea....if I can just ensure David Prowse is there at the same time...... But they'll never be in a convention together. Two different conventions. Exactly.....it's going to take some careful planning..... A combined "green cross code" and Star Trek convention should do the trick.
  5. Dr Strangelove

    Near Misses for 2005

  6. Dr Strangelove

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    Oh come off of it, it's obvious she wants to go on as long as possible to stop charly getting the throne. I repeat - Philip will go first.
  7. Dr Strangelove

    List Of Dead Commies

    The fact that people have their own beliefs about things? Let them believe what they want to believe. Who are we to judge the wrongs and rights of this world? At this point, if the way you're thinking is what's right, then you must be wrong for wishing death on all Commies. Because if they can't kill people, you can't kill people. Understood, Mr. Machismo? Logic of GreenFranz: Fascism killed 11 million people its wrong and all fascism should be stopped Communism killed 100 million people - It wasnt practiced right lets give communism another chance next thing he is going to say "you evil fascist capitalist pig" or something along those lines Do you awake in the middle of the night sweating, furious that fascism doesn't get a good press? You seem to labour under the mis-aprehension that Nazi Germany is the only fascist state that has ever existed. What about say the Roman Empire or Cromwells Britain? I believe if you compiled the deaths caused by all the various fascist states, it would be far higher than 11 Million.
  8. Dr Strangelove

    Ending accusations of cherry-picking

    I'm surprised that this doesn't happen more often. What with people using public libraries say.(although some do block deathlist)
  9. Dr Strangelove

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    I'd expect Philip to go first.

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