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  1. Dr Strangelove

    Edward Heath

    I WIN!
  2. Dr Strangelove

    Frosties Kid

    ..and yet from that website Do they have something to hide? He certainly didn't have a South African accent in the Ad. I smell a conspiracy.
  3. Dr Strangelove

    Fidel Castro

    Former Castro buddy/later critic Gustavo Arcos has died, full story courtesy of the BBC
  4. Dr Strangelove

    Patrick McGoohan

    Joan "The Freak" Ferguson got banged up and one of the prisoners, whose name I forget and was dying of cancer, got to serve her a meal in solitary confinement. Poetic justice and all that. Can't remember much about it, I was always pissed when watching Cell Block H Thanks for that DDT. Just once, just once I ask an innocent straightforward question out of genuine curiosity. What can I expect at this time of night? Unfortunately it's virtually impossible to explain the last episode of the prisoner, because it's so silly/surreal. If you're still interested here is a review:The last episode: Fall out
  5. Dr Strangelove

    Edward Heath

    You've got just two months left, what do you think your chances are now?
  6. Dr Strangelove

    Edward Heath

    As I predicted his home is to be converted into a sort of presidential library see here for more details. Particuarly interesting is the fact that he left an estate of over £5M pounds. Does this make him one of the richest Deathlist Graduates?
  7. Dr Strangelove

    Sven-goran Eriksson

    Indeed, but it doesn't mean that that's the reason the tanks were stopped. I hate to go on like a broken record, but what you said simply isn't true.
  8. Dr Strangelove

    Charles Kennedy

    Charles Kennedy — Date of Birth: 25 November 1959 Age =46 George Best - Checking out age 59 59 -46 =13 13 years does not equal immediate Deathlist interest.
  9. Dr Strangelove

    Sven-goran Eriksson

    Total Bull. Hitler ordered the tanks to stop because he misunderstood the German tank attrition figures - these included damaged tanks, but Hitler took the figures to mean destroyed tanks. And anyway his friend fat-herman assured him he could bomb the British army out of existence.
  10. Dr Strangelove

    Charles Kennedy

    Methinks no. As he is shortly to not be lib-dem leader, and will probably have a minor role in their shadow-cabinet the pressure will be off him. Even if he does keep drinking he could still last many years (I refer you to the recent case of George Best). I'd imagine there's already a Charles Kennedy topic buried in the Deathlist vaults - mod's please merge.
  11. Dr Strangelove

    Charlton Heston

    And does it get bonus points for being 11 Months after the original post?
  12. Dr Strangelove

    Frank Searle Has Died

    wouldn't it more accurately be called "The man who took a photo of a stick", or more succinctly, "The big fat liar"? Yeah I guess it could, although it would rather give away the story for people not familiar with Searle. I think the best thing about the documentary was that it didn't set out to crucify him (he manages that all by himself).
  13. Dr Strangelove

    Frank Searle Has Died

    No, he died of old age in a bedsit. A surprisingly interesting documentary on Channel 4 though, It covered the whole of seventies to early eighties monster hunting period rather well. If I get some info on a repeat of "THE MAN WHO CAPTURED NESSIE", I'll post it here.
  14. Dr Strangelove

    Name Shame?

    Except that pre-defined galleries are available on DeathList. On your avatar page go to the section which says; "Choose an avatar from one of our galleries" - click on OK, and then you can search & choose. Not a great selection at the moment admitedly, but it's still better than nothing.
  15. Dr Strangelove

    Most Hated...

    It's screw off balloon heads such as you who make me love Georgie all the more. He is a fine man and a wonderful President, too bad your ignorance and desire to post 5 billion drivel posts keeps you from seeing it. (and for those who want to whine about how I should not post political statements, keep in mind I ain't the one who started this.) Bruno couldn't have said it better! Erm, It was him who said it though. Or am I missing something?
  16. Dr Strangelove


    Sadly not, I was referring to the "South Park" one.
  17. Dr Strangelove

    Cliff Michelmore

    So is he the dullest DeathList candidate ever? Or can the regurlars think of others even more dull. (Which is maybe the only way to breathe some life into this thread.)
  18. Dr Strangelove


    Your avatar is more than enough excitment for me, thanks!
  19. Dr Strangelove

    Is Mr T Dead?

    That makes no sense...... why woulsd I be sad about not living in Sherman oaks? Maybe it means Mr T is sad about living in Sherman oaks, instead of that funky black van with a red stripe that he used to have.
  20. Dr Strangelove

    Gary Glitter

    I imagine he's hoping to be tried by Ceefax then?
  21. Dr Strangelove

    Sir Patrick Moore

    Now everyone is having dreams, So that may very well make me some sort of spiritual\mind influence on many fellow deathlisters. Call me saddo if you like, (I'm used to it) but I'm still wondering why your lines are so much shorter than everyone else's?
  22. Dr Strangelove

    WW1 Survivors vs Titanic Survivors

    Erm, which I mentioned here. Still I suppose imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery. Might be if one could spell imitation! I did watch the first part last night. Riveting stuff. Should be compulsory viewing as a part of the history curriculum. (Oops, spelling mistake by me too!) In my initial post I wrote Initiaition instead of imitiation, which is even weirder. And when I edited it, I failed to correct it properly. Serves me right I supose.
  23. Dr Strangelove

    WW1 Survivors vs Titanic Survivors

    Erm, which I mentioned here. Still I suppose imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  24. Dr Strangelove

    Norodom Sihanouk

    I think I may have mentioned this before Ronnie -, you need to deselect the "Enable emoticons" checkbox when posting a "smiley type string". Unless of course it was one of the Mods who changed it to an uppercase B.
  25. Dr Strangelove

    World War I Veteran(s)

    A Program along these lines is on BBC 1 on Tuesday night; The Last Tommy.

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